When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

27 09 2007


I’m still trying to get over this issue, I guess we all go through it. The number of times we go through this experience doesn’t help us let go of the bad feelings we get when is done to us.

When actions speak louder than words I am in the midst of disbelief because I’ve heard the words I wanted to and still I can’t see the action to support it. I hope for that perfect situation and think that somehow someday the actions will eventually support the words, not so. Sometimes is better to go with the actions alone and forget about the words.

In Spanish we have a say: “las palabras se las lleva el viento” translation: words are carried away by the wind. It’s the action behind all of our words what changes hearts, the world, ideas, impact someone’s life and most of all how we express our love for one another.

It’s true that we take a risk when we act upon our words and perhaps that’s why so many prefer not to and hide behind a curtain of beautiful words in order to have others peek in at them and never let them in. I believe it is a way to protect ourselves from further hurt in our life. But what kind of life are we going to live is we are always behind a wall?

Finding a balance between word and action is a must and one I want to learn to utilize in a wider way as I continue to grow as a individual. I’m sure I’ll be hurt a few times along the way while I meet people who doesn’t deserve my time, love and attention, but I’ll be alive and feeling open to what life has to offer each and everyone of us.

Have you been in a similar situation? How did you feel or react to it?



2 responses

29 09 2007

…Cuando las palabras apoyan a los hechos es cuando el escritor acierta; cuando los hechos apoyan a las palabras es cuando nuestra vida como personas adquiere sentido. Ese es el quid, la única manera de que las palabras no se conviertan en una trampa, aunque de verdad nos encontremos atrapados.
SALUDO, CLARY: LeeTamargo.-

24 01 2008
R. ALexandra

I am the walking example of “las palabras se las lleva el viento”. 14 years ago, as a wedding gift my parents gave my husband and I a house to start our lives together. My husband always brought up the issue of making the change legal and I was opposed because they were my parent. People that loved me unconditionally. Years past and my parents divorced. My mother took on a lover and later became her new husband and today is sueing me for ownership of the house. Her lawyers have keep my husband and my children to the curb and out of the house. My father in turn tried to help us but was told she had legal rights until the house is sold. Since then things have been hard emotionally but when and parent does this to you, and suffer the pain of raising you and labor, than whom can you trust?

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