Resolutions 2009

31 12 2008


It is that time of the year again and I usually start thinking about my resolutions towards the end of the year. This year though it has been so full of drama that I haven’t got time to really think about what I had on my list for 2008 and what I did not accomplish in order to start making plans for 2009. I usually approach resolutions in a practical manner; a clear and definite list of goals and results. This coming year I will still have some of those but for business purposes only, on my personal life I will go a different route.

Another thing I would like to do this year is to list what I learned on 2008. So here we go.

In 2008 I learned:

Dreams do come true, if you put your heart right behind it.
Anything worth having contains a big risk.
I am me, I can’t pretend to be anyone else in order to please anyone.
Words can only go so far, I need actions to back up words.
It is a shame but the one I trusted the most was the one who hurt me the most.
I would never measure myself with someone’s else standards.
Opening my heart was the best thing I have done in a very long time.
I’m listening more and more to my innate intuition, so far it hasn’t failed me.
I used to live in the past and think of the future, right now I’m learning to live in the present moment.
Nobody is perfect.
There is good in each and every individual.
Love transforms everything.
I have way more friends than I realized.

My 2009 Personal Resolutions:

With God’s help I will rise above the struggles.
I will rescue myself from the abyss.
I will continue to dream and act.
I will keep a big smile.
I will continue to build friendships.
I will live in the present, learn from the past and hope for the future.
I will never push aside my intuition.
I won’t settle.
I will be loved just the way I am, God does.

What are some of your resolutions? And how about what you learned on 2008?

Wishing you the very best on 2009, many blessings and health during the New Year. Cheers!!!!

Navigating Life

28 12 2008

“To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.” —
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Special Moments

26 12 2008

The days fly by and I am trying really hard not to think of the past and stop worrying about tomorrow. So many things have happened and so many tears shed in so a short period of time but I can not lose sight of the happy moments God is also letting me live.

My family is all in one place, we are spending Christmas together no matter the situation and no matter what will happen next. Today we are here and each and every moment lingers in my heart with a nostalgic tone. My son will be deployed in January for at least eight months, this is his first. As a mother I can’t help but worry but at the same time I accept God’s will in all our lives. He is not going to war and I pray that nothing happens during that time that he might be called to assist on a more dangerous mission. Now more than ever I will have to cling from my faith.

My other two children are growing so fast that they are creating some growing pains which I can’t hardly endure at times. Parenting is not easy and dealing with not fully developed individuals and trying to explain something to them is not easy. At times I wonder if it is because I never managed to develop the necessary patience (even though some people say I do have it) that all these trials are coming my way. I feel numb after each and every blow to my normal and peaceful existence, it seems there is no more tranquility in the horizon for a while. It is a challenge but one that I must endure since the first day I became a mom. Better times will come, I’m sure and all of this will be a distant memory. I will smile again and wonder why did I worried so much.

All I Want for Christmas

24 12 2008

A happy song for Christmas, hope you like it.

All I want for Christmas is for you to share it with the ones you love.

Merry Christmas!!!

To Hold You In My Arms

23 12 2008

Today I need a cool breeze
to sweep over my mind
and refresh my soul
of all I think is not right

I want to move about my life
without tears in eyes
without a hard and hurting heart
longing to beat
when it can hardly survive

How did we get here
after so much work and dedication
I held you in my arms
with a millions dreams
little princess of our hearts

Wish you knew your true greatness
and look further than the night
cause the dawn always come
even when you think it won’t

There is not a moment
I don’t want you by my side
even though I’m sure you do
at times
nothing in my life will be
sweeter than the tender memories
of much better times
than to hold you in my arms

I am here little princess
wipe the tears on your face
mom will always love you
even when I go above
watching, praying, shielding you
no matter the price

Like a bright and shiny star
looking down on you
you can always count on me
I’ll be watching you smile
with no more tears in your eyes

All these moments will be
a distant memory of something
neither one of us is
sad, bitter memories
we will want to forget
but that helped us at the end
understand that love
is bittersweet

Love is Everything

22 12 2008

Yesterday I realized how important love is in our life. No wonder I was intrigued by it since I was a little girl and read about it on the Bible. There are many things that are part of our daily life and many skills we need to develop, specially if you are a girl but none of them, I came to realize, can replace our great need to love and be loved.

I always wondered how so many women got away with doing nothing in their household and still be loved by their partners. They don’t know how to clean, cook and a lot of them they can care less for kids and still they managed to have someone loving them by their side. It seems they concentrated on them and in loving their partners and in return men would do anything to keep them. These days you can see anything under the sun; from men raising kids to men cooking and cleaning after a hard day of work. I am not saying that men should not do these things, it is good that the couple share in their responsibility of their home but for the women to relinquish or neglect her responsibilities is another whole topic in itself.

So I wonder what is the calling of today’s women, has it changed for good or should we keep teaching our girls the basics of how to run and care for a household? Does it really matter?

Unexpected Lessons

20 12 2008

The perpetual school of life keeps presenting me with a whole new course of unexpected lessons. Some of them are a retake of something I didn’t grasp the first time around and then others I have no idea they existed. Dealing with these unexpected lessons can be frustrating, half the time I don’t even want to be present.

-Why in the world should we go through it and most of all do what we said we will never do, if we encountered the situation?
I guess thinking of what we would do if a situation arose and doing when it does are two different things.

Never in my life I imagined having to dig deep within in order not to crumble on the outside. I am very good at moving along no matter what happens in my life but this time it is so very hard to do. I have been deeply wounded and I feel like I have been drained of all strength; physically, mentally and emotionally. At the same time I know I am not the first or only person who has gone through this before, I can survive.

I believe I accepted the challenge to take this unexpected lesson but at the same time I am looking for ways not to. I guess it is the realization that nothing will ever be the same, that could be good and bad. I think this is a good opportunity to step outside my city walls and expose my real self. I need to be who God created me to be and nothing less, whoever embraces me will be embracing the true essence of someone who has been buried for a very long time in order to become what I thought would be acceptable to the world. I have learned that to pretend is not to live and not to live is not what God meant for any of us. We need to be proud of who he created us to be and wait for those who would accept and love us just the way we are. This will be the moment of truth and it will take me to unknown and unfamiliar places but whatever that is it will be fine.

Have you gone through some unexpected lessons? What did you learn from them?