The last day of 2012

31 12 2012

As the year comes to a close I reflect upon the fact that life is beautiful right along the trials, tribulations, blessings and encouragement I have the privilege to live. I spent it in two different parts of the world, each one with its own beauty and special blessings in my life. It also contained a diverse group of people who supported, encourage, challenged and loved me along the way. I lived new experiences, some good and some bad but all adds up to the lessons I needed to learn in order to continue my growth.

I am stronger, clear about my value, my dreams and goals and most of all of my capacity to make it a reality. All of my fears were unfounded because fears are not real, I needed to take that leap of faith and trust and what I did was fly… Yesterday I went to the movies and a saw a preview of Will Smith’s new movie to be released called After Earth. One phrase hit me as i watched it “In order to survive we must realize that FEAR is not real, is a product of thoughts you create. But do not misunderstand me, DANGER is very REAL but FEAR is a CHOICE.”  This will become my motto for 2013:  DANGER is very real, but FEAR is a choice. No more FEAR in my life, it doesn’t exist and life is one that needs to be lived and walked on with firm steps and most of all with integrity. I will get what I give and expect only the best in all.  

I read a comment right under the movie trailer of this movie and noticed how  two different people perceptions were expressed. One was impressed with the same phrase I was, the other was a total negative person saying that Will Smith made this movie with his son in order to create an opportunity for him that nobody would give him for being a black actor. My point exactly. I am not certain if that is the case but even if it was, what is the point?. In life you do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality; you train or study, you learn, you work hard and go for it. If one door closes you look for a window, turn to another door or bring down the walls that separate you from your goal.  We have it too easy sometimes, I believe we have forgotten how our ancestors worked, fought and died for the little things we take for granted today thanks to all their efforts to make it our standard of living. We lack the creativity to face challenges and to overcome them. We lack the strength to hang in there until all is accomplished according to our goals, our values and must of all justly. I believe we need to grow in knowledge of our value and the power we possess to change and transform ourselves in our world regardless of what other people might think or say. Our true value is within and God has given us a treasure to work with. It is up to us to discover what that treasure is and appreciate it. We need to learn to pay the price. In life, at work in our relationships with one another all has a price and the way we handle different situations will give us rewards or regrets. I don’t know which one you prefer but I prefer rewards even though it is true that we gain wisdom with each of our regrets. No living experience is wasted in God’s infinite mercy. I learned that moving forward sometimes is done crawling if I have to,  but NEVER giving up.  

So as 2013 begins in just a few hours from now, I look forward to the life lessons it will teach me as I continue to grow and expand the horizon of my own territory. I will learn how to use my gifts and talents to transform what will shape my world. I have the power to shape and transform every single detail on it no matter what comes my way because my strength comes from the one who created me who  is infinite, all knowing and all powerful.  



Happy Easter

12 04 2009

Happy Easter to all my Christians friends. Last night I went to Easter Vigil Mass and it was an experience. For one it was a trilingual Mass (English, Spanish, Creole) and we received seven more members into the fullness of our faith. The rituals brings all of this to life (Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion), it is a reminder of our own commitments. It is a joy to emerge from Lent into the Joy of Jesus Resurrection.

Today I will be cooking a special meal which was blessed at the church yesterday and with it enjoy the richness of gifts the Lord has bestowed upon us. It is hard for me to not have Josh with us but it is the way things are and will continue to be for a while. My son Erek served last night and it might be his last service during an Easter celebration since he also will be beginning on a new path in his life. I can not help but to feel a little sad as I see my work done but at the same time I feel proud that I have survived this stage of my life. There will be many more stages I need to experience and with it new joys and new challenges. Sometimes I feel I want to hang on to each moment like it is the last, and it is. But just like Jesus died, was buried and now is risen from the dead so are we to die to so many things that don’t let us be transformed into a new life in him.

May you have a blessed Easter with your family and friends. May we one day be united to him.

The Greatest Love of All

10 04 2009

Nobody love us more than Jesus. Please take some time today to remember Him. May you a blessed Good Friday.

Special Moments

26 12 2008

The days fly by and I am trying really hard not to think of the past and stop worrying about tomorrow. So many things have happened and so many tears shed in so a short period of time but I can not lose sight of the happy moments God is also letting me live.

My family is all in one place, we are spending Christmas together no matter the situation and no matter what will happen next. Today we are here and each and every moment lingers in my heart with a nostalgic tone. My son will be deployed in January for at least eight months, this is his first. As a mother I can’t help but worry but at the same time I accept God’s will in all our lives. He is not going to war and I pray that nothing happens during that time that he might be called to assist on a more dangerous mission. Now more than ever I will have to cling from my faith.

My other two children are growing so fast that they are creating some growing pains which I can’t hardly endure at times. Parenting is not easy and dealing with not fully developed individuals and trying to explain something to them is not easy. At times I wonder if it is because I never managed to develop the necessary patience (even though some people say I do have it) that all these trials are coming my way. I feel numb after each and every blow to my normal and peaceful existence, it seems there is no more tranquility in the horizon for a while. It is a challenge but one that I must endure since the first day I became a mom. Better times will come, I’m sure and all of this will be a distant memory. I will smile again and wonder why did I worried so much.

Election 2008

30 10 2008

My brother has been calling me to listen to radio interviews, TV promotions and debates as well as sending me e-mails about his choice for this year. I have done some of the same. Last night it got a little heated but we always end up in good terms. I guess there is no easy way to let others understand what the most important issues are on this campaign. There is a lot going on in this country at the moment and I guess it is easy to get lost in the issues.

One thing I have always thought about is the undeniable connection our actions as a nation has to do with the state that it is in. I know a lot of people don’t want to think about God and politics, but he is involved in every aspect of our life. This great nation was founded “One nation under God” and that is why it has been so powerful but as we push God to the side we become weaker. Just look around you, we can deny it all we want and blame it in so many other things but at the end we will know for sure.

Here is an important message, Eleventh Hour Election Alert, I encourage to see it and to open your heart. Then go and vote, it is a privilege not everyone has in this world, don’t waste it.

Oprah’s Church? What Do You Believe?

6 04 2008

Oprah has been for me a person who demonstrated that we can accomplish a lot in life, even against the odds. I watch her show every week and I’m a subscriber of her monthly magazine, but one thing I’ve learned in life is to KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE. I won’t judge her because she is acting according to what she knows about her faith at this point, only God has the right to judge on this matter. There is a lot of different teachings, faiths, beliefs out there and we can’t blame this or the other for the loss of our faith. When life doesn’t go exactly as we thought it should we can’t blame the media, books, people, music etc. Yes, the media have a tremendous influence in our way of thinking but it is ultimately US who by our ignorance are driven into situations of this magnitude.

When I heard the announcement for this class something told me it wasn’t right. I tried to listen to the first class but technical difficulties didn’t let me finish it. I thought about listening to it later after it was posted on her site. Then I went to the store and saw the book displayed and stop to look through it, I could tell right away it didn’t go with my Christian belief. By reading a blog review of the book I found out it had Budhist ideas integrated into it, called it Budhism 101 written into a more easy to understand terms.

I’m not trying to condone the bad influence some communication mediums are doing to believers in general but what I would like to do is put responsability back on the shoulders of those who know about Jesus and what he is about. He came personally to teach us how to live and how to gain eternal life, if we choose to believe something else or listen to others than the witnesses of his teachings we are entitled to do so, but we are also entitled to the consequences.

As Christians what we are called to do is to continue to grow in the knowledge of our faith and share it with others. Each individual in turn will respond to the message or not. It is our responsability to share it to the best of our ability and move on, but we are also called to defend it. We can’t force anyone to believe on what we believe but we have the right to hold fast to our faith.

I believe that many people are driving to all of this kind of thinking because their spirit is hungry. We have starved our spiritual life to such a degree that we don’t even know what it is anymore. My belief is that we were created by God and that is who our soul yearns for. If we only take care of our body and not the soul sooner or later we feel that something is missing and it is.

Faith is a personal choice and we are ultimately responsible for our own life and what we do with it. All we can do is live it to best of our knowledge and ability, expose our belief along the way and guide those who are willing to listen.

We need to pick our battles and this one is one we need to trust God to conquer with the life of Christians as testimony. What’s your opinion?

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

A Christmas Wish

23 12 2007

We are just hours away from celebrating one of the most important days for Christians. It is a time to remember and reflect on the awesome gift God gave to us in Jesus. What amazes me the most of all about this big event is that God was so in love with us that he was willing to become one of us in order to reach out to us. His love is so perfect and complete that we should not need anything else. We are called to love like he did but the more I see his love the more I realize how short I come up in matching his goodness. It is only by yielding to him and letting him use me as a channel when the most pure love come forth from me to others. My gift and channel is my writing, with it I’m reaching out and bringing forth from the depths of my soul not only what I feel but what he wants to communicate to me. Sometimes I’m lost in darkness and desolation, others I’m beaming with light and understanding. There are peaks and valleys, there is rain and sunshine, there is laugh and cries. It’s the complexity of our nature and one that I hope anyone can relate to.

This morning as I write this to you, the silence feels my senses and the words flow with ease. I feel tranquil and almost like I’m not here but floating about myself, it’s prayer. I think of you and wish that you experience the same peace and tranquility I’m feeling right now and that you get to be embraced by infinite love. Love is what we search and long for all the days of our life, without it we live an useless existence.

My wish this Christmas is that I get to understand the mystery of love. As I look into his eyes I hope that, what feels like my never ending journey, guide me to where I’m supposed to be.

The Present

23 04 2007

To be silent is to face a challenge. I just returned from a silent retreat and I realize that it is so hard for people to remain silent for a long period of time, perhaps because we are used to the sound of our voice, to have our thoughts heard instead of trying to listen for an internal response. We are scared many times of whom we’ll find within us: a complete stranger. We feel uncomfortable to know of our faults and weaknesses and most of all of not knowing how to improve our spiritual life.

Today is my birthday, and it makes me think of what another year of life means to me. I’m thankful for the most for the priviledge to have life and health. I’ve managed to stay afloat among the many challenges which I have faced this past year and I try not to think much about the future. The present is all I have and I must concentrate on that every single day of my life. Fr. Healy reminded us about this reality this weekend, the present is a gift of God to us. Whenever I do the will of God you live in the present and I experience heaven on earth. It is so easy to miss my present by worrying about the past that’s gone or the future which is not here.

I’ve learned not to take anything or anyone for granted and most of all to put my trust in God in good and bad times. By accepting my nothingness before an awesome God and the little control I have over my life I’ve gained peace and tranquility in exchange. The Lord is the one who will direct my steps and direct my life, no one better than him to know what’s best for me. I confess that sometimes I feel like taking the control into my own hands but a massive wall raises before me letting me know that it is not my place to do so.