Lessons learned

14 02 2016

Life has a way to teach us, by the way we live, the situations we encounter and by the way we move along the events. As 2015 comes to a close I am moved to reflect upon the lessons learned.

The year began with a bang, literally as I was about to released one of the biggest I had with my past. I was impacted by a van as I was driving to work planning what was about to do in the weeks ahead. It was very clear to me that what I thought will come about according to my plans was not so. God had other plans in mind. He released me of not one, but two of big material possessions which reminded me of my past. It was a time to let go and to begin my own era.

At times transformations and starting over is not an easy task. It was necessary for me to see how I was able to do and accomplish great things all on my own. I am a child of God, I can do so much more than I can realize. Live my life behind someone’s shadow is no way to live. I was created to shine all on my own, I just needed to believe it because I could see it.

My life unfolded effortlessly but not painlessly. Sometimes pain is useful to propel towards the right direction. I remember the words I heard upon impact as my vehicle was pushed towards the incoming traffic, stopping shy by inches into the turning lane were there no cars traveling, “It’s over.” Interesting, because I thought it was over 3 months before as the legal papers were signed by a judge, somehow I was still holding on to stuff. Time to let go. In exchange I was given what I deserved all along, something new, something mine, without any kind of memories from the past and that was just the beginning.