It Takes Time

9 12 2009

Have you ever wanted something in life and just couldn’t wait? Have you pushed the limits even though many obstacles stood on the way? Did you ignored your intuition and went along with what you had in mind? These are all valid and important things to consider when reaching for that next level in whatever it is you do and want.

My life has changed in ways I did not expect in the last five years, I knew deep inside a new path will present itself for me to walk on. It happens to all of us as we grow and continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of who we are, our purpose, and look to be happy in life. It has been a long road, one rocky at times, causing lots of hurt and happiness as well. I have cried and I have laughed like I haven’t in a very long time and I learned the true value of friendship.

I look to the future with optimism and hope and continue to be guided by my previously ignored instinct. There is hope when a glimpse of inspiration flourishes in a spare of the moment. When somehow one soul connects to another and they can identify or encourage another. When someone stumbles upon this blog and finds in it something of value to them. Is all worth the time and the wait involved as I progress along an unknown path.

It takes time to hone down what is of real value and to guard, protect and sometimes fight for it. The steps must be firm and unhurried for caution is the key to the ultimate success. It is about reaching conclusions that will move us forward even though at times we might have to take a step back to access alternatives. Most of all is about realizing that in life most of the time, worthwhile things takes time.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity Richness of Life



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9 12 2009
Ryszard Krezel

Clara my first straight away the comment: “Per aspera ad astra”. Text is very interesting will be next.

10 12 2009

Tirate a lo hondo que tu sabes nadar!

10 12 2009

I think you are a proyection and a reflection of what happens in your life. Whatever that is that transpire so you can become whom you are not at the expense of others but, by your own making.

In the end, you and only you will have to answer those tough questions to yourself: Was I what I wanted to be? Did my legacy is what I wanted to leave to my loved ones? How will I be remembered?

Only being in peace with yourself, you can achieve the ultimate goal, being happy.

I think you are in the right path to achieve all that success you’re still looking for…

Make us proud!

11 12 2009

Clary, I almost feel myself in this post which emphasize on how humans are the same on this planet. Wish you and all people a success in their own path on Earth.

12 12 2009
Keval Gajjar

yes very true that it takes time to achieve whatever you want because nature(god) also wants some time to arrange things for us.And we also should be in alignment with God(nature) to receive what we have asked for. So we should have some patience and faith in Supreme Power (God).If we loose Patience and Faith than we will not get what we want.
Very Genuine Post.

13 12 2009

I read this and really had to reflect on it for a few days before I could formulate a comment. I’m not sure I actually have anything of value to say on this one but here it goes. There comes a time in everyone’s life where hard decisions have to be made. I think we’ve all been there. At times we know exactly what we have to do, yet we hold back out of fear. Other times we hold back because of some sort of self loathing, and other times we’re just gluttons for punishment. Sometimes we just have to look at life as an urgent issue. Our time on this blue rock is so short that in a blink we’ve exhausted our time here without really either attaining the simplest most important things or worse taking time to savor them if we do attain them. Our entire lives we’ve been honed to seize the most important moments and opportunities that come out way. The question is when those moments and opportunities present themselves will we second guess ourselves and let things pass us by? I can’t answer this for anyone, only for myself. If any of us were to spot an infant crawling on railroad tracks and we saw a train was coming none of us would hesitate to risk it all to save that child. Why? Because a child is the most precious thing on this planet. A child represents life, honest, goodness, and love. We have to look at our lives as that child you we would be willing to risk it all for. Sometimes there’s no time to think and we just have to react. Clary you and I have been very good friends for a very long time, I’m not sure if any of this was at all helpful but I hope that at some of it made sense.

13 12 2009

Thank you all for your comments, each one of you shine light in a different way. It is true, I know how to swim!! And thinking about my legacy is a profound topic I have reflected upon many times. The path is before and I am walking very slowly, I will do my best to make you proud. And then it comes those words that always manage to dig deep, as I’m reminded of how short our time is on this earth. It makes sense. You know what? For the last 3 days I have been dreaming about this little girl, three years old or so, I wonder what it means.

20 12 2009

I feel myself still lost and looking for that path that I know is out there.
I know I have to find a way of getting over my guilt and pain from my past and my mistrust and insecurites that haunt me to this day.
After reading your blog it gave me hope that I can listen to that inner instinct and not be afraid and stop running from it. I have ran my whole life and never knew why. Now I know it’s because I don’t know how to fix what happen to destroy my heart, soul and mind and to stop living in pain and turmoil; I have to learn to forgive myself and accept and open my eyes to my future instead of being afraid of it and rejecting it and fearing change….

Thank you for giving me hope.
Luv ya!
Deb xo

21 12 2009

I don’t know why we stop listening to our instinct but I’ve found out that it is the key to many of our life situations. I am glad to hear that you will try to listen to it more. Let me know how it goes.


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