What to say…

9 10 2008

What do you say when the words escape your mind? when it goes in circles and land nowhere? when they long to come out but don’t even know how? I’ve been feeling that way, with a great need to write but not knowing what to say.

Writing to me is like breathing -just like a friend of mine said- and yet it has been hard to do. Sometimes you have to sit with your emotions for a while before something worthwhile emerges and I believe that’s where I have been lately, percolating the many facets of my mind, heart and soul. Perhaps you have felt the same way and preferred to listen instead of talking, reading instead of writing and meditating instead of preaching.

The more time it passes the more I panic that I won’t find a way out, that my words somehow will lose its strength, that I won’t know how to best express what lies within. I can’t let that happen because without sharing my words I feel like dying inside, my emotions will burst the seams that keeps me whole and then it will be hard to mend the fragments of my being. It is the way I give myself, a way to be and stay sane, to connect with me and those around me and love me and then by consequence love others.

I have fallen in a trap of expectations and perhaps that caused this draining mood. I’m letting go and embracing each moment as it comes but it doesn’t come easy. The more I do it the better it gets and who knows what I will experience then but whatever it is I will embrace it, love it and treasure it because it won’t be forced or expected but given freely as a gift.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

No Wonder I Fell in Love

13 08 2008

Ansel Adam’s Photo

Art is both love and friendship and understanding: the desire to give. It is not charity, which is the giving of things. It is more than kindness, which is the giving of self. It is both the taking and giving of beauty, the turning out to the light of the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is a recreation on another plane of the realities of the world; the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and men, and of all the interrelations of these.

– Ansel Adams, in a letter to Cedric Wright

Ansel Adams was photographer and environmentalist. I went to see an exhibition of his work a little over a year ago and was really impressed with it. The extend of his trips and the ordeals and sacrifices he went through just to capture with his lens the beauty of God’s creation inspired me to look more in detail and try to capture its beauty in my own photography. His deep love for what he photographed obviously made him aware of the great need to protect it.

I love the arts and tried my hand at a few of them (painting, photography and writing) but the one I fell in love with the most were the words. Words to me are the vehicle to express my thoughts, views and feelings towards life and to those great questions every one has. I never knew to what extend the words I wrote would touch so many hearts and everytime someone tells me how much it means to them, I just can’t help it but I’m almost moved to tears. To me it is a gift from God to be able to read and then write the way I do. I don’t pretend to know it all but in my ignorance I’m always looking to learn more about so many things. One of them is how to better live my life and how to share it with others. We writers work alone but we are never quite lonely. My mind is usually between my world, and my situations and what I have learned or heard from you; it is at that moment of my writing that all those experiences merge and create the words you read here or on my books, and I believe that is why we have a connection.

Another reason why I fell in love with words is because when I can’t say what I feel, it is in my writing that all of that gets its way out of my system. To me writing is like breathing, something I can’t be without. I wish to continue sharing my words with you in the many different ways my spirit moves me and may you blessed, enlighten, and inspired to do the same with whatever gift God has given to you. May it bring you the joy that words and writing brings to me, and may you be able to touch many lives with it.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Clearing Out

9 08 2008

It has been a rainy day in paradise, the usual sunny sky was nowhere to be seen today. The perfect day to stay in bed crawled with a good book in hand and, among other things, that’s what I have done. But another thing I had to do today was to clear my office. Ever since I returned from Puerto Rico a few weeks ago I could not bring myself to do so. I was feeling down and overwhelmed and it was not only because of what was happening to me emotionally, but the paperwork around me wouldn’t let me relax. So today I said no more! and a few hours later my desk is “clean.”

One thing I need to do is designate my paying bill area other than my office because if I don’t my inspiration is out the door. There is no way I can write having a pile of bills to be paid next to me on a daily basis. My office has to be my sanctuary and that is the way it has been for a long time but somehow I didn’t want to get out of here for anything and ended up bringing all kinds of things that doesn’t belong to my writing place.

There has been a lot of changes in my life and as they continue my writing is taking a new shape and form. I guess that is the beauty of writing in general, the ability to express what touches and transforms our hearts. A lot of people relate to it and perhaps some are moved to share it here with me. I love to hear what your thoughts are on what I write and if you have any nuggets of wisdom or experience to share with me.

Today I continue to make someone else’s dream come true and released a book for worldwide distribution. The fruit of long and hard work but most of all dedication of a great writer, Arthur Henn. I look on the pages of the book, Reflections of My Soul, where his beautiful poetry takes me to a whole different world; the world of the senses, dreams and magical moments as my eyes danced in the beautiful words.

So here is to the rest of the day, hopefully I will get to write even more on the days to come. May I never forget the importance to create and maintain the sacred spaces where my soul is free to communicate with my mind in order for me to continue writing for all of you.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Awake the Mind

31 07 2008

It has taken me years to be where I am right now with my writing and the manner in which my words flow from my heart through my mind and then to the paper and yet I can’t understand the whole process. For some reason in the past weeks the flow is not there, something is blocking it and I would like to know what it is. At the beginning I felt sad and hurt, now I don’t feel a thing, I’m an empty shell. I wish I knew how to shake off this feeling of numbness and move on but I don’t, all I can do is push myself to go on and write whatever comes to mind at this moment.

Tonight I’m going to have a Girls Night Out and go see the movie Mama Mia!, I hope that helps. I always dream to travel to Greece so any movie that present vistas of it uplight my heart and put a smile on my face. In addition ABBA’s music will transport me to good times in my life.

I know I need to do is remind myself of the good in everything I’m living at this moment, to be thankful for the little blessings and for those around me who love me no matter what. I believe we lose sight of what really matters when we focus on what we want instead of what we have instead. These are very hard times financially for most everyone and one tend to lose hope in the future and what it will bring, but instead we should be looking for a way out and be creative as we find our way out of the maze.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Traveling with Books

24 06 2008

One of the things I dislike the most from traveling is the task to choose the books I’m taking with me. I have a huge collection of permanent books in my library and a selection of books I want to read. It’s too hard to part from them.

When I travel I take in consideration the time and place I’m going and how much time I think I’ll have to read. Of course I can’t forget that I have also need to be writing this blog, an e-zine and my next book. Unlike my last trip when I took a bunch of books with me,this time I will choose only 4-5 books. I will try to keep the size compact and the themes varied; non-fiction, fiction and mystery. I’m also bringing the latest magazines I received. I guess you can call me a read-a-holic. 🙂

If you travel with books I want to know about it.

What are you taking with you and how do you select your books?

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Life, Time and What We Do With It

2 10 2007

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.” —John Burroughs

Life, so fragile and unpredictable. Nobody knows how long we will alive and yet we live like we will never die.

Life and time are linked together and somehow contribute in the accomplishments of our mission, goals and dreams.

I was listening to Paulo Coelho’s interview in Glasgow last night and it’s amazing how much we think alike. There is a time in life in which you decide to make your dreams come true. It might not be what others have in mind for you but it sure is what you have in your heart.

Writing becomes a way to grow and understand myself in the process, to me a necessary evil. The days in which I can’t write freely I’m uptight and “absent” from my immediate sorroundings. Like Paulo, it’s easier for me to express myself in my writing than speaking so that offers me hope given all he has been able to accomplish so far.

I’m planning to do a major revision to Simplicity – Richness of Life and add the things I’ve learned in the past eight years. I’m not sure if I will expand on each topic and create some new ones or just add a whole new section to the book. Some of my friends have asked me to translate the book into Spanish as well so that’s another major project I need to take into consideration. Time is limited right now so I don’t know when I’ll be able to begin these projects.

One thing is for sure I, like anyone else, need to stop and evaluate frequently my life, my time and what I do with it. If I don’t nobody will and before I know it is out of my control. Life is too short, it passes us by and those we love the most leave us (to begin their life or called by God to a better life) and we need to make the most of the time we have with them.

What do you think your life means? How do you manage your time?

Selling Books by the Thousands

22 09 2007


What comes first, writing or selling your book? To tell you the truth the question is not which to do first but to write a book that people want to read. The key ingredient to write a book and sell thousands of it is to attach the book to a worthy cause.

There are thousands of companies and non-profit organizations all around the country in dying need to raise funds for their advancement. I’m sure you can find a few which you can identify with. You must be passionate about what you write because it will take a lot of work and effort in your part not only as you write the book but on the long road of promoting it. When your initial enthusiasm fades away it is your commitment to impact others with your book what will help you finish your project. A book promotion takes a minimum of two years and ideally you’ll be promoting it even longer.

Writers mistakenly think that they way to sell a lot of books is in bookstores when in reality it is outside, where you go directly to your audience. You must know who your audience is and where to reach it; the way to find out who your audience is by creating a marketing plan for your book. When you have a marketing plan you have a clear road map to deliver the book to the people.

A good way to promote your book and sell thousands is by attaching the book to a company. Companies need books and educational materials on an on-going basis, not only that but they also have built-in budgets for those expenses. All you need to do is find out what they need or are looking for, do a research on the topic and develop a book for them. This is where networking helps. While talking to business and non-profit organization’s owners you can find a need and fill it. When you come up with a book or book idea you can approach the company in order to offer them the book for their organization, ideally the book will be a good product to them to do fundraisings for their cause. They can give the book away to their supporters as an incentive or to create awareness to gain even more support. You can even offer them to sponsor the book and customize the book for their company by including documents, reports or a letter from the chairman, by doing so they will pay you to write and publish the book. When a company sponsors a book a special seal is designed and displayed prominently on the book cover. The better the sales potential of the book the bigger the amount the company will be willing to pay to sponsor it. They are basically paying for exposure, that’s why the marketing plan of your book is so important. It’s what you’ll present to the company in order to negotiate the terms for a sale order or potential sponsorship. Once the company accepts your book and agree upon a percentage of sale profits to go to their company, they will also agree to order and X amount of books when it’s published. Not only that but they will help you promote your book. The reason why they will do so is because your book will help their fundraising and raise awareness about their company’s mission.

In a nutshell here is what you do:
• Make a commitment to find a worthy cause
• Be passionate about it
• Find the right company
• Be persistent and know the market
• Prepare a proposal explaining why your book is perfect for their cause
• Make a deal

About the author:

Clary Lopez is the CEO/Founder of Guerrilla Marketers Café, Free Book Promotion site.
She is an author, moderator and publicist. She is preparing to launch her next book, BookPromo Guerrilla Style. You can contact her at guerrilla@clarylopez.com or visit her websites http://guerrilla.clarylopez.com, http://bookhomestead.com and her official author site http://clarylopez.com