Friendly Conversations

30 11 2007

Communication, in all shapes and forms, are useful and valuable in every one’s life. You don’t know just how much that interaction can add or subtract from the quality of your life experiences and the important decisions it helps you make along the way, until you don’t have it.

In the last couple of days my life started to take a turn which I thought was fate. I went with it but after a talk with a friend I realized that it might not be that at all; it might be something that is trying to make its way in but that I don’t necessarily should allow to happen. 

Friendly conversation is vital in order to sort through ideas, goals, dreams and desires. It’s a shared avenue of souls helping each other reach its destination. Sometimes we find ourselves on an empty road and at others times with just enough traffic for you to tag along. But there are times that the road is packed and every once in a while you find yourself behind someone who is holding you to whatever speed they want to go and there is no way for you to pass as the others occupy the fast moving lane. Life is like that sometimes, sometimes you need to be alone, others with just a few good friends and then others with the world around us even it sometimes hold us back or bring us down momentarily. I guess the main thing is to be able to recognize when to go, when to stop and when to take a detour. I’m think this time I’ll take a detour and try to drive among narrow roads, you get the best scenic routes when you do and then I can concentrate on those things I’ve been working on for so long and that I need to make a reality.     

Wisdom and Instinct

30 11 2007

I do my daily share of blog reading first thing in the morning as I look for inspiration to begin my writing day. I’m usually fed by the minds of those I admire the most. One of my regular stops is on Paulo Coelho’s blog. I enjoy the writings and interviews he shares it in his various sites. Listening to the way he thinks in general is an awesome experience. It urges me to dig in deeper and to reflect on my day to day issues.

Paulo Coelho

Today I heard him speak about Instinct and how that relates to wisdom. You might want to hear it for yourself. I commented on his blog but I wanted to expand a little bit more here.

Being wise is something that a lot of people might want to be at some point in their life, but it’s hard to know for sure if we have arrived. We are on a constant evolution mentally and spiritually and our level of understanding continues to change if we allow ourselves to continue with the learning process. Instinct to me is an internal propeller that moves us towards what we are supposed to do or be. We have the power to follow or reject it. Some people have paid a very high price for ignoring their instinct, to a certain extent it can also be a warning mechanism. That’s why I feel so strongly about the importance of being in tune with your heart, mind and soul. Ignoring part of what’s integral in our nature creates disbalances which are hard to live with on the long run.

Share with me what you think about this and what Paulo Coelho had to say on his interview. It’s always good to read what others think about the same topic.

What’s Really Important

28 11 2007

Today more than ever I need to be reminded of what’s really important in life. We might be impotent to all the problems and circumstances in our life but we do have the power to react to whatever creates our disbalance. A lot of times witholding the true essence of who we are is enough to create a cloud of insecurity and discontent. Wanting deep in our heart something other than what we have or settle for. These are important things in life we need to discuss with our children as they begin to create their own life and happiness. I believe we have the power to create to a certain extent that which can provide our soul’s delight but believe we don’t. Giving in to the powerless thoughts is what drag us to make the wrong decisions in life.

So back to the thought of what’s really important; to me is claiming what I need and holding on to who I am no matter what my life circumstances are. It’s to be free to express what’s in my heart without the fear of being judged by anyone. It’s standing firm on my convictions and values. Is learning to love myself just the way I am.

What’s really important to you?

Begin to Get What You Need

26 11 2007

Remember my entry Getting What You Need? Well, I spoke about what I needed at least to one person (my mom) and she called me, and you know what? I got what I needed. Sometimes is not easy to speak out and lay it all out for others, you always take the chance to be disappointed but in this case I was not. I’m glad I wrote the words and that I got a positive response from her. Now, I’m encouraged to expand my horizon. I need to see the sunrise and the sunset in my life without any clouds in the sky.

All it takes for you to do the same is to access what’s in your heart and what has been nagging inside of you for so long. Instead of wishing things would work out differently every time and complain about it, express exactly what you feel and need. It is not easy and for some reason we stay quiet just to keep the peace while the war is way inside of us. I don’t believe that’s living.

My Library – My Haven

25 11 2007


Weekends are usually days in which I try to recharge my creative spirit. I try to read books I don’t have time for during the weekdays. I lost count of the amount of books I own and when I go to book sales I try to buy books by famous hispanic authors, bestsellers, memoirs, travel, writing and art books.

Have you noticed how some people go into a daze as soon as they get into a store? I do the same thing when I’m around books. It doesn’t matter where it is -a store or my home library- I’m instantly transported into another world. Reading books helps me grow my vocabulary, expression and stir emotions and ideas. Later on I’m able to do something similar with my own books. Each writer develops their own voice, it has take me some time to develop mine and there is still room for improvement. The manner how I choose my writing themes and what books to write comes from my heart, there is no other place to work from.

Haven to me is a place where not only your physical being feels at ease but also your spirit. It’s a balanced realm where your mind and soul is free to wonder and grow in ways you never thought or imagine. It’s a place where you long to be and the time flies by without you even knowing it. It’s where you don’t mind about your day-to-day worries, problems and sorrows. I’m not saying that my library is the only haven I experience, there are other places and people who provide the same or greater satisfaction, but I wanted you to know about this one.

Tell me about your haven or havens.

Feeling Satisfaction

23 11 2007

This morning I went about my daily routine of checking e-mails, blogs and websites. There was a book revision I finished late last night and it was time to get it out of the way. I’m pleasantly satisfied with the book and how it turned out. It’s the first one I publish for someone else. Then later on I checked my e-mail again and it was the author sending me some pictures with his book on hand, his radiant smile moved my heart. This is something that he couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams, but that I had to make it happen because of his talent and most of all for his family.

Opening your mind and letting the words from your soul spill unto the pages of your work has a tremendous value. To me is the ultimate journey in connecting to everyone around us. The writing could be anything you want; non-fiction, fiction, poetry, play, movie script, lyrics, etc. it all has its way to reach those intended to receive it. The main thing is not to take with you that which is longing to emerge. It is in that creative flow that we get to know ourselves as we write, it’s almost a magical experience when the words somehow move someone’s spirit deep within. I can’t explain it but if I don’t see the words appear on my notebook or the blank screen of my computer I feel like a volcano close to erupt.

I think I feel the same -if not more- satisfaction to read other people’s work and not to mention to be able to help someone else birth that long awaited book. A book that was part of someone’s soul for so long and that yearned to be born into this reality realm in order to touch and transform those who read it. To awake thoughts, ideas, emotions in its readers. To leave a legacy behind.

Right now I’m working in the last details of this book launch, so stay tuned for when the big reveal takes place.

How to Lose Your Friends

20 11 2007


One of the most important days of my life were those I was able to be with my family and friends. The reason why we got together didn’t matter but it was on those moments in which I was able to relax, laugh and have some fun. At other times we comforted each other in our difficult moments. Their mere presence helped me reflect upon pivotal moments in my life, make decisions, get a good contact for a job, most of all I didn’t feel lonely.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone but as we begin a new life as a married couple we tend to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. For some reason now if our friends aren’t married they are not welcomed into our world. Then we start having kids and we get so involved raising them that we forget that we have a life of our own, our life revolves around them. As the years pass by and the kids grow we notice how they little by little start needing us less and less. By the time they are teens they don’t want to know about us and we look around and we are almost alone.

Neglecting the need to interact with other adults around us because we have so much to do is a big mistake, I know, I’ve done it. I’m not a person to be on the phone with others all the time, I use a cell phone only because it comes handy for an emergency but when I’m out the door the last thing I want to hear is the phone. I prefer the occasional call, a personal e-mail or letter and the surprise visit at my home. I think about my extended family and friends constantly and wish they knew that. Many times I think about calling only to have my day go crazy and before I know it it’s too late to call. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years before I know it, then I’m ashamed to pick up the phone and call.

I’m sure that in my New Year resolutions a good dose of friends nurturing will be included. Blocking time on my busy calendar will have to take main stage in order to make it happen. I need it, I long for it and if I don’t do something about it I’m afraid I will begin to get depressed before too long.

What has been your experiences with friendships? Have you been able to hold on to old ones and develop new ones or is it hard for you? What activities do you suggest in order to get friends together on a regular basis?