Never the Same

27 01 2011

It has been 26 days since I rescued Troy, we are still fighting to keep him alive. At moments it seemed impossible, the emotions ran high, the tears rolled down. A vet and a surgeon has been working with us to do what they can to keep him alive and people have supported us financially to make it happen. There is still money to raise to cover everything but we trust that all will be taking care of soon.

In talking with my dad he let me see clearly the kind of commitment I was making for an animal I didn’t even knew, the sacrifices I will have to make. He didn’t understand how could I do that. Let me tell you that my dad is a very caring person, one that has rescued a huge amount of animals but none of them injured like Troy. The cost is astronomical and I am only working part-time, my whole pay check disappeared in just 2 weeks. But I could not turn him in knowing what they would do to him. I could try not to think about that and worry about me and perhaps I should of, in this tough economic times but I couldn’t. I had a trip planned and -here goes my first sacrifice- I won’t be able to go because Troy is not recuperated. Now I will have an expense I didn’t plan on, dog care. But I am trying to make peace with that situation because I haven’t seen my parents for couple of years now and my mom’s cancer is back and dad heart is not doing too good.

It has been good to have Troy around even though I am waking up around 4:30 am to take him outside in cold nights, he is laying beside right now. Who knows what the future holds, but whatever I had planned for 2011 I wasn’t counting on this, it sure won’t never be the same but that might be a good thing.

We have $850 left to pay the surgeon and $215 to the vet. If you care to make a donation you can do so via Pay Pal to Anything at all will help.
For those wanting to give directly to the Vet , you can write a check payable to:
Coastal Vet Surgery.
Note: For Troy Lopez-… donation.
Attn: Chris Amkwiz
Coastal Veterinary Surgical Specialists, Inc.
7517 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34231

Telef: (941)923-4816

Welcome 2011

5 01 2011

I have been waiting for you so long… The expectations are high but I have claimed you as the best year ever! I am sure you won’t disappoint me and we have so much to do. I am looking at you with a twinkle in my eye, with the love and expectation a lover feels. Just like love, you are never sure what will come next. So far and unexpected event have thrown me where I refused to go; I lost my beloved Maxi over Memorial Weekend, my Miniature Pincher of 11 years, it was unexpected and fast. The hurt and emotions ran deep as I made the decision to end her pain. For the first time in my life I didn’t want any other dog in my life, at least not for a while. Everything had changed so much in the last 2 years that I was kind of shedding everything than in one way or another was holding me back. Life did a lot of elimination on its own and others I did myself.

When my son Josh came to visit over this Christmas season he kept asking me to go get another dog, I refused. I would not dare go there again, just the memory of Maxi hurt. I am busier than ever, working and building a retail business on the side and I am content with that. I miss the time I used to dedicate to reading and writing but it is all part of not wanting to touch the chords of my heart for a while. I am wounded and I am not sure how to heal.

On New Year’s Eve we got together with my family and had a great time. When we were ready to go I was reminded of my loss again, my cousin handed me a Christmas card with a picture of her family, including her dog. I told her about my loss and there it was, the pain again. I had not idea that minutes later I would be faced with a scared, injured dog at the gas station we stopped on the way home. The kids jumped out of the car, I started to tremble. I saw him from afar but I would not dare get out. My jaws clenched, my heart was going faster. They all went crazy with the dog, the asked the attendant about it, they grabbed it, they asked me to take it, I would continue to say no. They insisted, how could I leave him? Before I knew it my daughter put him in her car and we drove off.

I don’t even remember the million thoughts that went through my mind as we drove one more hour before we reach our home. As soon as we arrived I left with him to the clinic, my son accompanied me. I had to decide to leave him there or take it home. It was very likely that he would be transferred to his county and wait for his owner to claim him but since he was injured if nobody did he would be put to sleep. I could not walk away. As I stood there thinking what to do and a rush of emotions came over me, it was the same clinic I took Maxi into, the same room where they gave me the bad news of her massive infection and I ran off home with her, just to bring her back hours later and having to say good-bye to her. I burst into tears, Josh embraced me, it had been couple of months since my last cry over her. I decided to give this dog a name and take him home.

Today is 4 days later and we have not been able to fix his leg, he needs surgery and I am at the bottom of what I could spend. There is no financial assistance anywhere for this, it’s outrageous. We should have more vets and surgeons dedicating some of their time on this kind of charity. I am running a fund-raising event on Facebook with my family and friends, some have come forward but we are so far off the amount I need for the surgery that all we will be able to do is to redo the splint and try to align the broken bones and hope they heal good enough. It will be less costly but I really don’t have anymore money than those donations. If you would like to contribute to the fund for Troy you can go here. Anything at all you can give will be greatly appreciated. I don’t know what else to do and pray that somehow all the expenses are paid because if God put him on my path, it was for a reason. He is such a loving dog and he is so happy that you would never think he is badly hurt. He is healthy otherwise and deserves to have a good happy life. So here it is, meet Troy!