Tapping on Our Inner Strength

22 04 2008

How in the world is it that the people who supposely love us are the one that end up hurting us the most? Perhaps it is because they are so close to us physical and emotionally that we feel it that much more than anyone else around us.

I always say that words are powerful and that they can uplift or destroy an individual, maybe that is why I’m so slow at talking and expressing my feelings to someone else. I need to feel comfortable and trust the person I’m talking to in order to let them into that personal and emotional part of my being, but it is not without its risks.

Inner strength is what helps me deal with different situations in my life. It’s based on the core of my values and beliefs. It gives me the strength to remain, if I need to, in a place where is totally uncomfortable until the time is right to move on. It’s not always easy to stay put when you see your life pass by perhaps missing opportunities at work, love or relationships but I truly believe that in the end you will receive what you truly deserve.

I keep confirming that whenever I want something, immediately after I encounter resistance as a way to test my intentions and the value of my choice. My reaction to that resistance its ultimately what determines its impact; it empower or weakens me. Most of us have plenty of experience with both of these and in time we learn to pick our battles. I’ve given up a lot of dreams but at this point in my life I’m less likely to do so because I feel entitled to many of them. I will take a deep breath, focus on my inner strength until it comes up to the surface and then face the odds against me.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life