High Emotions

31 12 2009

In a few hours we would say good-bye to 2009 and all that it brought to us (good or bad) and with it comes emotions that overwhelm many of us during this season. I don’t know why we get this way even though I am sure is the product of our own self-talk. It is the habit to always live in the past or think of the future when none of them are here now. I need to refocus in the PRESENT and not regret anything in my life because everything brought me to where I am now and there are many good things still.

I have failed in many of the goals and ideals I had, but I need to accept that things are the way they are and there is nothing I can do to change the effects of all our actions. I need to learn that joy is nothing more than something I bring from the inside out and not the other way around. I also need to learn that my joy can’t depend on anyone or anything in my life, it is me who controls it with the reaction I have to my circumstances. I need to dig deep and find the anchor that stabilizes everything within me, God. It will be a good day to meditate for a while and clear my mind.

All in all high emotions will have to yield to the power of my strength as I bring it to its knees, because I refuse to linger with this awful feeling and begin 2010 in all whole new plane of wisdom and understanding of my fragile human nature.

Brand New

29 12 2009

The end of the year approaches and with it the thoughts, purpose and desires to make it better than the last. New year resolutions are ancient traditions we have tried to practice year after year. I say try because sometimes we fail to accomplish everything we set out to do. I think is has to do with looking at our circumstances realistically and not measuring our commitments accurately, it happen to me many times.

I believe all of us have changed tremendously in the past few years, our hard economic situations has brought us back to the basics and many are starting all over again. We have learned what is truly important and dispose of what is not. We are concentrating our energy in learning more about ourselves and what we are really supposed to do in life. We are finding new meaning and value in the gifts God has given us and are utilizing them for our benefit. We are more aware of our surroundings and what is going on in this world in order to find the flow we should go this time around and survive.

This year my whole life changed and I’ve been on a completely new terrain that God set before me. For a while I did not know in which capacity I would be able to contribute in the regular work force; all I knew what to do was to raise a family, teach my kids, write and work from home. I had no worries. When the storm came all of that changed in a flash and it was obvious my life would never be the same even if I wanted to. Change is the word of the present moment and one I am trying to get accustomed to since I have been so used to stability. I have to admit it is scary at times but as the time goes by I realize it is a necessary evil in order to move forward. It is not easy to change outlooks and habits, it is painful at times. If I am learning something this year is to go more with my intuition, looking back I noticed how many times I ignored it and that is the reason why so many of my heartaches spring forth. I know I’m not the only one who does this, most of us think that those things are childish and that you only do it when you are young and have no responsibilities, at least I did. We should not change so dramatically when we decide to share our life with someone else, there is no need to recreate something that was real. There should always be a mutual respect and admiration for who we are and what we stand for and encourage the other to grow in all directions in order to accomplish a common goal with gladness.

In 2010 I know there will be a lot of stretching, fine tuning and adjusting, it already began. It will be a year to face fears, to take risks and chances, to embrace who I truly am and love it. It will be a chance to be innocent again without the thought that is childish. It will be a year to be true to myself and not try to tone down who I am to please anyone. It will the year that if someone loves me will embrace me just the way I am, without being ashamed or threaten by it.

How do you think your 2010 would look like? What changes are you going to make?

I wish all of you a great 2010, one that shines beyond your imagination!!

A Wonderful Moment in Life

23 12 2009

It is always unpredictable, forceful, full of emotion and able to shake and move mountains. It’s a wonderful moment in life when the curtains are removed and you can see what is causing all the noise on the other side. It is a moment when all you thought lost is found and what you thought unattainable is now within reach, it is a wonderful moment in Life. It is feeling the walls around you crumble leaving an opening to whatever comes your way. It is believing that dreams really can come true after all. It’s just a wonderful moment in life.

I Can Only Imagine

13 12 2009

Long, far and distant. That is the way all seems right now, I’ve seen it in my mind, felt it in my heart but it is not a reality yet. I feel the wind blowing hard lifting up the fabric wing. I would love to hang glide and soar high in the air, just like I have long to fly in different moments of my life. Sometimes to runaway and other to hurry things up and yet many times I just stand still.

It is a quiet night and I hear nature sing outside the window, every once in a while a car passing by changes the tune but it soon become silent again. The darkness envelopes my senses and I wish I could fly to where my soul wants to be. I breathe in deeply waiting for the words to emerge and it is so unreal that as frequently I used to write, I don’t do it as I used to. I miss it.

I always wonder over the fact that at times everything comes together so beautifully and as we treasure the moment we would like to linger with it for a while, maybe forever. I want that moment; when the altitude, the wind and my strength comes all together right before the take off. When all fear is left behind and excitement is free to move in. When the beauty of God’s creation is beneath me as I look around and see the majestic view. I know it will be hard to take all in at once and yet very possible to achieve. I can only imagine but one day my imagination will stop, and I will face reality and then, only then I will say I lived!!

It Takes Time

9 12 2009

Have you ever wanted something in life and just couldn’t wait? Have you pushed the limits even though many obstacles stood on the way? Did you ignored your intuition and went along with what you had in mind? These are all valid and important things to consider when reaching for that next level in whatever it is you do and want.

My life has changed in ways I did not expect in the last five years, I knew deep inside a new path will present itself for me to walk on. It happens to all of us as we grow and continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of who we are, our purpose, and look to be happy in life. It has been a long road, one rocky at times, causing lots of hurt and happiness as well. I have cried and I have laughed like I haven’t in a very long time and I learned the true value of friendship.

I look to the future with optimism and hope and continue to be guided by my previously ignored instinct. There is hope when a glimpse of inspiration flourishes in a spare of the moment. When somehow one soul connects to another and they can identify or encourage another. When someone stumbles upon this blog and finds in it something of value to them. Is all worth the time and the wait involved as I progress along an unknown path.

It takes time to hone down what is of real value and to guard, protect and sometimes fight for it. The steps must be firm and unhurried for caution is the key to the ultimate success. It is about reaching conclusions that will move us forward even though at times we might have to take a step back to access alternatives. Most of all is about realizing that in life most of the time, worthwhile things takes time.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity Richness of Life