Ways to Connect and Promote

30 10 2006

I have been visiting the many social network sites available today.  For those of you looking to connect to others online there is a lot of potential to this medium.  It takes time to find those who are most beneficial to your  promotional efforts but it’s worth the time to find them.

When you start your search for social network sites keep your audience in mind.  You’ve probably done some thinking about who are the people who will be reading your books, what they like, where do you live or work and what places they frequent.  Put that information together and start looking for the online places they might frequent.  The same goes for offline networking. 

There are certain details to keep in mind when utilizing these online social networks as discussed  by   UCBerkley News   on
Online social networks boost friendships, and perhaps risks. 
We need to be aware of the possible dangers that our postings online could have in our future dealings in all realm of life.  Be professional and think about your privacy.  Anything that you post online could be there for many years to come as your life evolves and changes in many ways.  Use your common sense and use it to your advantage and not your downfall. 

Among social networks useful for writers you can find  WritersCafeWriting.com  ,  AuthorsDenMeetUp , MySpace , LinkedIn, and many others that you might want to research with a niche to your genre writing.  On your browser make a file of these social network sites so you can visit regularly.  Participate in the forums, write blogs or articles to drive visitors to your site or blog or book.  Make sure you are not posting adverstising, self-promoting pieces but contributions that the members will enjoy reading.  If they like your writing they will follow your links accompanied with your message signature. 

Let me know what you have used in the past and what kind of results you had.  It will be interesting to know what is available and how its used to help get the word out about our work.