The flow of life

12 04 2015

Life, death, accidents, sickness, break-ups and divorce they all could potentially be a painful turning point in the unfolding of our existence. I live long enough to experienced a few tragic moments and feeling it was the end of the world, but it wasn’t. Each one of them was a turning point; my life changing form, transformed before my eyes according to my reaction to it. I usually take a very long time before I act and decide to move in a different direction, then come moments in a “flash” that wipes all that has been familiar to me and everything around, and inside me is changed for good. That “flash” propels me to where I am supposed to be and to help me develop the unknown strength I possess. I might be complacent to where and how I am at the moment, but it ultimately is not my full potential or quality of living I am supposed to be enjoying. I realize it is a painful, uncomfortable and confusing situation not only to me but to others linked to me, but I hope and pray all those involved eventually evolve to where they too need to be with a new found strength and hope in their life.

As I move forward in a completely new terrain where new rules apply and where, at times, I feel completely lost, I find myself more and more receptive to where and how I should navigate my life in the uncertainty of a vast sea. The more I experience, the more in tune I am to myself. Intuition play a big part in this phase of my life and even though sometimes I ignore it or let others convince otherwise, at the end it is proven that intuition was 100% correct. Wishful thinking is part of my survival at times, negating reality but little by little and hit by hit I am learning to trust my God given gifts.

I can’t deny that at times, all hope is lost even though I don’t want to. Only God knows what is in stored. Perhaps I must be striped of all in order to regain it. I don’t know. It is all a blur right now. Just when I though the fog was lifting up, shadows surround me once more. It is what it is, the flow of life; uncertain, and unpredictable. One day all will be full circle and I will look back and understand the journey…



2 responses

5 05 2015

Very nice. You seem to have be revitalized in blogging. So glad that you seem inspired again Clary.

12 07 2015

Thank you Phil, I wish I had more time to write. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

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