It Takes Time / Toma Tiempo

25 08 2008

Everything in life takes time and even more if it’s worth it. Nothing comes to us by chance and what we do with the opportunities presented to us shape our future. We need to keep our hope in hard economic times like these, the light always shine through our mind and heart helping us keep the faith that all will pass.
I wish you all have a blessed week.

Todo en la vida toma tiempo y mas aun si vale la pena. Nada viene a nosotros por casualidad todo tiene un proposito y lo que hacemos con esas oportunidades le dan forma a nuestro futuro. Hay que mantener la esperanza en tiempos tan malos economicamente como estos, la luz siempre resplandece en nuestra mente y en nuestro corazon para ayudarnos a mantener la fe de que todo pasara.
Les deseo una semana llena de bendiciones.
Los quiero,
Clary Lopez

Finding Our Way Out

22 08 2008

It is sometimes in the darkness that we finally find our way out. Life has its ups and down and when we are down we are moved to fight even harder. These days it seems most everyone is going through some kind of challenge; physical, emotional or financially. I really need to be paying attention to the way I’m thinking in order not to fall into a deep depression these days; instead of looking at what I don’t, I have to be reminded of what I do have, and one of my treasures is my health. If I’m not healthy my world could quickly come apart but then again, there are some people that even sick find their way out of their mundane circumstances moving onto the spiritual to sustain their physical being.

I came to realize that nothing around us changes on its own. People wait for the economy to turn around, for the next President to stimulate some kind of change on what is going on and they sit and wait and wait. I know, I have done it, but I realized that is not others but ourselves the ones responsible to turn our life around in all different dimensions. I see it as being in a survival mode, constantly looking for a way to get out of the maze our life circumstances put is in, and being alert of new ways and vehicles to takes us where we want to go.

It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable to change course and direction but we must of we will get exactly the same we are getting right now.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Women and Feminism

17 08 2008

“To be somebody, a woman does not have to be more like a man, but has to be more of a woman.” Dr. Sally E. Shaywitz

It wasn’t that long ago that women had a different life than they have today; all that was expected of them was to be able to take care of the household, be a good wife and mother. Education was left to the males in the family putting the girls at a clear disadvantage. Feminism came to bring many opportunities to women to take advantage of and they began to be appreciated for things other than their ability to be good wives, homemakers and mothers which I believe are still few of the highest values for them. There is some good and bad in what we have accomplished so far, and in my opinion the choice to be a stay a home mom or in charge of their own financial situation is a great controversy, there is nothing wrong in being able to attain both.

On an article I read on More, Are Younger Women Trying To Trash Feminism?, Linda Hirshman and Rebecca Traister claimed that our daughters are not appreciating all the hard work feminist did in the past for them by not being feminist themselves. The young are ignorant of the battles fought for the rights they enjoy today including the right kill their own babies. Well, that is a right any woman should be “proud” of, don’t you think? They want to experience their sexuality but can’t live with the consequences. To me personally that is one of the negative that feminism brought about and one that have hurt many, many women. If you don’t believe me go to Silent No More Awareness. Life can’t be better when you have the right to get someone out of the way for good.

The article moves on to this irrational comment by Hirschnam, “And I cannot figure out why this basic lesson is taking so long to sink in. When I see a young women enjoying a movie like Juno, I go into orbit. To me, the idea that a 16-year-old should bear a child that she then has to give away is just atrocious. I feel the filmmakers are playing with fire.” I wonder where is all the education of this woman after I read this comment, doesn’t she know the difference between life and death? What is more atrocious? To me the intelligent thing to do is to give it away if you are not ready to raise a child, there are so many couples who would love to have a child and can’t conceive one, what’s so wrong about adoption?

To tell you the truth I believe feminism has made women less women and more of a men. Women have a very important and powerful role in the world other than to try to be men in our society, I wish they would come to realize that. On The Dignity and Vocation of Women I understood many of the gifts, talents and responsabilities of a woman in the world. Being a woman is not for wimps and we can make such a great impact if we do what we were created for. I understand that todays society and economic system requires that most women work outside as well as in the house, but that can’t be our sole purpose in life and the way to measure our worth. I do appreciate a lot of the fights won by feminists including the one on education, self-sustenance, the choice to work or stay home, freedom of expression and from oppression, among many others. But what I don’t see is the necessity to go to the extremes and step over someone else’s right to life -the unborn- and the disregard that the father figure is so necessary in the children lives. Yes, we can raise our kids alone if we need to, if the father is so irresponsible and abusive that they leave us no other choice, but that doesn’t mean it is better for the children and that we are ultimately better of without them.

I’m feminine not a feminist, what I mean is that I treasure the role given to me by God in the context where I can fully develop and make the biggest impact according to my womanhood. I do look for ways to grow and serve others as I do. I thank the courageous women who fought for some of the essential rights we were lacking, but try not to go beyond them and step over other people’s rights in order to obtain what I need or feel I deserve.

Let’s not be so disappointed by the wise acts of our young women today in not embracing what would truly hurt them in the long run and for not picking what seems to be an easy way out instead of what it takes courage and sacrifice, afterall that’s what a real woman is!

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Transforming Love

15 08 2008

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed. –Jiddu Krishnamurti

I’ve always been intrigued by love; what is it? where do we find it? how do we get it? how to hold on to it? how to make it grow and last?

I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

To love someone is that magical state where we are not only loving without expecting anything back, but loving the person as it is. It’s feeling that connection that opens our heart and allow us to become vulnerable to someone else. Scary as it sounds it is the only way to really connect. Being in love are moments in time when we feel truly alive, we almost live in a completely different world within ourself and our experiences.

What is your experience with Love?

Admitting Our Faults

14 08 2008

One of the worst situations we can find ourselves in is the one when we have to admit that whatever happened was our fault. Our ego hurt when we take responsability for the mistakes we make in life. It could be either our actions or inactions the provokes our failures.

As a person who likes to take charge and make things happen, when I fail I tend to get very upset. But at the same time I tend to blame others for not following my directions. The reality is that sometimes those who are under our guidance many times can’t see the importance and urgency of the requested actions and we need to force them to act for the time being. In the case of raising children it is easy to make mistakes, I wish that guide on how to raise them will show up someday, but every individual is unique and I’m afraid each parent has to write their own. Admitting that we don’t know it all and that many times we have dropped the ball for whatever reason, doesn’t come easy. All we can do in moments like these is admit it, communicate it and work with the person to make it work and help them solve the problems at hand. I believe this is a great lesson on humility.

I want to believe that everything happens for a reason and even though I can’t possibly understand it now, I have no doubt that God knows way better than me. We provoke many of the things that happen to us but God always guide us out of our own mess if we let him.

So there you go; I messed up and dropped the ball, now is time to face the consequences and somehow find a way to make it work. It won’t be easy but with God’s help I will find a way, I’m sure. I just need to pray, lay it on his hands and see him work it out. I need to be alert to his promptings and must of all Trust, it will be okay. Next time I won’t assume someone else knows as much as I do and will try to teach them what they need, I will push if I have to and I will praise when I see an improvement. Most of all I will tell them the good things I expect from them, that always make the other do their best.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

No Wonder I Fell in Love

13 08 2008

Ansel Adam’s Photo

Art is both love and friendship and understanding: the desire to give. It is not charity, which is the giving of things. It is more than kindness, which is the giving of self. It is both the taking and giving of beauty, the turning out to the light of the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is a recreation on another plane of the realities of the world; the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and men, and of all the interrelations of these.

– Ansel Adams, in a letter to Cedric Wright

Ansel Adams was photographer and environmentalist. I went to see an exhibition of his work a little over a year ago and was really impressed with it. The extend of his trips and the ordeals and sacrifices he went through just to capture with his lens the beauty of God’s creation inspired me to look more in detail and try to capture its beauty in my own photography. His deep love for what he photographed obviously made him aware of the great need to protect it.

I love the arts and tried my hand at a few of them (painting, photography and writing) but the one I fell in love with the most were the words. Words to me are the vehicle to express my thoughts, views and feelings towards life and to those great questions every one has. I never knew to what extend the words I wrote would touch so many hearts and everytime someone tells me how much it means to them, I just can’t help it but I’m almost moved to tears. To me it is a gift from God to be able to read and then write the way I do. I don’t pretend to know it all but in my ignorance I’m always looking to learn more about so many things. One of them is how to better live my life and how to share it with others. We writers work alone but we are never quite lonely. My mind is usually between my world, and my situations and what I have learned or heard from you; it is at that moment of my writing that all those experiences merge and create the words you read here or on my books, and I believe that is why we have a connection.

Another reason why I fell in love with words is because when I can’t say what I feel, it is in my writing that all of that gets its way out of my system. To me writing is like breathing, something I can’t be without. I wish to continue sharing my words with you in the many different ways my spirit moves me and may you blessed, enlighten, and inspired to do the same with whatever gift God has given to you. May it bring you the joy that words and writing brings to me, and may you be able to touch many lives with it.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Clearing Out

9 08 2008

It has been a rainy day in paradise, the usual sunny sky was nowhere to be seen today. The perfect day to stay in bed crawled with a good book in hand and, among other things, that’s what I have done. But another thing I had to do today was to clear my office. Ever since I returned from Puerto Rico a few weeks ago I could not bring myself to do so. I was feeling down and overwhelmed and it was not only because of what was happening to me emotionally, but the paperwork around me wouldn’t let me relax. So today I said no more! and a few hours later my desk is “clean.”

One thing I need to do is designate my paying bill area other than my office because if I don’t my inspiration is out the door. There is no way I can write having a pile of bills to be paid next to me on a daily basis. My office has to be my sanctuary and that is the way it has been for a long time but somehow I didn’t want to get out of here for anything and ended up bringing all kinds of things that doesn’t belong to my writing place.

There has been a lot of changes in my life and as they continue my writing is taking a new shape and form. I guess that is the beauty of writing in general, the ability to express what touches and transforms our hearts. A lot of people relate to it and perhaps some are moved to share it here with me. I love to hear what your thoughts are on what I write and if you have any nuggets of wisdom or experience to share with me.

Today I continue to make someone else’s dream come true and released a book for worldwide distribution. The fruit of long and hard work but most of all dedication of a great writer, Arthur Henn. I look on the pages of the book, Reflections of My Soul, where his beautiful poetry takes me to a whole different world; the world of the senses, dreams and magical moments as my eyes danced in the beautiful words.

So here is to the rest of the day, hopefully I will get to write even more on the days to come. May I never forget the importance to create and maintain the sacred spaces where my soul is free to communicate with my mind in order for me to continue writing for all of you.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life