Lost of Words

25 02 2009

It has been a little over a week and I have been lost of words. My days went by in flash; I spent it with my parents who came to visit for a week, whenever they are around I concentrate on them. They are used to the outdoor island living and there is not a day that we don’t go somewhere. I enjoy being with them and when they are gone I miss them terribly.

On this visit they reminded me how much I love music, I use to listen to music everyday and dance or sing to it but I don’t make the time anymore. My mood changes instantly when I do and it makes me happy. I will definitely try to remember that and listen to music when I am home from now on.

I will leave town tomorrow to spend it with them and my brother since they are leaving on Thursday, I wish I was going back with them. But this is life and we sometimes have to do what we have to do and make the best of it.

What do you do when your family come to visit? What are your feeling when they leave?

I Want To Know What Love Is

12 02 2009

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it comes a tension for many on what would be the best way to express their love. I believe that this day has been over commercialized and at the end it killed its spontaneity, most women end up with a set of preset gifts that means next to nothing to us to tell you truth.

Do you remember when you were in high school and didn’t have much money to get anything to your sweetheart? You had to be creative and that simple flower, a walk on the beach with wine, a ride on your convertible while listening to romantic music and a long kiss was enough to take us to heaven. It was the moment when a song played and he whispered, “That song is for you” That day forever lingered in our mind and heart. We saw so much love and tenderness from your eyes that made us sigh, melt inside. You contemplated our face and caressed our hair and whisper softly “I love you.” I received poems every once in a while and those were so meaningful to me since they came straight from his heart. I don’t claim to speak for all women but to me that was enough, it was the time he dedicated to me, the attention, the actions that spoke louder than the words.

Today, I am pretty much the same high school girl. I like the same things I liked back then and I love a well dressed man who smells wonderful while holding me in his arms. So go ahead, dare to be creative, be sincere, be simple, and be loving, I am sure she will love it.

I would love to know what you have planned for this day. What have you done in the past for your partner? Tell me about the best Valentine’s Day of your life.


Reviving Memories

11 02 2009


Today I long for the days when the sea breeze caressed my skin as I stepped outside to stand by the shore. Those were moments when I felt connected to my senses to each and every breath I took and to everything that made me vibrate with happiness and emotion. There was a sense of completeness and of wanting to dream again, to go around in circles with my eyes closed and then fall down to the ground to feel everything spin around me. It was a time when I smiled easily and demanded less but somehow got so much. Sometimes there were short and flashy moments when I tried to grab as much as I could and then there were long and meditative times as I watched the waves crashed against the rocks.


Nothing comes easy in my life, sometimes only windows remain open and then I decide to open wide the doors to my heart. How could I have lived so far away from the place and people that saw me being born, where my heart lies right next to the sea? I placed it there to remain, to beat as I left flying in the sky with tears in my eyes. My soul lingers everywhere I look and it is only natural to feel at home and a complete stranger when I walk a foreign land.

I saw the sunsets and the moonlight shining over the water as the breeze made the palm trees dance. I also heard and felt the rain pounding on the ground refreshing all around me. The night before I leave my heart always beats a little faster, and tears rolled down my face; I want to stay and never have to say good-bye. I want to embrace all that transformed me and that let me feel joyful again.

Screwing Up the Next Generation

4 02 2009


I often wonder what can we truly expect from the next generation? It is clear to me that the way we raise them will determine the kind of individuals they will be and what I see happening around me is not offering me much hope.

It amazes me how lazy and irresponsible some kids are today, they are hardly held accountable for their actions and don’t have to do much in order to get all the conveniences they enjoy like a car, cell phone and computers. Some people think I am strict but my job is to raise kids that will eventually contribute something good to society. In the past parents watched out for each others kids and they were respected by the teens or kids in the neighborhood, today hardly nobody takes the time to even get to know their neighbors. I still believe that parents have the strongest influence on their kids but unfortunately these days parents want to be friends more than parents and they don’t believe that their kids are able to make the right choices for themselves. Obedience, respect for authority, following the law are all things that I teach and expect from my children but once they step out my door there is a whole different set of boundaries in their friend’s homes.

I was always amazed at how minors were able to smoke and drink freely when it is illegal. How do they get their stuff?? Sometimes they get it through older friends but now days most of them get them from their parents, and their parents allowed them to do it home because “they are going to do it anyway” so they might as well do it at home where they have “some control.” Wow! I don’t see how is that going to help them and what about the kids that aren’t theirs? What happens to them when they get behind the wheel of a car drunk? Is that what we are teaching our kids these days? That it is okay to brake the law as long as their parents know? I believe parents are doing a disservice to themselves, their children and to society as a whole, by the time they are 21 years old -if they have survived- they are either alcoholics or with some kind of record for misbehavior with the authorities, or a DUI. Excellent way to start! We as parents need to step up to the plate and show them by example the way things are and teach them to respect laws and authority. It all begin with us and if it doesn’t I don’t know what kind of individuals are going to run this nation 10-20 years from now. Sometimes I feel like I am swimming against the current and sooner or later will drown because I see no lifesaver coming my way. I feel totally alone on my points of view. Am I too old fashioned or do certain values always prevail no matter the times? I believe that there are some fundamental truths that never change and these are one of them.

What is your opinion?

Today’s Quote

3 02 2009

I want to share with you a quote; one I hope it helps you reflect and then share with me your thoughts.

“Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul. She becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent.”
Virginia Woolf