Our Life and Nature

13 03 2009


Nature has always been one of my points of inspiration, for some reason I parallel many of the scenes I see to life. This time I was looking a my rose bush, the same one that gave me 13 roses at once just a month ago. You can see it on this picture and the stems and leaves are turning reddish. It is a sign that more roses are going to spring from them. I thought right away how we also must give some kind of exterior signal that something is changing inside of us. It is the Lent season and we are called to get closer to God by doing sacrifices, penance and fasting. All of these helps us to turn our attention from the outside to the inside and from there changes begin to occur and become evident in the outside. The goal is that it will ultimately manifest itself in our actions and since we have been communing with God we can now do the things he inspires us to do.

As the bush turns red it is the first sign that something is happening deep within it and will become evident when the first buds begin to show up. Then a few days later the bud will continue to grow until it a beautiful rose opens up. It is a delight. So far I have six rose buds, there is no telling how many more will show up in the next few days, in the meantime I water it daily and continue to wonder. Nature is so amazing.

What do you enjoy most about nature? How does it impact your life?

The Way It Is

13 03 2009

There is no telling where my life and my feelings go, at times it feels like the waves that come to the shore sometimes soft and others forceful. Words are harder and harder to come out when the emotions overflow my being and at my best the only thing I can do is just stay still and let it hit me and take me where it may. It is the way it is, there is nothing I can really do about it. I don’t even know if I am making sense but the fingers go to the keys without me thinking much about what I am writing at the moment.

I wish I knew how to shake this feeling and continue to move on, to walk on the path set before me without complaining I have never seen it before or that I don’t know where it leads. I feel like walking on the dark letting myself be guided only by other senses hoping not to stumble in it and get badly hurt. But there is a big wound on my side bleeding slowly as I gasp for air as I tried to make it to a safe place.


There is a dim light in the distance and that for now it where I am headed, I trust it is a divine light waiting for me. I don’t care if it is in this world or not, just take me there and then maybe I will begin to smile again.