Blessing Ourselves

20 02 2008

When I think of blessings I tend to think that they are something we do over those we love. Without even thinking I realize that we many times forget that one of those people should be us. In the crazy daily routine of our life we tend to forget that we are many times the ones who need those blessings the most. Life is not an easy, ecstatic entity which we can deal with once and move on. Life evolves in time and transforms our existence according to our experiences and how we respond to them. Each experience is intended to help us move along a path, help us grow, and help us live the life we were meant to live. Circumstances are the catalyst that ignites our awareness to an immediate situation that needs attention.

The last day of our life could be any day, so it makes perfect sense to begin each day with a blessing to help us in our journey. In the Hispanic culture it is custom to ask for a blessing every time you meet any elder from the family. When my son began to drive on his own I began to bless him every time before he left the house in his car. Today he is far away so I pray and ask for blessings at a distance. For the ones still with me I constantly bestow blessings and pray for particular intentions to help them in their life.

Blessings are a way to confer spiritual power to be applied in the physical realm. It’s a way to connect our inner nature to our external. It’s a necessary ingredient to balance our being. I don’t believe we have to be a holy person to bestow a blessing since we are a mere channel of the blessing. The blessing doesn’t come from us but from God, we only open ourselves to his unending goodness and allow him to use us as we transmit it unto others. When we bless ourselves we do exactly the same thing for ourselves and God knows how undeserving we are of those blessings but if we ask it is given to us out of love.

As I move along my life I ask for special blessings on my journey, that I might move along the path I was meant to walk on and to make of my life what he intended all along. It takes time to learn what that is but we get to know it when we feel at peace with our actions and decisions in life, when we learn to love ourselves before we love someone else and most of all when you show others to do the same.

Life Visualization

15 02 2008

It’s interesting to learn how our mental picture of things and situations in life become our reality in time. The mind is powerful and able to guide us in the attainment of what we are able to communicate to it. As we visualize our goals in life we find ways to the path that will allow us to obtain what we see in our mind. Obstacles become opportunity for growth and endurance along the way. Creativity takes a new shade when there is a goal to obtain in our mind. There is no experience wasted when we have an idea of what it is we want to bring into our life.

I remember a time when life was just a day to day existence without any goals or direction. There were no responsibilities or obligations then but as I grew up and started thinking on my future and what it might look like I realize that I needed to “see” that future in my mind.

We all go through stages where our life is transformed to take us to our ultimate destination, sometimes resistance forces us to slow down a little. A re-evaluation is a most in moments like these.

Now Living

5 02 2008

Living is an art, finding the right balance and determining our intention is integral to the overall quality of our life. Many of us are guilty of not living our life, we are alive but not living. Spending our days dwelling either on the past or the future instead of today.

Time goes by so fast that if we are not paying attention we miss the point altogether. Touching, connecting and transforming is part of what life is and doing the best we can according to our gifts and talents. Learning, experiencing and teaching is another important piece in the equation.

Are you living or are you just alive?