Life little surprises

3 06 2013

Life could be such a mystery sometimes. It is like a box full of surprises, you can try to imagine what its inside but you don’t know for sure until you take off the lid. To an extent our thoughts and desires materializes in ways we could never explain but it is happening to me, more and more often.

Nothing that is happening in my life at this moment is over my control but I guide it once is exposed and direct it to where I may. I take one day at a time and I am grateful for each and every blessing that is given to me.  I feel stronger than ever and all will be well, I know. This is just a big training to handle something really big!!! I will survive in ways unimaginable and will shine to the point of blinding all my enemies. I can see it… I have allies that protect me and fight with me and that alone open the path to my victory. Evil NEVER WINS.