The last day of 2012

31 12 2012

As the year comes to a close I reflect upon the fact that life is beautiful right along the trials, tribulations, blessings and encouragement I have the privilege to live. I spent it in two different parts of the world, each one with its own beauty and special blessings in my life. It also contained a diverse group of people who supported, encourage, challenged and loved me along the way. I lived new experiences, some good and some bad but all adds up to the lessons I needed to learn in order to continue my growth.

I am stronger, clear about my value, my dreams and goals and most of all of my capacity to make it a reality. All of my fears were unfounded because fears are not real, I needed to take that leap of faith and trust and what I did was fly… Yesterday I went to the movies and a saw a preview of Will Smith’s new movie to be released called After Earth. One phrase hit me as i watched it “In order to survive we must realize that FEAR is not real, is a product of thoughts you create. But do not misunderstand me, DANGER is very REAL but FEAR is a CHOICE.”  This will become my motto for 2013:  DANGER is very real, but FEAR is a choice. No more FEAR in my life, it doesn’t exist and life is one that needs to be lived and walked on with firm steps and most of all with integrity. I will get what I give and expect only the best in all.  

I read a comment right under the movie trailer of this movie and noticed how  two different people perceptions were expressed. One was impressed with the same phrase I was, the other was a total negative person saying that Will Smith made this movie with his son in order to create an opportunity for him that nobody would give him for being a black actor. My point exactly. I am not certain if that is the case but even if it was, what is the point?. In life you do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality; you train or study, you learn, you work hard and go for it. If one door closes you look for a window, turn to another door or bring down the walls that separate you from your goal.  We have it too easy sometimes, I believe we have forgotten how our ancestors worked, fought and died for the little things we take for granted today thanks to all their efforts to make it our standard of living. We lack the creativity to face challenges and to overcome them. We lack the strength to hang in there until all is accomplished according to our goals, our values and must of all justly. I believe we need to grow in knowledge of our value and the power we possess to change and transform ourselves in our world regardless of what other people might think or say. Our true value is within and God has given us a treasure to work with. It is up to us to discover what that treasure is and appreciate it. We need to learn to pay the price. In life, at work in our relationships with one another all has a price and the way we handle different situations will give us rewards or regrets. I don’t know which one you prefer but I prefer rewards even though it is true that we gain wisdom with each of our regrets. No living experience is wasted in God’s infinite mercy. I learned that moving forward sometimes is done crawling if I have to,  but NEVER giving up.  

So as 2013 begins in just a few hours from now, I look forward to the life lessons it will teach me as I continue to grow and expand the horizon of my own territory. I will learn how to use my gifts and talents to transform what will shape my world. I have the power to shape and transform every single detail on it no matter what comes my way because my strength comes from the one who created me who  is infinite, all knowing and all powerful.  



The last days of 2012

22 12 2012

Well here I am, in the last days of 2012. This year has been intense and had so many shades of all I have become during the recreation of my own life, I am not done yet. Deep inside I know I will never be done as I pick and choose those things and people that will be part of my life.

Life taught me:  

  • Nothing last forever and I need to appreciate each and every moment in my life like my last because I don’t know when that moment will be.
  • I learned that plans are good to have but I need to follow that internal guidance I possess connected to my creator in order to make all my final decisions. 
  • I get exactly what I give away to others, so I am careful not to go in the direction I wish not.
  • Words are worthless without action right behind it.
  •  When I feel uncomfortable it is because something is getting on the way or wants to alter my good intentions.
  • When something keeps presenting over and over again to me, it is because I must look into it and find its value. 
  • Not everything and everyone that comes into my life is of value, life is about sifting the good and the bad; learning from the bad and cherishing the good. 
  • Not everything that shines is gold. 
  • Sometimes I need to go in a whole new direction, with options I’ve never thought of and with skills I haven’t developed but that I can gain. The sky is the limit. 
  • It is important to be alert to what is happening around me, what is moving the world, the economy and people’s emotions and decisions. I need to be in tune with it in order to continue to grow and succeed.
  • Life is not static, it is continually evolving and  I need to do the same. It might feel good and comfortable to be in a routine but it sure gets stale with time… 
  • Imminent death awaits when something remains the same over a long period of time.
  • At some levels, some “deaths” needs to take place in our life in order to resurrect stronger and transformed.  
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean I will let the person or the situation remain or re-surge in my life. I am very clear about what I deserve in my life.
  • I am strong not only because internally I have grown but because I have an army of souls in heaven and on earth right behind me. It is important to stay connected to God, your family and your friends in order to survive. 
  • Divide and conquer is the weapon of abusers. I will never let anyone divide me from anyone or anything I love and enjoy in my life. 
  • Money does not assure happiness. Love and respect from myself does. Then I can go on to love the world. 

I am sure these are not all the things I have learned but as these last days of 2012 roll by I will be reflecting some more. I am looking forward to the lessons I will learn on 2013, it is my lucky number and I am sure that it will be spectacular because what I learned on 2012 will give me that push I need to propel myself to heights I never imagined. I wish you do the same and don’t let anyone but yourself, select the shades of colors that will go on your Life Canvas.  


22 12 2012


The beauty of a sunset is in the one who beholds its beauty by contemplating it…