The other side of the moon

24 05 2011

The moon forever will be the reflector of my most intimate thoughts and messages that transcends space and time. Like the very first time I was asked to step outside and look at it and somehow communicate and receive subliminal thoughts… I still do that and know for a fact that it does transcends and that no matter where I am I can rely on it.

It’s brightness is fascinating to me and more so when it shines over the sea, it has inspired me to write, to sing, to cry, to laugh and to love. I believe nature has a powerful influence in our well being and it helps us balance a lot of emotions and helps us reflect better about life and our personal journey. It doesn’t matter if it is; the snow, the wind, the majestic mountains, the river stream, the ocean or the starry night… It all merges with our senses and soothes the mind and soul and a lot of times liberates the pressure or sadness in our hearts.

In time I know what is now will be different, but it will be better. For now rebuilding my life and molding my future is the task at hand, later on all things will fall in place. One day at a time, yes, one day at a time…

Another Year

6 05 2011

My birthday came and went, I did not have the time or inspiration to write anything that week. Life is taking a turn for a lot of changes and unexpected events. I welcome the closeness is giving to the ones I love even though is along the lines of pain and suffering at times. Every moment of life is treasured.

This year was memorable, it taught me to remember that I exist, that what I do and care about matters and that dreams do come true. It takes hard work and constant dedication to build a business, it takes a clear vision of the end result but at the end (and I am not there yet) it will be worth all the effort. At times encountering challenges made me nervous but by now I’ve learned to trust my instinct. This will be big, I know, it’s just a matter of time.

Those who came to my life in more ways than one have contributed in a small way to all I want to welcome and accomplish in my life. It is hard to deal with insecure, controlling people. They are being shed from my life. I welcome those with open minds, great ideas and optimistic thoughts.

Each year a new chapter of my life unfolds, this one is majestic. I expect only the best, in time all things will flow. I know I live in the mind and heart of those who opened themselves to me this year, even though I might not be with them physically, and they will be in mine. To be in ones heart is more important to me than all the treasures of this world.

I am turning the page with no expectations, with open arms. Each day will be an adventure and I refuse to guard anyone’s actions. Life is too intense to try to live ours and control others according to our designs. It’s not worth my time and effort. The ones who choose to be beside me will enhance my life, will be with me because they want to, not because they have to. It is sad to get to that point, questioning every word and every move. I am a guard no more.

Another year, a new life, a new frame of mind. One that is true to me and the things I really need, one that doesn’t demand that I stop being myself and one that gives me the greatest gift of all: ME