When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

27 09 2007


I’m still trying to get over this issue, I guess we all go through it. The number of times we go through this experience doesn’t help us let go of the bad feelings we get when is done to us.

When actions speak louder than words I am in the midst of disbelief because I’ve heard the words I wanted to and still I can’t see the action to support it. I hope for that perfect situation and think that somehow someday the actions will eventually support the words, not so. Sometimes is better to go with the actions alone and forget about the words.

In Spanish we have a say: “las palabras se las lleva el viento” translation: words are carried away by the wind. It’s the action behind all of our words what changes hearts, the world, ideas, impact someone’s life and most of all how we express our love for one another.

It’s true that we take a risk when we act upon our words and perhaps that’s why so many prefer not to and hide behind a curtain of beautiful words in order to have others peek in at them and never let them in. I believe it is a way to protect ourselves from further hurt in our life. But what kind of life are we going to live is we are always behind a wall?

Finding a balance between word and action is a must and one I want to learn to utilize in a wider way as I continue to grow as a individual. I’m sure I’ll be hurt a few times along the way while I meet people who doesn’t deserve my time, love and attention, but I’ll be alive and feeling open to what life has to offer each and everyone of us.

Have you been in a similar situation? How did you feel or react to it?

Selling Books by the Thousands

22 09 2007


What comes first, writing or selling your book? To tell you the truth the question is not which to do first but to write a book that people want to read. The key ingredient to write a book and sell thousands of it is to attach the book to a worthy cause.

There are thousands of companies and non-profit organizations all around the country in dying need to raise funds for their advancement. I’m sure you can find a few which you can identify with. You must be passionate about what you write because it will take a lot of work and effort in your part not only as you write the book but on the long road of promoting it. When your initial enthusiasm fades away it is your commitment to impact others with your book what will help you finish your project. A book promotion takes a minimum of two years and ideally you’ll be promoting it even longer.

Writers mistakenly think that they way to sell a lot of books is in bookstores when in reality it is outside, where you go directly to your audience. You must know who your audience is and where to reach it; the way to find out who your audience is by creating a marketing plan for your book. When you have a marketing plan you have a clear road map to deliver the book to the people.

A good way to promote your book and sell thousands is by attaching the book to a company. Companies need books and educational materials on an on-going basis, not only that but they also have built-in budgets for those expenses. All you need to do is find out what they need or are looking for, do a research on the topic and develop a book for them. This is where networking helps. While talking to business and non-profit organization’s owners you can find a need and fill it. When you come up with a book or book idea you can approach the company in order to offer them the book for their organization, ideally the book will be a good product to them to do fundraisings for their cause. They can give the book away to their supporters as an incentive or to create awareness to gain even more support. You can even offer them to sponsor the book and customize the book for their company by including documents, reports or a letter from the chairman, by doing so they will pay you to write and publish the book. When a company sponsors a book a special seal is designed and displayed prominently on the book cover. The better the sales potential of the book the bigger the amount the company will be willing to pay to sponsor it. They are basically paying for exposure, that’s why the marketing plan of your book is so important. It’s what you’ll present to the company in order to negotiate the terms for a sale order or potential sponsorship. Once the company accepts your book and agree upon a percentage of sale profits to go to their company, they will also agree to order and X amount of books when it’s published. Not only that but they will help you promote your book. The reason why they will do so is because your book will help their fundraising and raise awareness about their company’s mission.

In a nutshell here is what you do:
• Make a commitment to find a worthy cause
• Be passionate about it
• Find the right company
• Be persistent and know the market
• Prepare a proposal explaining why your book is perfect for their cause
• Make a deal

About the author:

Clary Lopez is the CEO/Founder of Guerrilla Marketers Café, Free Book Promotion site.
She is an author, moderator and publicist. She is preparing to launch her next book, BookPromo Guerrilla Style. You can contact her at guerrilla@clarylopez.com or visit her websites http://guerrilla.clarylopez.com, http://bookhomestead.com and her official author site http://clarylopez.com

Being Self-Sufficient

14 09 2007

Where do writers get ideas to write about? Life, circumstances, people, experiences they all have something to do in shaping the words we put on paper. Ultimately it is our discipline to do what we need to do no matter the circumstances what prevails. It’s not easy sometimes specially when you get used to write driven by emotions.

One thing I noticed this week was that the longer I go by without writing the more depressed I get. There is an internal yearning to express whatever it is I have inside. It might not be for publication but writing is an integral part of who I am and must do in my life.

I can spend hours in front of the laptop coming up with ideas if it’s quite enough outside my office. Many other ideas pop upon my mind while doing mundane things. I wish I could write everything that comes to mind during those moments but I’m guilty of not carrying a notebook with me many times or failing to wake up at night when a few lines come to mind, if I did I would probably had a longer list of articles or book ideas on my files.

From time to time is great to get together with friends and relax for a while. Interaction with other individuals can also spark ideas for even more writing and discussing different points of views helps create a balance view of the topic.

Today I wasn’t feeling too good and I know it was because I haven’t written like I should, but by just writing on blogs is helping me clear my mind and ease my worries. The heaviness in my heart lifts up everytime I realize I don’t depend on anything or anyone to be able to write something worth reading. I must learn that this is my calling and that no matter what is going on in my life there is something worth taking the time to put down on paper, even if it is just for me.

Life Reflexion on 9/11

11 09 2007

Today I’m sure is going to be a difficult day for many people, I’ll venture to say the whole nation but most of all for the immediate relatives of those lost on 9/11.

Tragedy is something that tends to unite us when we have drifted apart from each other. We live in a way in which we hardly ever take time to think about other people like we used to in the past when neighbors knew and help each other. If anything good came about this tragedy was a sense of oneness for the United States.

To me personally was a reminder that life is so short and that friendship is so valuable. I remember the story about this Christian man who worked with a handicap Jew, I’m not sure which floor they worked on but he wanted to carry him down the building. The Jew told him to save himself, they would never make it together. Then the other responded that he would remain with him there. They both called their families and said their good-byes and they face death together. That’s friendship. I doubt that the Christian man would ever made it anyway even if he tried to escape but he couldn’t live thinking that he left his friend behind.

Since I moved to the United States many things changed. I left my extended family and lifelong friends in Puerto Rico, with time a lot of my cousins have moved here but the big majority is still there. Those friendships can’t never be replaced or reproduced. I stay in touch with my best friend who is like a sister to me and every time I visit the island we get together, it’s like old times. We know each other perfectly and most of all love each other unconditionally. I can’t imagine losing her. So today I’ll pray for all those left behind who have to endure the loss of a loved one and for those who soon will lose them to accidents or sickness. Let us embrace each other and support our communities at large. Let’s do something today to help someone in need, maybe a simple call to someone you know is alone it will mean a lot to them.

Old World Flavor

8 09 2007

I’m attracted to old word architecture and its charm. One of my dreams is to one day travel to Europe. Among the countries I would love to see are: Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland.


In redesigning this blog I selected one of my pictures of Old San Juan. I grew up looking at beautiful Spanish architecture and my high school dance was in Casa de Espana. Its old world charm transported me to places designed in a much simpler but elegant times. It was a time in which beauty was desired and the buildings and houses were constructed with a lot more details than today. The bright colors of the buildings are a reminder of living in a tropical island and the pace is faster than in the United States.

Restaurants built with this old world flavor are an automatic attraction to me. As soon as you walk in you can smell the different spices used in their simple but tasty dishes and the service tend to be superb. They tend to be a little expensive but they are great for a special occasion.

What kind of places and architecture do you enjoy?

Pavarotti – A Gift Giving Soul

6 09 2007

Today we lost one of the most talented voices in the world. Luciano Pavarotti always was one of my favorite tenors of our time. He was the perfect example of what using God’s gifts means. Something for us to reflect as we remember the life of such gifted artist. For years I delighted myself by listening to his distinctive voice. He managed to bring classical music to all millions of people or different generations. His charism attracted all those who appreciate music at any level.

I pray that his life serves as an inspiration to many who like him responds to God’s calling in his vocation of singing for others. May we realize that whatever our gifts are we are to do with them the best we can.

“Descansa en paz Luciano, que Dios te tenga en su gloria”