The Way Things Are

8 07 2009

I come to this blog daily with the hope that something from within will make its way out to share with you, as you can see it hasn’t happened. The well is dry and I don’t know what or when it will fill up again. These moments are forcing me to stay quite, reflective and wondering. Nothing happens. I sit for long periods of times with my eyes closed and my heart open and yet nothing happens. I know that at any given moment everything could change. I am not expecting anything in particular, I just wait. The sun goes up and it goes down and the breeze caress my skin, I contemplate the ocean and watch the birds fly over me. I want to lay down and just be. That was part of my 4th of July day as everyone else played on the sand and the beach. I stood on the bridge over the bay as the fireworks illuminated the sky and l appreciated the hard work those people must have done to give us such a beautiful display. How can they mix their explosives to make such beautiful colors and shapes in the sky? All in all I was thankful for the day. Hope yours was a good one as well.

What to say…

9 10 2008

What do you say when the words escape your mind? when it goes in circles and land nowhere? when they long to come out but don’t even know how? I’ve been feeling that way, with a great need to write but not knowing what to say.

Writing to me is like breathing -just like a friend of mine said- and yet it has been hard to do. Sometimes you have to sit with your emotions for a while before something worthwhile emerges and I believe that’s where I have been lately, percolating the many facets of my mind, heart and soul. Perhaps you have felt the same way and preferred to listen instead of talking, reading instead of writing and meditating instead of preaching.

The more time it passes the more I panic that I won’t find a way out, that my words somehow will lose its strength, that I won’t know how to best express what lies within. I can’t let that happen because without sharing my words I feel like dying inside, my emotions will burst the seams that keeps me whole and then it will be hard to mend the fragments of my being. It is the way I give myself, a way to be and stay sane, to connect with me and those around me and love me and then by consequence love others.

I have fallen in a trap of expectations and perhaps that caused this draining mood. I’m letting go and embracing each moment as it comes but it doesn’t come easy. The more I do it the better it gets and who knows what I will experience then but whatever it is I will embrace it, love it and treasure it because it won’t be forced or expected but given freely as a gift.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Awake the Mind

31 07 2008

It has taken me years to be where I am right now with my writing and the manner in which my words flow from my heart through my mind and then to the paper and yet I can’t understand the whole process. For some reason in the past weeks the flow is not there, something is blocking it and I would like to know what it is. At the beginning I felt sad and hurt, now I don’t feel a thing, I’m an empty shell. I wish I knew how to shake off this feeling of numbness and move on but I don’t, all I can do is push myself to go on and write whatever comes to mind at this moment.

Tonight I’m going to have a Girls Night Out and go see the movie Mama Mia!, I hope that helps. I always dream to travel to Greece so any movie that present vistas of it uplight my heart and put a smile on my face. In addition ABBA’s music will transport me to good times in my life.

I know I need to do is remind myself of the good in everything I’m living at this moment, to be thankful for the little blessings and for those around me who love me no matter what. I believe we lose sight of what really matters when we focus on what we want instead of what we have instead. These are very hard times financially for most everyone and one tend to lose hope in the future and what it will bring, but instead we should be looking for a way out and be creative as we find our way out of the maze.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Where did it come from?

29 04 2008

You ask me where do my words and inspiration come from and I tell you they come from my heart. The moment I feel free to express what lies within without masking a thing, words flow like a river. Feelings, emotions, memories and dreams ignite the landscape I love to walk on as I begin to write. That’s the way our life should be, sincere and spontaneous. We tend to hide behind walls to protect ourselves, pretend we are someone we are not, look for acceptance and wait for approval. Nobody can be real after all of these actions, we need to let others know who we are and live in our God given uniqueness which is our treasure to share with the world.

To you who read my words, who share your thoughts, who let me know how my words stir your mind and soul, I thank you. It is in that interchange that I feel more confident to express what lies within my soul and you somehow identify with me. It’s the unbelievable gift of words that makes relationship flourish and expand our horizons. Our intellect continues to grow, reach and touch as we move along our life and into the life of others. I thank you for visiting me in my blog, reading my books and for welcoming me as a guest as well. There is no greater honor than to be ushered into one’s life even if for a brief moment because when two souls cross path they are forever changed by the experience.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Reading Between the Lines

21 12 2007

One of the best things a writer experiences is listening to what their readers have to say about their writing, sometimes it is what’s between the lines what impress them the most. I’m surprised when someone can clearly do so and extract the sentiment in which the words came out to the surface. Words are a true channel for us to connect to another soul, is transcendent and lasting sometimes able to help others make decisions or changes in their life.

When I write it’s not my intention to make anyone do anything. To me is my way to bring from within what yearns to come out to the surface in my own life. It’s a chance to evaluate, to know and to grow as a human being. I try to understand myself, my life, my purpose on this planet and while doing so share the journey with whoever wants to come along. I love to be around family and friends but at the same time I treasure the time I use to read, reflect and then write.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on life and the shortness of it, maybe because I’m watching the two people I love the most deteriorate before my eyes without being able to do a thing about it. So I look at my life and -uncertained of how much longer I may have- sometimes I get anxious. When I’m gone only my words and the impression of those who have known me will be left, good or bad.

So to all my readers, especially those who take the time to let me know what my words mean to them, thank you. It’s the interaction on places like these where ideas continue to grow within and I look forward to share even more as time goes by.

With You in My Mind

18 12 2007


To you, who read my words:

Writing is a gift, one I treasure each and every day, without it I would be completely lost. There are many ways to express what lies deep within our heart and soul and words to me are the most powerful of all. Looking deep I see a big castle with many, many rooms, in each one of them there is a little piece of me a facet of some kind. I go in a differernt room each time and in some of them I find you, unable to vocalize what’s in your heart so I go out and write it down for you, it’s my gift to you. Perhaps you are better expressing with actions what lies deep within your heart and that’s okay, but I want to forever leave the words sprinkled on my path so that others know what was in my heart.

I carry you around and look for ways to help you out, there is nothing I can do but to let you know I listen to your heart. If you are in darkness I want to bring you light and if you are sad I want to bring you hope and happiness. When you take the time to share with me your thoughts I pick jewels out of them and place them in my treasure box. I go there from time to time and then create the most beautiful writing pieces because they have a little of you and me. I can’t create a thing without you, because it is with you in my mind that I get inspired to go beyond the physical realm and reach across the cosmos to touch your soul and I hope I do. Thank you for reading my words…

Fighting Back

4 12 2007


The last six months have been terribly difficult for me, there are things in life that comes out of nowhere and you need to deal with them. Even though I try to not to let the material world affect me unfortunately it does. Pressures, worries and disagreements disturbs the strongest souls. I’m trying to stay come and optimistic but as the time goes by it gets worst. There is an urgency to create a change in order to bring balance into a stage in life that cries out for renewal. Nothing stays the same, we are continually evolving and growing mentally and spiritually.

Yesterday I had to reaffirm what I believe is my calling and fight back. Some people see in others certain talents and for some reason try to make it something different than what it was meant to be. The gift of writing can be used in numerous way, I recognize mine to be an inspirational & nonfiction writer. Dreams and goals sometimes take a long time to become a reality but I’m ready for the wait. I can’t do anything else but my heart’s desire. I’m reminded of the internal struggle one can live in for not being strong enough to stay on “truthful ground”, to go with the flow of life ignoring internal promptings and warnings that we are settling for something that will provide what we want instead of what we need. I will stay strong on my belief that I’m responding to my calling and that I must stay on the path I’m on in order to fulfill my mission, if I don’t I will regret it.

It hurts not to have the ones who are closer to you on your side but ultimately it is up to me alone, I must remember that.