Another year, another blessing…

23 04 2015

Another year of life, another blessing. Today is my birthday and as I reflect upon the many experiences I have lived, I thank God for all the good and bad, for the highs and the lows and for giving me the strength to go on. He cares for me constantly, my most faithful partner in life and protected me from harm during my most recent car accident. There has been changes in my life, my world has been shaken once more and for now life is a little different. I trust it is for my best interest and in time I will know his intentions.

Sometimes we pray for a deep longing in our heart to be satisfied; it is interesting see how God respond to it. I am still yearning to understand his ways… He liberated me during this past year and I am emerging stronger than ever.┬áThere is no challenge I have not been able to overcome with his help, and I feel closer and closer to his spirit within me. At times I look outside of my being and feel lonely but then I realize that the love and treasures are inside of me. I shine like the stars and smile fully, I am alive! My gifts an talents surface and I flow with it with ease as I bask in his blessings.

I know there is still more coming, I am open, waiting in joyful hope. I know not what he has in store for me, but whatever or whoever he is I know it will be great. At the end all I need is Him. Happy birthday to me, I continue to be reborn and transformed once more into what I am meant to be.


One More Year

23 04 2008

cheersToday is my birthday!!!!

Wow! One more year to be thankful for. This has to be the best year I had in a very long time even though I’ve faced many challenges and my life sometimes feels upside down and inside out. It is in those times that all my dreams and intentions have been put to the test. I have grown as an individual and accomplished so many things. I know that there is a lot more to do on this journey we call life and that my life somehow needs to contribute to the world in many different ways according to my gifts and talents, I hope I’m doing it. It is a process, one I take one day at a time because that’s all I have for sure. I’m stopping myself from looking too far ahead and concentrate on the present moment making it the best I possibly can for me and others. I can’t lose sight of my goals and dreams though and with baby steps move towards them, because that will make me happy. I am digging out who I am and embracing my qualities and faults looking to improve as I go along.

This year I’ve found satisfaction in embracing others and helping them make some of their dreams come true. Life has so much meaning when you are not walking alone. By the end of this year my whole life was taken into a spin that began to recreate my life into a whole new level of personal understanding. I’m looking up to the starry night sky and believe that I can reach out towards the stars. That even though I can’t touch them, I can delight in its brightness over all my hopes and dreams. Walking on the shore as the moon reflects itself on the ocean before me I realize that the present moment is all I need right now in order to find peace within. Meditation keeps me grounded, it helps me maintain my connection to God. I want to know all his plans for me and to utilize all the talents and gifts he has given me as I contemplate his creation.

I am thankful for all the experiences of this year, some good some bad but I guess necessary and useful in so many different facets of my human and spiritual development. If I have inspired you, put a smile on your face, help you dream again or prevent you from losing hope then I know my life matters. Most of all I want my love to be known, because without it I might as well be dead.

So, to life, love and the present moment until my hour comes. Cheers!!!

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life