Your Thoughts on the Octoplets and their Mother

3 03 2009

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe all the fuzz over the octoplets, their mother and what is going to happen next. If this something we should worry about? After all each individual should be responsible for their actions.

Do you believe Nadya Suleman is really dumb or really smart? She had six kids before she gave birth to eight more, why do you think she did it? She was having a hard time before this, could this be her way to change her situation once and for all? I believe Nadya is very smart. To tell you the truth I am tired to see another program, interview or magazine cover talking about it. She found a way to make a lot of money and fast. People question her on how she plans to provide for her children and I am amazed that they have not figure out she is already doing it!!



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3 03 2009

I’m sure if her plan is devious then she will not be so lucky; after all she now has eight children who will demand equal time of her attention.

It’s hard enough with two. I think she’ll be under the gun trying to care for them all; and I don’t mean financially.

It’s good to see you Clary.

5 03 2009

Yeah-can you imagine that she would pull this even after her mother tried to talk her out of it? What about the rest of us trying make it in the world? She’s
got everything backwards…

5 03 2009
Manuel Mendoza

She is a ‘IRESPONSIBLE Woman’,,,,Most women in her situation are looking to make more Money from the Welfare system…
As far as the birth of those children are concern,that was remarkable,,
They should go After the Doctor who helped her have these babies into this
I don’t think those children are in no shape for their future with that kind of Mother…
More so when things here in the USA are upside down,,,an for her to have the
gaul to have more children,IS COMPLETLY IRRESPONSIBLE”’
PPL like her have been using the system to there advantage,,,
caues the system lets them do it.

6 03 2009

I think that it is not for us to sit in judgement over this young lady. I think that if we lived in a society that valued life, we would not question this or that ( not that there should not be some questioning of fertility doctors, etc), but marvel at the birth of 8 relatively healthy babies, no matter what womb they came out of.
We should not doom in this world those whom Christ called to Himself, saying ” Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of Heaven”.
She certainly has set herself up to have plenty of money to care for her children. And I think the only question is, the attention that she gives them. I see hollywood folks out and about all the time, w/out their children. So they have only two children, is this somehow supposed to be more respectable, when they spend hardly anytime with them???
Just my thoughts.

10 03 2009
Denise R.

I agree with C L. Can’t we rejoice in the birth of these beautiful, healthy, babies? If this woman had eight abortions, no one would have thought badly of her. Doesn’t anyone else think that’s sad? Our world is absolutely upside down. She loves her children very much which is more than I can say for the majority of Americans.

12 03 2009

I have to admit that I watched today’s show on Doctor Phil and began to have a different view into all of this. The woman seem to me like a very loving mother. There is no question that she knows some of the consequences of her acts but did not expect so much from people. I guess she took a big chance but this country is one that helps one another in times of need there is no doubt about that. The octoplets look great so far, let’s hope they make a good transition when they get home.

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