Another year, another blessing…

23 04 2015

Another year of life, another blessing. Today is my birthday and as I reflect upon the many experiences I have lived, I thank God for all the good and bad, for the highs and the lows and for giving me the strength to go on. He cares for me constantly, my most faithful partner in life and protected me from harm during my most recent car accident. There has been changes in my life, my world has been shaken once more and for now life is a little different. I trust it is for my best interest and in time I will know his intentions.

Sometimes we pray for a deep longing in our heart to be satisfied; it is interesting see how God respond to it. I am still yearning to understand his ways… He liberated me during this past year and I am emerging stronger than ever.┬áThere is no challenge I have not been able to overcome with his help, and I feel closer and closer to his spirit within me. At times I look outside of my being and feel lonely but then I realize that the love and treasures are inside of me. I shine like the stars and smile fully, I am alive! My gifts an talents surface and I flow with it with ease as I bask in his blessings.

I know there is still more coming, I am open, waiting in joyful hope. I know not what he has in store for me, but whatever or whoever he is I know it will be great. At the end all I need is Him. Happy birthday to me, I continue to be reborn and transformed once more into what I am meant to be.


The flow of life

12 04 2015

Life, death, accidents, sickness, break-ups and divorce they all could potentially be a painful turning point in the unfolding of our existence. I live long enough to experienced a few tragic moments and feeling it was the end of the world, but it wasn’t. Each one of them was a turning point; my life changing form, transformed before my eyes according to my reaction to it. I usually take a very long time before I act and decide to move in a different direction, then come moments in a “flash” that wipes all that has been familiar to me and everything around, and inside me is changed for good. That “flash” propels me to where I am supposed to be and to help me develop the unknown strength I possess. I might be complacent to where and how I am at the moment, but it ultimately is not my full potential or quality of living I am supposed to be enjoying. I realize it is a painful, uncomfortable and confusing situation not only to me but to others linked to me, but I hope and pray all those involved eventually evolve to where they too need to be with a new found strength and hope in their life.

As I move forward in a completely new terrain where new rules apply and where, at times, I feel completely lost, I find myself more and more receptive to where and how I should navigate my life in the uncertainty of a vast sea. The more I experience, the more in tune I am to myself. Intuition play a big part in this phase of my life and even though sometimes I ignore it or let others convince otherwise, at the end it is proven that intuition was 100% correct. Wishful thinking is part of my survival at times, negating reality but little by little and hit by hit I am learning to trust my God given gifts.

I can’t deny that at times, all hope is lost even though I don’t want to. Only God knows what is in stored. Perhaps I must be striped of all in order to regain it. I don’t know. It is all a blur right now. Just when I though the fog was lifting up, shadows surround me once more. It is what it is, the flow of life; uncertain, and unpredictable. One day all will be full circle and I will look back and understand the journey…