High Emotions

31 12 2009

In a few hours we would say good-bye to 2009 and all that it brought to us (good or bad) and with it comes emotions that overwhelm many of us during this season. I don’t know why we get this way even though I am sure is the product of our own self-talk. It is the habit to always live in the past or think of the future when none of them are here now. I need to refocus in the PRESENT and not regret anything in my life because everything brought me to where I am now and there are many good things still.

I have failed in many of the goals and ideals I had, but I need to accept that things are the way they are and there is nothing I can do to change the effects of all our actions. I need to learn that joy is nothing more than something I bring from the inside out and not the other way around. I also need to learn that my joy can’t depend on anyone or anything in my life, it is me who controls it with the reaction I have to my circumstances. I need to dig deep and find the anchor that stabilizes everything within me, God. It will be a good day to meditate for a while and clear my mind.

All in all high emotions will have to yield to the power of my strength as I bring it to its knees, because I refuse to linger with this awful feeling and begin 2010 in all whole new plane of wisdom and understanding of my fragile human nature.



4 responses

31 12 2009

Never let fear stand in the way.

2 01 2010
James A Woods

It has been a pleasure reading your blog posts over the years. I look forward to seeing what will come in 2010. Happy New Year, Clary. I wish you all the best.

2 01 2010

Thanks for being a faithful reader James, 2010 is going to be great! Blessings to you and yours.
You are right Dan.

7 01 2010

You have written my thoughts perfectly!

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