Your Thoughts on the Octoplets and their Mother

3 03 2009

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe all the fuzz over the octoplets, their mother and what is going to happen next. If this something we should worry about? After all each individual should be responsible for their actions.

Do you believe Nadya Suleman is really dumb or really smart? She had six kids before she gave birth to eight more, why do you think she did it? She was having a hard time before this, could this be her way to change her situation once and for all? I believe Nadya is very smart. To tell you the truth I am tired to see another program, interview or magazine cover talking about it. She found a way to make a lot of money and fast. People question her on how she plans to provide for her children and I am amazed that they have not figure out she is already doing it!!