On My Way to a Journey Within

30 05 2008

lake view
I didn’t sleep well last night, maybe preoccupation, anticipation or the great need I have for this time of solitude.

Today I’ll go to my favorite place in order to withdraw from it all and go within.

It is a time to think only of me, God and the state of my soul. I usually go with a group but this year I had to do it on my own. Perhaps it is the best, in that way I can tailored this time to exactly what I need.

I will spend couple of days in total silence; no radios, no TV, or phones. I will walk in nature, read books, write, pray and take pictures of the area. The pictures you see here are some that I took the last time I was there. This is the first time that I go this late in the year and is going to be very hot to go hiking in the middle of the day, so I will have to do it either early or late in the evening.


In the busy, crazy time that we live today -no matter where you are- we all need times like these even if it is once a year. There is no other way to get in touch with who we are and the things that are happening within us. We get so wrapped in our work, family, worries and problems that it is hard to clear our mind enough to think straight sometimes. This time provides the right environment to grow mentally and spiritually. I’ve learned to defend this time no matter what is going on in my life, if I don’t give myself this yearly break I’m sure I would not be able to function properly.

Wish me well as I begin my journey and come back and see what happened on Sunday evening.

A New Earth’s Christian Option

29 05 2008

There is a hunger for enlightment and spirituality today, it’s a growing trend helping people to finally find time for themselves and their soul in order to find balance and peace within.

I volunteer at my local library once a week and I found Lift Up Your Heart among the books that needed to be put back on the shelf. I’m always on the lookout for a few good books to take home with me. Since the sections I worked are the non-fiction I get plenty of time to -while working- see what’s new and available.

This book was first published in 1950 and Fulton Sheen was way ahead in his way of thinking. He speaks of the ego and the I, the ego being that which we think or pretend we are and the I as our true self. The ego is a conformist, it is adjusted to its times; the I has attained inner freedom, through transcendence of the wordly. In order to reveal the I we need to shed our ego.

The popularity that A New Earth gained thanks to Oprah’s promotion has been impressive. Not only did she promoted the book but she sponsored a whole new online study on this book which many around the world are taking part of, Christians included. Many are calling it Oprah’s church, but I don’t believe that’s her intention. She always like to share what she believes is good according to “her understanding.” Unfortunately the impact this class will have will be one of people believing they depend on themselves and not God.

If you know of any other good Christian books that could interest those who are reading A New Earth please share them here.

Never Give Up

26 05 2008

momand daughter

In the realm of things I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason and with an intention to make itself manifest with an specific purpose. I always wanted to be mom and by God’s grace I was blessed to be one. Even when the days get tougher as the time goes by, I’m thankful for this priviledge. Many times I feel like giving up, but there is no turning back on those you love and there is always faith that it will get better. It has to do more with the way I expect things to move along than with the crude reality that I have no control over what happens in life. Nothing is perfect and ideal, we need to work with the imperfect being that we are and learn to accept that our kids are included in that group.

Today I was aware of my whole being and how it affects everything that sorrounds me, including my family. Moms usually set the tone of the family and mine hasn’t been too great lately. Emotions, changes and challenges have set my life in turmoil, not an easy sea to navigate, that’s for sure. Many times I go mainly by instinct and hope. I encountered -among other things- an entry blog that reminded me of a truth, never give up. In life there are many moments when we think that all is lost, especially while we are raising our children. As soon as they begin to make their own mind and decisions we fear they will make the wrong choices. Communications tends to break down and it’s suddenly restored when we least expect it, and I’m so glad when it does.

Exposing our own vulnerability and accepting that we are not as perfect as they think, opens the door for them to talk to us. They are able to relate at a certain level, they even listen to what we have to say every once in a while. I guess they realize that we were young at one time of our life, that what they have seen and known is not all about us. They even have fun when they find out that we did the same crazy things they do now or worst, and learn to use it against us. Even though they claim that these are different times (don’t I know it!) the core of the situations and attitudes they should have in life are the same.

I noticed how the attitudes I try to instill in my children are subtle reminders of the same attitudes I should have in life. So I guess to a point this is a refresher course of how to live plus the experiences I had along the way. As I enter yet another stage of my life, I enter it along with my children in order not to get lost in the maze that this whole process puts me in. I desperately need to go through this process alone, but at the same time it is a relief that every once in a while I’m forced to unplug in order to deal with something or someone else. So I’m not giving up just yet, neither on me or them. I’m sure better times will come and at the same time I will expect that nothing will forever stay the same, if it did, I would be dead.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Journey Within

24 05 2008

Taking time to withdraw from daily responsabilities and pressures in order to go within is something that has helped me reflect upon my earthly journey.

There are lessons presented to us on a daily basis with what we encounter in our life; people, work, new projects, world matters, problems to be solved, new goals and dreams.

Journeys within encapsules not only who we are, but also reveals in time who we are meant to be.

Indiana Jones

23 05 2008

indiana jones As the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is release today I’m sure millions will buy tickets to once more live the adventure and to feel the adrenaline rush taking risks entails. I believe that is why we enjoy movies like these so much.

In life many of us make the choice to live a tranquil, boring or balanced life instead of an uncertain, interesting, challeging and adventurous one. Sometimes we are forced to provide that balanced environment as we raise our families and try to make something out of our existence but the price to pay for that is the loss of new and undiscovered talents and virtues we might have completely undeveloped.

Reality shows like Survivor are awakening that buried adventurous instinct nature within us and helping people face situations that make them test their will, power, endurance and knowledge in different circumstances. It is a parenthesis in their ordinary life and one I’m sure help transform them from the inside out. One of those reality shows that I came to enjoy very much was The Monastery in TLC, in it men came to live with the Benedictines monks. These was more of a spiritual challenge than anything else and it didn’t have to do with religion but with their personal relationship with God and their personal frustations, their thruth, anger and traumas. I was sad to see the guy who was more traumaticed of all unable to tap into what was killing him inside. After seeing his friends die in war right next to him and the loss one of his legs, he was unable to connect with anything around him anymore. I could clearly see his pain masked in sarcarsm, heavy drinking and rebellion.

Perhaps it will be a good idea to at least once a year get together with some friends and explore different kinds of adventures, searches, missionary work, anything that would take us out of our familiar surroundings to push us to reach for higher grounds. I’m sure that we would return rejuvenated and refreshed in body, mind and soul.

Holy Longing

22 05 2008

Our restless hearts possess a “holy longing” as the nineteenth-century author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe so beautifully describes it. This holy longing is to live passionate, rather than passive, lives. – excerpt from Something More.


In the calm water of the love-nights
Where you were conceived, where you have conceived,
A strange feeling comes over you
When you see the silent candle burning.

No longer caught up int he obsession of darkness,
A desire for higher love-making
Sweeps you upward.

Finally distance does not make you falter;
Flying soaring, arriving in magic
And insane for the light,
You are the moth,
And you are gone.

And so long as you do not accept this truth
And be willing to die, so that you might live,
You will always walk this dark earth
A troubled guest, alone.

What really stroke me on this poem was: be willing to die, so that you might live
It is a popular image used in many texts and books including the Bible, a clear and drastic way to present what must happen in order to find our way. Scary and painful but ultimately liberating once we embrace it.

And talking about passion, you might want to check Passion Before Paycheck, you’ll love it!


20 05 2008

beach walk If only I could step upon the shore and walk under the moonlight tonight…. What a thought and desire to find myself wrapped in the darkness and the coolness under my feet as I try to unravel the feelings and emotions welling up in me at this moment. The dim light would guide me quietly along the shore as the waves of desolation washes on it changing with each tide the shape and form it held just seconds before, becoming one in a sudden transformation. My heart -like the rocks on the edge- is beaten hard and eaten away with every reality wave crashing against it, but making a beautiful splash as a testimony of its existence and endurance. The rocks will never be the same but they manage to stand against the odds.

Solitude sharpen the senses letting me see within the castle of my soul, smokie and dark with many unexplored corners. There is a dim light at the center making all things possible, helping me hold on to life and not lose hope.

The waves continue moving in and out the shore while I sublimally give it my pain to wash it far away from me, the very same way I gave it my dreams and hope just a few months ago. Back then it returned it to me with joy and happiness as I opened my heart while I smiled at the sea. I felt serenity in the knowledge that not all is lost and that anything is possible. Becoming alive is an active reaction as the heart opens up to all its possibilities, pushing aside thoughts and fears and plunging itself into the fullness of human existence.

Oh, how I long to walk upon the shore and wish upon a star that pain and sorrow take a flight leaving a trail of grace as consolation to fortify a fragile frame. To help me not to resolute to rebuild the walls that kept me safe but desolate, inside a cold fort of regrets.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life