Worlds apart

10 01 2015


When I travel, many times I find myself thinking about how other people live in different parts of the world. I imagine living in that place and I wonder the conversations, daily living and customs of that particular place in time. Many times it is a completely opposite on the way I am living in both extremes of the spectrum. Life is static if I make it so, if I start to hold myself from changes and new experiences. There is a lot of potential for change and improvement if I only take a chance at things. A simple smile to someone I don’t even know as I walk in the mall, a warm welcoming to someone who sits next to me at church, it all can trigger a complete set of events other than if I just mind my own business and don’t reach out to humanity and to the world around me.

Living alone brings a whole new set of dynamics I am not accustomed to. For me it is a hard and painful process at times but one I need to master for a while. This is not going to be forever. Since it was so hard to get someone who did not deserve to be next to me out of my life, I realize that now it is very hard at times to let someone else step in, and at the same time I long for the right person to come and do what it takes to whisk me off my feet. That time is so close, I can feel it. In the meantime I continue to improve myself in all the different areas of my life. For me the most important is my spiritual and emotional state.

Love grows in fertile terrain and I want to be as caring, free and loving as I can be to welcome a whole new life full of experiences that will help both of us grow in so many facets. I could be worlds apart in many dimensions of our existence but when we come together those worlds will merge and recreate a whole new place for us. Today I will meditate on that, this reflection came to me without much effort on my part and I believe because of that it came from a higher power in order for me to linger within at it and pull the true meaning of my existence and purpose in this world. What is your experience with the world? What do you imagine your life will be? How do you get there?



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10 01 2015

Dear Clary:
I am not really one to offer advice, because it’s been fifteen years since I started my own journey. My strong sense is that it takes a village. Parents used to arrange marriages, and while I wouldn’t advocate a return to that, I think that it helps a lot to be embedded in a caring community that sees two people coming together to create love in the world. That’s a little different from pushing together so that they fall in love. It’s seeing them in context, and standing behind the relationship so that they continue to bring joy to the community that supports them.
The struggle here is that most people look at us and think “What do I get out of this?” I understand that people should seek happiness, but why should we all be in such a hurry for it? Sometimes we have to take time to create the community that brings us happiness.
I doubt that this is helping much, so I’ll end with this: Here’s wishing you all the joy and happiness that you deserve! May the truest intentions of the hearts that surround you guide you to a deep and lasting love!

9 03 2015

I agree with you Brian, without my “village” I would not be standing. I am very fortunate for that. All in its time…

10 01 2015
Umair Rehman

First it’s very good to know that you’re moving on with your life very smoothly, which is ofcourse very hard for most. What’s the secret by the way? 😀
hmm experience with the world isn’t good or bad i suppose. What’s good or bad is how you take it and so far it’s pretty baaad 😀

28 07 2015

It is a growth and transformation process, that’s all. It has its ups and downs and as long as I stay on top of the surf board (even if I fall from time to time) the main thing is that I get back on it again. Thanks for your comment.

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