The Valkyries

25 06 2008

This is soon becoming a traveling tradition for me; I pick a new book either before I leave or when I get to my destination by Paulo Coelho. My selection for my next trip is The Valkyries, let me tell you that it wasn’t easy to select just one book because I also wanted to read The Witch of Portobello. But I guess the theme of this one is what I’m looking for right now. Here is the review from

From Booklist
There is enough interest in angels to ensure this peculiar little book a significant audience. It traces a spiritual journey of sorts, stereotypically cast as a journey into the desert, that embodies a New Age conception of liberation as liberation from the past in confrontation with oneself. The “ritual that demolishes rituals,” which is the climax of the book, is all done with mirrors. As Simone de Beauvoir would note, the “mirrors” are women–and that calls into question both the “newness” of the story and the “age” it heralds. But it is a strange tale many will find compelling. Steve Schroeder —

Excerpt from the backcover:
A powerful exploration of one man’s battle with self-doubt and fear.
“this true-life odyssey is at once a modern-day adventure story and a poignant message about letting go of the past and believing in the future.”

If you have read this book please share with me your thoughts on it, but don’t tell me the ending though. 🙂

Paulo, you are traveling with me one more time. I hope you don’t mind. 😉

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Traveling with Books

24 06 2008

One of the things I dislike the most from traveling is the task to choose the books I’m taking with me. I have a huge collection of permanent books in my library and a selection of books I want to read. It’s too hard to part from them.

When I travel I take in consideration the time and place I’m going and how much time I think I’ll have to read. Of course I can’t forget that I have also need to be writing this blog, an e-zine and my next book. Unlike my last trip when I took a bunch of books with me,this time I will choose only 4-5 books. I will try to keep the size compact and the themes varied; non-fiction, fiction and mystery. I’m also bringing the latest magazines I received. I guess you can call me a read-a-holic. 🙂

If you travel with books I want to know about it.

What are you taking with you and how do you select your books?

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Creating Our Destiny

23 06 2008

Destiny, some people think it is an undeniable force that propels us to what we are supposed to be in life. Not counting with our will and effort; what is meant to be, will be. I don’t believe it for a second.

In life we are presented with many different options that affects our life. These opportunities brings us potential carreers, love, our husband or wife and many other things. Not all that is presented to us become part of our reality, because in order to do so we must put some effort integrating it into our life.

I guess the best way to illustrate this is by asking you to think back on your decisions, decisions that shaped your present. Looking back you’ll clearly see what actions took you all the way to where you are right now. There is nothing we can do about the past but to learn from it, not only that, but we many have to live with the consequences of those decisions as well.

If I have learned anything in my years of living it is that we are in a constant evolution of our being. We live, we learn, we grow and continue to do so at so many different levels in our life. We perform certain tasks and responsabilities depending on the life stage we are living at the moment; son or daughter, student, worker, partner in marriage, parenting, seeing our kids leave the nest, reclaiming and recreating our nest, retiring, becoming grandparents, facing sickness and death. The reality is that we can’t be the same person throughout all those stages, we develop and utilize different gifts, talents and attitudes that will help us navigate each one them. Some people see change as a threat, they want everything to stay the same including those around them. It’s an impossibility. If we are alive and growing in any way, (physical, mental or spiritual) we are changing. Try to put a stop to our growth and we’ll only become frustated and depressed.

Destiny is something we create moment by moment as we move along the path of life. We might have taken the wrong turn many times, but then again, there are many routes to arrive at the same destination.

Limitless Mentality

20 06 2008

mother angelica book

“Never put a lid on God. You can’t give God a thimble and ask for a quart. It won’t work. Your plans, your projects, your dreams have to always be bigger than you, so that God has room to operate.” – Mother Angelica from the book Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality.

Playing it safe, it is the most common mentality in order to navigate life without much discomfort. I really don’t know how or why some of us are so afraid to step out in faith. In the past people didn’t have much and in reality they had way more than we do now. They lived simply and work the land with their own hands, it was hard work and many times they gathered their food on a daily basis. There was no way to store food for a long period of time so they learned to get things as they needed, nothing more. Everyone in the family was expected to lend a helping hand and -unlike now- they did it without expecting to get paid for it, it was something they did because they were part of the family. They had to rely on faith and hard work trusting that they would have what they needed.

(Entrance to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament – built on Faith)

When it comes to God there are no limits on what He can do through us. I’ve seen it with my own eyes on the things He accomplished through Mother Angelica, and yet I’m afraid to step out in faith. “Pagan” she called a loan officer once for not lending her money based on faith. She had no assets and didn’t know what her income was going to be until the end of the month. We have been conditioned to work on “sure” ground, on security, on things we can see and touch.

The other day we had a customer worried about submitting a claim to her insurance company in order to do a repair in her house. Her fear was on the increase of her policy if she submitted the claim, now I just wondered, why in the world do we need to have insurance for everything if when the time to make a claim comes we are afraid to claim what we are entitled to? We spend millions of dollars over our lifetime to insure everything we possess and yet we are afraid to claim a portion of it back. What does insurance provides us? In this case absolutely nothing other than to make us part from our hard earn money in exchange for some “security.”

Having a limitless mentality is not stopping to think of what we can do, but on what God can do instead. We are a vessel and only when we allow to be used by Him are we able to do the great things He had in mind for us. They key to limitless is to tap to the source and open ourselves to the possibilities.

I really don’t know why am I writing on this topic today, all I know is that somehow those lines I quoted at the beginning jumped at me while reading the book this morning. I keep waiting to move forward in my life but at the moment I feel frozen in time, afraid of what might come next. I know I should have faith, the one I used to have years ago but that in many ways I’ve lost. I need to get it back; faith that things will get better, that nothing will last forever, that I can do anything through Him if only I tune in to His will in my life at this moment and that my dreams are His way of saying to go on, that there is so much more to be achieved and accomplished in my life.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Anything Is Possible If You Believe

18 06 2008

NBA Champions Celtics

“Anything is possible,” were Kevin Garnett’s words as they won the NBA Finals 2008 after 22 years. Words couldn’t describe the emotions he felt over the team’s accomplishment last night before the Lakers. “I told you!” were Paul Pierce’s words after receiving his NBA Finals MVP trophy.

We have to believe, we have to visualize our goal already obtained and then we have to give it our ALL no matter what we see happening around us. Everything changes in time if we give enough of ourselves to make things happen.

I noticed how every time they played at home they absorbed all the energy from the fans to win their games, last night was no exception, they drew so much that they managed to win BIG. But before we can draw from others we need to dig deep within and be totally present in order to face the moment. When we open our heart and mind to all the possibilities something magical happens and we suddenly are able to explode our God given talents to the max. I don’t know how to explain it other than we experience Heaven on Earth and that’s what I saw in Garnett last night while he was being interviewed; his physical being was there but his soul was elated to another realm.

Yes, anything is Possible but ONLY if You Believe. Dream, believe and dig deep, it is there and you can make it happen!!!

Congratulations to the NBA Champions 2008, Boston Celtics!!!!!

Kenny Loggins sings If You Believe

Living the Now

16 06 2008


“To accept the duty of this moment for God is to touch Eternity, to escape time.” – Fulton Sheen

Why is it so hard to just plain live the moment that is before us? The past is gone and the future is unknown to us. Why do we keep living everywhere but the present moment?

There is no way to undo our past and there is no way to jump to the future. I believe it is because we are trying to escape our present situations. It is easier to look back or look forward in that way we completely forget about the present moment. I would personally like to skip times of agony, indecision, loneliness, unhappiness, sadness, sorrow, pain, and depression. I realize all these emotions are rooted in the lack of my Now living. If we don’t live our Now we are not really living, we are in this world but not really present to ourselves or others.

Remember the days when you lived your Now to the fullest, never giving any thought to the past or the future? Not worrying about what people thought and moving along in life. Of course a lot of stupid stuff was done but all in all up to a point we lived. What happened along the way? Where did we begin to lose that way of thinking and began to think of other times? I really don’t know when mine began, all I know is that at this point in my life is wearing me down and I’m tired. To me, worrying about the past or the future is one of the worst robers of happiness, peace of mind and ultimately hope.

So how do we begin to live the Now?

  • Accept that you are going to die, when? Nobody knows, so start living each and every day to the fullest.
  • Do all you can today, don’t leave anything for tomorrow.
  • Don’t compromise every single minute of your life, prioritize and give your time to that which is so important to you.
  • Take time to be quiet and alone. We all need some down time to recharge in order to be able to give to others.
  • Take the time to be in nature. There is nothing more powerful than to come in touch through our senses with natures and animals. Stop and look around in detail God’s creation for you.
  • Find something to do just for fun. Not everything in life has to do with making money, take up a sport, art or volunteer work that will help you be creative.
  • Spend time with your kids, they grow up so fast.
  • Start dreaming again. If the doctor told you that you have only six months to live, what would you do? Well, think about it and do it right NOW!
  • I’m sure you can add many more things here, go ahead! Share them with me. 🙂

    The Power of Belief

    15 06 2008


    There are powers deep within each and every individual, they were put there by God to be totally transformed and empower to do, create, recreate, accomplish, impact, and fulfill our earthly mission. Many of us live our life ignoring the reasons of our existence, we usually don’t ask ourself the question until a certain stage in our life. Very few find their reason for being early in life, why that is I don’t know.

    I have been watching the NBA Finals and one thing that strike me was the last interview with Paul Pierce. He was asked how did they manage to win the game after being 24 points down to the Lakers, at the same time he listened to the question his head slowly began to face up to the ceiling and he pointed upwards acknowledging God and then he said BELIEF. They believed that they could win that game no matter what they were seeing on the score board. Their focus was on believing they could turn things around and they did, winning the game by 6 points. The team that never won a game away from home on the regular season were now making it happen, not only that but they want to win the NBA Championship in California today.

    I guess many of us understimate the power of belief in our life. When we believe somehow our mind gather the necessary strength to make things happen. Every action begins in our mind. If we believe something is possible somehow we overlook the obstacles and find the way to reach our goal. The complete opposite happens when we don’t believe, we see every single obstacle and lose hope when we don’t see how to overcome them.

    So to the power of belief, for the Celtics that will put it to the test tonight and to all of us who continue to believe that many things are still possible in our life.

    Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life