Writing and Helping

26 06 2007

Writing takes a whole new dimension when you do it with a mission in mind. When I offered Maggie Pagratis to translate her children book to Spanish it was to be a favor, but it turned to be something I could use to help others. She requested a charitable organization to share 50% of the profits of the book. I immediately thought of my area’s Hispanic Community so I suggested Catholic Charities of Manatee County, Hispanic Outreach. I dedicated this book to my mom.

Listen to this publisher mission on this interview:

And here is about the book, Go Away Booboo! Vete Golpecito!

To purchase Vete Golpecito! in one of the 7 languages it has been translated to visit Athse Publishing.


Journal vs. Blog

22 06 2007

Yesterday I was lying on the floor in front of my office bookcase, it’s home for a selected group of books I want to read soon. In it I saw one of my journals and pulled it out. The last entry was in March of this year. I used to rely on journals in order to vent and reflect on my ideas and emotions, that doesn’t seem the be the case anymore. The more I get to blog the less I rely on my journals.

Journals, by nature, tends to be used for writing that you mostly want to keep for yourself. In the past they have sparked ideas for articles and even my first book, but for some reason I can’t get on paper what I’m dealing with right now. Instead I’m relying on blogs to communicate with my readers and friends and getting some feedback on my thoughts. This gives a different dimension to the written word and the effort it takes to put it out there to be read by the world.

Going back to my journal, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to put into writing what has happened to me since March, I truely believe those moments and experiences need to be accounted for in order not to lose part of my history. A lot of what I write on journals will never be published online or print (I hope), it’s an intimate glimpse of what it is going on my interior life. I know most of it won’t be of any importance to anyone but to me, but then again who knows.

Do you believe that blogs will eventually substitute journals? Have you ever kept a journal? If you have used both share with me the difference in your writing on both mediums, it will be interesting to know.


20 06 2007


by Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity – Richness of Life

Life is a constant evolution of whom we are to what we’ll become. Sometimes the changes are guided by what we want and then others by what we are meant to be. The journey could be painful or pleasant, it all depends on the dispossition in which it encounters our interior self.

As we learn and grow from our experiences and most of all learn with the constant changes in our life we become stronger individuals. It is not an easy time for anyone while they are going through the process because it takes time to assimilate that which hit us on the face making us realise that we need to do something different.

Learning to accept the reality that we are fragile even though we want to believe we are strong, that nothing can touch and change who we are, that we should take a different approach to the situation in order to achieve our goals.

Our past experiences play a huge role on the way we perceive who we are and our worth. They way we impact others in our life is the measurement of whom we believe to be at times, but that is not an accurate way of doing so. We can’t control the many factors involved with each individual and especially their state of mind at the time of our interaction with them. To measure ourself according to others preception is the wrong thing to do in most cases. It is by our intention and how faithfully we’ve been to that ideal which measures who we are. Even though we would like a favorable reaction we don’t always get it. We can’t be changing our ways in order to please or to gain anyone’s acceptance because by doing so we betray ourselves and become enslaved. Remaining faithful to who we are will eventually draw the right people and situations into our life.