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Clary Lopez

Welcome to my official blog. I’m an writer, and moderator. Originally from Puerto Rico I came to live in the United States in 1982.

On April 17, 2008 I began to think seriously about changing the title of this blog, until then it was just Clary Lopez’ Blog. I wanted to reflect its reason for being and the spirit of what I want to share here. I decided to called it Moonlit Walks inspired on my birthday’s One More Year entry. In it I remembered the nights I spent on my last visit to Puerto Rico. The moon bathed the shore with its light the very first night at my parent’s beachfront home, it felt like a welcome home message from above. My spirit was uplifted and my imagination ignated. The same thing happened a few days before I departed, like calling me to stay close to the shore where I left my heart so many years ago, but this time it felt like I was leaving behind so much more…My Soul.

Here is a short piece of it:

“I’m looking up to the starry night sky and believe that I can reach out towards the stars. That even though I can’t touch them, I can delight in its brightness over all my hopes and dreams. Walking on the shore as the moon reflects itself on the ocean before me I realize that the present moment is all I need right now in order to find peace within.”

I believe it reflects what inspires me when I begin to think for themes to write about and my hope is that you enjoy them.

I’m a lover of the arts. My interests are museums, photography, architectural design, music, and painting. I love to read literature, philosophy, medieval history, memoirs, travel writing and poetry. Life, love and faith are my best writing themes. Nature serves as one of my inspirations, most of all the ocean and the mountains. Creative writing springs forth from my own experiences and those around me in all kinds of situations from personal issues all the way to business research, expansion and marketing implementation.

You are welcomed to visit my Official Site and find out more about my work.

I am the CEO/Founder of various book marketing sites.

This blog is the sounding board to many of my thoughts, travels, projects and experiences. I welcome your visits and comments on my entries. Looking forward to meet all my readers.



52 responses

9 02 2007

I love your blog Clary, a lot of good information here (I’ve just come from visiting your 360 site as well), Great Job!

27 09 2007

thank you for your comment. what brought you to our site?

17 11 2007
Stephanus Lukmanto

heloo Clary, i am steve, and i am still new in interent marketing, but i interested in that from last month and now i am taking lesson about SEO here ini Indonesia.Hope ypu love to come to my blog and leave me comment there, and also if you do not mind, please give me any suggestion or tip and trick about SEO.I wrote your blog, and you really pretty good in writting, i should learn a lot from you.thank you

17 11 2007

If you leave me your link I will be glad to visit your blog Stephanus.

19 11 2007

Thanks for your kind words on my crying blog. I am 6 glasses of wine into the tears and feeling better. I even looked at some personal ads on craigslist tonight. UGH Why does this happen???

It would have been so much easier if he had cheated or beaten me. But there is just no reason we ended. Other than him not connecting.

Anyway thanks again – very much needed.

19 11 2007

Not connecting is a big issue believe me, you don’t want to settle for a relationship that lacks that dimension. Be patient, you’ll find the one you’ll connect with in time.

23 11 2007

Clary, Wow!! Superb! I really, like the way you have your page and the color scheme. Very nice, well done.



23 11 2007

Thanks, I keep playing with the layouts until I find something I like. I will ultimately have one designed just for me.

8 12 2007
Manuel Mendoza

You are very Passionate,Your Advocacy Is Helping Those realize Their Dreams
You have a true heart an Soul,in your actions
Your an ” Entrepreneur of a LifeTime”,pero Con mucho Corazon,
You are Sweet, Beautiful,Courages, Self Determin,Vivacious,Witty,Love of Life,
Family,and the many Friends you have Around the Globe,That You Have Inspire
To Continue There Aspirations…
Your a Teacher and a Leader of Many
Your an Accomplish Writer,,,,,

9 12 2007

Gracias Manuel

5 03 2008


27 03 2008

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Good Bless!

25 04 2008

We are friends at Yahoo360 and see with interes your new site! I would like to read at least one of your books!
Have a great weekend!

25 04 2008
I Renamed my Blog « Moonlit Walks

[…] About Me […]

25 04 2008

Hi Clary. Happy birthday. I’ve always enjoyed keeping up with you. I really like your new name for your blog. Larry

26 04 2008

“Moonlit Walks” fits you to a “T” hun. Just remember to believe in the “EYES BEHIND THE CLOUDS”.. They’re always watching, no matter if you notice it or not!
Your words reach all kinds of people… never ever doubt this!!

Chin Up ~!


26 04 2008

Hi Larry and Carlos, thanks for your comment. 🙂

K, I’m glad you liked the name, that’s what I thought as well.

29 04 2008

Clary i left you my link and you can visit me.Hope you have a great day,im flying but will be home tonite.Next month im off many days so will visit and read your blogs

20 05 2008
Sutikno Slamet

Your blog is very good … and you is beutiful girl … Nice to meet you

21 05 2008
Amol Sale

Hi Clary, I am really happy to see your comment on my blog, I am really inspired after visiting your blog and your posts.

2 06 2008

First visit to your official blog site, it feels very warm and inviting. I also enjoyed the story on how your new title came to be, it reminds me of a recent event that I found rather profound in its impact on my spirits. We were racing the Hield Bank in the Gulf, it was a very clear night and the Milkway was visable. We were 3 hour shifts in rotation for our watch and I wasn’t willing to go below for the crew rest, when encouraged to get below I pointed out the fact that those weren’t cloulds in the ski, it was in fact the outline of the Milkyway, shortly thereafter the entire race team was topside admiring the awe inspiting vew that was provided that night. I can understand how stargazing can imoact you and steel your soul away with just a glance. I’ll be back soon.

I’ve also noticed you have a very giving nature about you and this site, I’ll take from you and learn, but I’m interested in knowing how to give as well. Seems a little out of balance. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention Clairy.

2 06 2008

Thank you for your visit Gary and for sharing with me your experience. Come back and visit!

3 06 2008

I like your inspirational posts, and if you haven’t heard it today, you’re beautiful.

3 06 2008
Mark Shaw

Clary –

What an honor it is to find your blog. And what a caring, loving, compassionate human being you are. I look forward to reading about your adventures, but first I am going to find a copy of The Alchemist to read. This sounds like a must.

4 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

It is also an honor for me to connect with you and hear your thoughts. As I am growing into my own, I understand how important relationships and thought sharing is. You are a jewel to the world…please keep shinning. Sherita Searcy. http://www.sheritasearcy.com

12 06 2008
Jon Ratzlaff

Hi Clary,

I subscribe to an e-newsletter called “The Writer’s Almanac”—it’s produced
by the same folks who produce The Prairie Home Companion. LOTS of good
anecdotes from different authors with a space that tells what happened on this
date in history…

19 09 2008
Sherita Searcy

Yes. I have your header. Please accept it as a gift from me. Smile

19 09 2008

Thank you so much Sherita, I love it!!!!

20 09 2008

If you know anyone else who would like their header customized let me know, or tell them to email me at sherita_searcy@yahoo.com. Smiles. I am glad you love it.

25 09 2008

Clary – thanks for stopping by my blog (It’s All About Joy!) and adding me to your blogroll. I enjoy what I’ve seen of your site, too, and plan to reciprocate. I very much appreciate the sense of calm, love and peace you portray.

Be well and I hope we continue to connect!
InnerJoy Megan

25 09 2008

Hi Megan!
I appreciate it and we will definitely continue to connect!

23 10 2008

Hi Clary,

I enjoyed reading your blog since the 1st time I visited it. Hereby, I’ve awarded you the ‘Butterfly Award’ so kindly check the details over my blog. Keep up the good work via blogs + books 🙂


23 12 2008

It is the same facing moon
in puerto rico and where you stand
above the earth three inches in the air
and yesterday’s song you hear
move the clouds to show
a flower tucked into your hair

are you not poetry … as you move
through the wettened ocean sand
on your quiet moonlit walks
why are you alone little island girl
when you know so much better it is
to have someone with you to simply talk….
i speak not in riddle
i speak not for jest or rhyme
we are all on a moonlit walk together
seeking substance in our own time….

(read your intro-felt inspired.. . hope you like….)

23 12 2008

That’s beautiful Southie, thank you for writing it.

20 02 2009

Thank you for articles, you can find my in English version on my blog))

7 03 2009
Manuel Mendoza

My dear ‘CLARY ‘,You by far are a UNIQUE Teacher Here,
and Hope to be
INSPIRED By You for a Long time,,,,
Plus keep me in all Your Bloggs,,,,,,My dear Friend Clary Lopez.

May GOD O’Mighty Give You more Love,Happiness,Wisdom an Understanding
of The Human Spirit….

24 04 2009

Greetings from Greece. I have just registered my own blog site here on word press, learning as I go. The writing forum is where I am best suited and I look forward to researching your personal site. I am hoping to gather as much information, inspiration, and guidance from blogging as I can. Please comment and critigue anything that springs up on my blog. Nice to chat with you for a moment. Take care, Tonya

24 04 2009

Welcome to my blog Tonya. I will be glad to visit yours if you leave me the link. Have a wonderful weekend!

5 07 2009

Hi! I’m a writer too.
An artist at heart but a writer by the goof up of destiny. People seem to like what I write but I seem to like the brush more. But when I read about you I thought, ” God, I’ve got a long way before I do what this dynamic lady does.”
You remind me of my Boss. When she walks into a place people instinctively stand up. She’s the CEO and they sense her hierarchy instinctively.

And we all follow her like footmen. Personally I admire her for the way she turns around every project she handles successfully. You, I think, are like that.
I’ll follow your thoughts through your articles.
I need some brain nourishment. Bye.

5 07 2009

Welcome to my blog swissknifev. I do not succeed in every project I involve myself in, but I sure do my best in all I do. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment, come back soon.

6 07 2009

You can succeed. You look like my boss…

6 07 2009

I’m A writer…

11 07 2009

I have a blog called kadermannan.wordpress.com. and the post is ‘Stories’ … plese see that…PLEASE and that’s what I believe in…. PLEASE…

19 08 2009
Michelle Rossi

Beautiful site Clary! Wonderful work. I love the title it’s very original!

14 10 2009

Hi Graceful Clary,
Interesting in your name is in “clarity”. Coincidence? Maybe…
I like you style and love your photos!
On my side, I write about of self-empowerment,
which seems to be related to your topic.
Clary, you got inspiration and are shining!
Continue spreading a beautiful light of Peace in the world.
May Peace, Love, Happiness shower you everyday…

Best Your Life at http://bestyourlife.com

15 10 2009

Thank you Emrick, for your visit and your comment. Looking forward to read yours. Blessings to you.

14 12 2009

I liked your blog great job,well done.visit my website

30 12 2009

Happy New Year Clary.

30 12 2009

Happy New Year to you Ryszard and to all that come and read my blog, I’m honored. 🙂

21 04 2010

CLARIBEL! estoy bien impresionado con tu pagina y me facina como escribes,tu pagina esta buenisima.

23 04 2010

Muchas gracias Tony, bienvenido y espero que visites muchas veces mas!

11 09 2011

NIce blog Clary…You write from your hearty which touched mine…keep up the good work

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