As the sun rises

20 10 2012

There are no words to describe the longing I feel to be back home, to drive and to see the sunrise like I used to… Everything about what surrounded me there had a purpose; the sounds, the colors, the people, the food, the warmth of island living. I realize that many people are driven by bringing out the negative but to me my time there was a blessing. It was the chance to be whole again, to be with family and friends and most of all to be tranquil.

I don’t know if God will ever bring me back to the island, all I know is that if that is the case it is because it is the best for me. At this moment in time I must be far away and I need to remember that I am strong and that I can handle anything that comes my way because God is beside me. As I finally come to terms to put an ending note accordingly to earth’s rules and regulations I must admit it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been surprised by the the person I thought I knew but who is a total stranger to me now. But that is life and in the long run it all be a lesson to grow in character and faith.

In the meantime I will look to enjoy the sunrise from a distant land, and to feast in the sounds around me, and do my best to grow my circle of friends in order to move on. There is nothing like selecting those special people in your life who will help you in your earthly journey, we are all connected and God will bring each one of them to me and I will be able to identify them. It is a journey, and my earthly mission is not finished yet. It is evolving and transforming me as it is transforming this world around me. I know it also needs to impact others. I hope I do well and that all that was meant to be, is.