Staying Focused

17 08 2006

As a writer and author the importance of focusing on your work is number one.  Kind of hard to do while you are doing the marketing of your work as well.  My next book is on the review stage and I haven’t been able to do a thing.  Between developing my free book promotion site and staying connected with other bloggers and readers around the world I’m having too much fun. 

I’m finding myself more creative as I think of ways to reach out to my audience online.  At the same time I share that information with others via forums and blogs.  I guess the answer here is learning to divide the time in such a way in which I can handle the different facets of the publishing world. 

If it would be for me I would be happy locking myself up in my office with my laptop as new ideas comes to mind.  Wake me up!  I must be dreaming… It would be nice, that’s how it was before Simplicity was published.

Talking about focusing, let me get off here and do some more reviewing before my day is completely gone.