Unspoken Words

29 07 2009

If only Michael knew…
I was listening to the radio the other day and they were playing a few of Michael Jackson’s songs, all the sudden a fan got on the line and express what Michael and his music meant to him. It was moving, it was profound, such beautiful sentiments and words to transmit something I wished Michael heard while he was alive. Who knows if he would have listened to those words, all those words spoken at the time of his death if that who have had some impact on how he view his life and help him in some way. They were the same words that went unspoken for so long for him.

I guess we can take that lesson and if someone has impacted our life in such a profound and meaningful way we should express it loudly, so that the world will hear it somehow. I am guilty to think that the ones I love will live forever and that somehow, by the way I act and the things I do, they know how I truly feel but the truth is that they need to hear the words while I look deep into their eyes. I am having the time to reflect upon many things now and while I do I try to see what could be changed for the better. It might be unfamiliar ground but the reward will be strength, strength I did not know I had and the power of words to express what is in my heart.

There is way more to come, I know and yet I am okay with it. I guess I will try to let go of the tight route I had in mind and for once explore and be surprised with new discoveries. It is not always fine to live life knowing exactly (or trying) what comes next. It will be best to be really good at navigating our vessel in order to face whatever comes our way and at the same time make sure we speak the words straight from the heart not waiting til tomorrow.

What is your experience with unspoken words?

Where are you when I need you?

18 07 2009


It takes time I know, it takes dedication and we are all so busy. Is friendship an art that is quickly going down the drain? It comes easy when we are young and with not many responsibilities but once we enter the real world and life situations that special bond becomes less and less frequent among us.

I have been lucky enough to have a few lifetime friendships, we are there for each other no matter what and no matter how far we are from each other. Nothing or nobody separate us but what about the friendships we develop later in life? Why is it that they are not as strong or lasting? I am beginning to think because most of the time there is another person(s) with us (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriends, kids) and if there is not a good connection with them also the whole thing sooner or later falls apart.

Time is another issue, it takes time and dedication to develop the communication and closeness with our friends and in our busy, busy lives there is not much room for anything meaningful to develop before it dies. I am not sure if different countries has anything to do as well: the way of living, the customs, the family, the culture in general. Some countries cater to this kind of interaction and facilitates the places where these kind of encounters can take place. People are relaxed, welcoming and friendly. I need that, I think we all do at many different levels.

What do you think?

About Dream Interpretation

12 07 2009

As a Christian I am very careful about what I believe or want to explore in reference to dreams. I do believe dreams are a very important way of communication between us and God, it is also a way to awake innate gifts and senses that perhaps we have not have the opportunity to dominate or develop.


Lately I have been dreaming about powerful tides, tsunamis, floods, water is always around me and I am trying to save myself from it and be dragged into deeper areas. I decided to Google “tsunami dreams” and this is what I got.

To see a tsunami in your dream, represents that you are being overwhelmed by some repressed feelings or unconscious material that is rising up to the surface. You are experiencing some unhappiness and emotional instability in some waking situation.

This so right, I feel it all. I am at the beginning of a long process which I am not sure I will be able or want to complete. I wish I could control the emotional factors but so far is not possible. I wish I knew the future but I have to learn to live one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute, one second…

The eyes were a sweet reflection of what was in the interior but now the reflection has been tarnished and it takes me to places in my mind and heart I do not want to go. I faced even more challenges in the last few days, it seems never ending so I am tried to prepare myself. I need to be strong, firm and sincere in all I do. It is obvious I won’t be able to continue living under these emotional pressures and constant ups and downs or I will get sick before too long. One thing I need the most is friendship, it is so hard to connect on a regular basis with others that makes it almost impossible to develop any kind of long lasting bond that would provide the nourishment and support any human being needs. I do not know if it is the fact to live in this country or just the way things are everywhere but it is something I have never adapted to.

The Way Things Are

8 07 2009

I come to this blog daily with the hope that something from within will make its way out to share with you, as you can see it hasn’t happened. The well is dry and I don’t know what or when it will fill up again. These moments are forcing me to stay quite, reflective and wondering. Nothing happens. I sit for long periods of times with my eyes closed and my heart open and yet nothing happens. I know that at any given moment everything could change. I am not expecting anything in particular, I just wait. The sun goes up and it goes down and the breeze caress my skin, I contemplate the ocean and watch the birds fly over me. I want to lay down and just be. That was part of my 4th of July day as everyone else played on the sand and the beach. I stood on the bridge over the bay as the fireworks illuminated the sky and l appreciated the hard work those people must have done to give us such a beautiful display. How can they mix their explosives to make such beautiful colors and shapes in the sky? All in all I was thankful for the day. Hope yours was a good one as well.