Reality – Individual and Collective

28 01 2008

In my humble opinion, we move along life touching and transforming as we act in time and space. Reality changes as each and everyone of us partake on the creation of new experiences with our mere presence. Time and space takes on our own sense of being and moves according to those around a specific area. No moment in time is ever the same as long as we are part of it. What we have to share at any given moment is determined by our state of mind, soul and our ability to express it. As time goes by our actions change according to our immediate need to let out what is moving our spirit. To expect and unchanging state of being is unrealistic since we are constantly evolving at different levels according to our needs, trials and tribulations, it’s our way to maintain a certain balance within. Each personal experience, challenge, trial, fear, dream and desire is a way of helping us move along a path of meaningful existence.

No human being is all knowing of what’s going to happen next, trying to control circumstances and reactions in us or others is the wrong way to achieve the highest level of understanding and meaning in life. Trust and Faith is needed in order to let growth take place in our life and allowing others choose their own path in life.

Fear creates what we are trying to avoid, trust creates what we are meant to have.

Changing Circumstances

23 01 2008

I guess there is a moment in everyone’s life when you realize that things will never be the same. Life has set its motion and there is no stopping the circumstances that will impact the very core of who you are and what you’ll become in the time to follow.

This is the first time I’ve been in my parent’s home by myself; both are in the hospital at the moment. The house seems so empty without them and I can’t express the way I feel right now. I know life will be changing in the near future and I’m not sure if I will be ready for it, perhaps this is a way to ease me into my new reality. This is where I belong at the moment and I intend to do the most I can for them while I’m here.

I like routine and the ability to know what comes next in many aspects of my life, however the element of surprise is also needed in everyone’s life in order to keep the hope that things might not always be the same. As we move through life we learn to roll with the punches if we will and learn from each and every challenge that comes our way; at least that is the ideal way to get the most out of life.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here, all I know is that I don’t feel quiet the same and the incertitude sometimes is agonizing but I know I’m not alone and that something good is always at the end of a difficult journey. Every new experience adds a new color, light or shade on the canvas that displays our life journey, it takes time to finish the painting but at the end all the different effects are combined to let us see the picture in its entirety and it serves as a testimony of our own existence. All the joys, sorrows, tears and trials add up to a fully lived life along with all the other lives we managed to touch along the way. It’s like leaving tiny footprints on the world as a testimony of our existence. No other reality is more vivid that the one we leave imprinted in the minds of others as we move along the path towards our final destiny.

What are your changing circumstances, how do you handle it and what have you gotten out of it?

Preparing for the Unknown

19 01 2008

There is a new chapter, new events, a new problem or situation, you know is coming but you have no idea what it is or how to prepare for it. Is there such a thing as to prepare yourself for the unknown? Should we waste energy on something you know nothing about? Perhaps not.

I know mine is coming and all I’m trying to do right now is to relax and don’t think too much on how I imagine everything will be. At this point I know well nothing I imagine will be what will happen at the end. Attitude is what I need to concentrate and a spirit of acceptance. Maybe I should take with me The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, better grab it now before I forget.

The right mental and emotional attitude helps assimilate better the big and small unknown situations in our life. Your mind remains receptive and alert ,opened to ideas and able to create solutions for the situations and circumstances that threaten to throw you out of balance. I tend to be the “strong” in the family, able to communicate, guide and protect those I love. I can hide the turbulence inside as long as needed to in order to offer others the estability and support they need for their trials. What I need to figure out is how to sustain myself in order not run out of energy, hope and love. Quiet time and meditation has helped me for many years so I will continue to do so as I go along my path.

When you are caring for others it makes sense to care for yourself first. In order to give you need to have. For many years I’ve tried to do things on my own, only God is allowed into my deepest needs and worries. Now, I feel is time to open up to others who might be able to help me as well. God works in different ways and through different people so I must be aware to detect when that happens and welcome it with an open mind.

So to me the ultimate way to prepare myself for the unknown is to tune in to myself and be opened to the endless possibilities that might come my way in order to help me accomplish my mission.

Love and Personal Legend

18 01 2008

(Paulo Coelho Blog)

Life, love, personal legend should be contained within each and everyone of us. The way we live and love should ultimately help us fulfill our personal legend in our lifetime, it is the only way to attain peace within. Whenever we depart or renounce our personal legend our existence becomes unbearable, we might manage to distract ourselves with all kinds of work, people and situations but eventually it calls our attention.

Love should never prevent us from fulfilling our personal legend, only we decide to let that happen, if we dare do so we give way to a life accompanied by pain and discontent. According to my understanding of personal legend it gives us the necessary balance within in order to accomplish our mission in life, by ignoring or renouncing it we alter an integral part of our well-being. Many health problems are caused by this unbalanced or persistance to continue on a path that will never help us fulfill our personal legend.

Love should not be something conditional to a long list of requirements and expectations. It’s not something you initiate but that springs forth from the heart voluntarily, is not part of a plan or goal in anyone’s life, it just is. Whenever we think of love as something that should be part of our life instead of something that should manifest itself in our life we run the risk to make big mistakes. Love is like water, you see it running in the rivers and moving in the oceans nourishing life and beauty but the moment you try to contain it and get control of it you need to artificially purify it, treat it and maintain it in order to enjoy it. The moment you stop doing those things the water get stagnant and become as good as poison. Love should be something you are opened to in your life but that you never chase, try to control or create on your own.

Think twice when you find yourself deciding between love and your personal legend, if you are in that situation chances are you are deciding something you should not at all.

Words about Confidence

16 01 2008

There is nothing wrong with knowing where we stand and what we stand for. Letting others know who we are and what we want is one of the most important things we can do for our well-being. I can look back and see the time I sold myself short for fear of not getting everything I wanted, other times it was an “all or nothing” deal. It’s hard to know for sure if what I did was right or wrong, all I know is that it’s done and that shaped the way my life is right now. All I can do now is pay close attention on how I manage my decision making as I stride to make changes in my life as part of the overall growth that needs to take place in me.

I need to have a picture of the ultimate result I’m looking for and find the right pieces on my puzzle. Sometimes it’s obvious the picture I had wants to turn into something I didn’t intend but that somehow evolved with time, it’s a matter of deciding if I want to keep the new picture or continue with the original one instead. Something I’ve learned by working with others is that my initial goals sometimes need to change a little in order to accomodate them but never to the extent to forget about myself. It’s a matter of finding a balance which will satisfy those involved.

Confidence attracts while insecurity repels. To me confidence comes with a clear intention vivid in our mind, the ability to reflect it upon others and the strength to defend it. It’s the ability to let others into your life without losing yourself in them. It’s being satisfied with who you are without being arrogant. It’s not being fearful to take up the reins once more and direct yourself where you intended right from the beginning before everything tried to take their own course.

Feel free to comment or add to anything I said here, it is what makes blogs interesting and I want to know what you think.

Don’t Die

14 01 2008

The day you give up your dream you die” – Flashdance movie scene quote

I love dancing, it has been part of my life since I was a little girl. I long to dance every single day but there are many other things to do in my life. Another good quote I heard from Paulo Coelho is “I want to die living”, it’s the perfect description of what I would like to do with my life.

Dreams are our way to visualize our destiny and I’m not talking about the dreams you have while you are asleep but the ones you desire to make a reality. So to me dancing was the perfect expression of my being; I felt free, creative, happy, relaxed and full of energy. I still do.


Flashdance Movie

Today I watched Flashdance and, like the times before, it moved me to see the dancer’s ability to merge their movements with the music. I remember my jazz dance teacher in college and how she explained to us that we needed to use our body to express what we felt by listening to the music. She would make us lay on the floor and ask us to act up something with our body, like we were a chick inside an egg and breaking out of the shell. I have to admit it was a little weird but it taught me to do what she said; body expression.

When I hear a song I like I still imagine how I would move to the sound, a whole choreography plays in my mind. I’ve spent long hours practicing a routine until it was perfect, I enjoyed each and every second of it, now that I don’t dance as often is like I’ve let something vital in me die.

Creativity takes on different forms and today I use words, and colors. I intend to continue using these mediums to express what moves me, but dancing will still be on the top of my list even if it means adding it to my workout routines.

Ways of Communication

12 01 2008

There are many ways to communicate today compared to fifty or sixty years ago. Not that I’ve lived long enough to have experienced what we had back then, but I’ve read about the challenges of those days to communicate compared to today’s communication connecting more people in the shortest amount of time possible. This can be good and bad.

I enjoy writing as a way to communicate, it enables me to take time to sit down and put on paper my thoughts and intentions, it’s tangible. It’s something you can read over and over again, it can be treasured.

The phone is another way of communication I utilize but not as frequently; I use it mainly for business purposes or for personal calls that need immediate attention.

E-mail is yet another way to communicate which I also utilize for business and to send a written message I need deliver right away. I don’t waste much time on chain letters. I like to receive personal messages instead of forwarded messages even though some of them are beautiful.

Visits and get togethers are the ones I enjoy the most, all your senses get involved on this one and you can feel the warmth of those who interact in a given place. I wish I could visit more frequently but time and distance sometimes prevents it. I need to make a big effort to create time to make it happen on a regular basis.

The way we communicate and with whom has a lot to do with the level of comfort we feel with each other. Some people attract more sincere conversations than others just because they are not uptight and judgemental about every little thing you say. Others keep you at bay because they are shut down inside from the rest of the world. Others seem to be opened but try to analyze you or get to know you but it’s only to attack you, to find faults and flaws. While you are talking to them they are trying to figure out “your intentions” according to their own preceptions disregarding yours. Those, I’m afraid to say, don’t get much communication with others either, specially from me.