A year in time…

6 01 2014



I still can believe a whole year went by and with it not much has changed. I had so many goals in mind and in part a lot of it has not come to reality because it doesn’t depend solely on me. It is truly amazing to see people you thought you knew act in ways you never imagined. In time I am learning to go with the flow, whatever that might be -as long as it does not keeps me away from God- and to enjoy each moment as it comes because at the end I have no idea when all will end. 

I continue to go to the shore over and over again, it is the only place I can clear my mind and relax. Nature has a great effect in me.  I long for the quiet times in which I could get in touch with my soul in order to let it flow into my writing… My life have changed so much. I long for certain things from my past life but would never go back to it. I am thankful for all the blessings received between all the pain and sorrow. I’ve become stronger and met many other women who like me have survived. Each personal path is unique and I must learn that nothing that comes my way is not meant to be, it is! 

As the year begin I am taking the leap, making changes and continue to look for ways to find my path. Even if it is slow, at the end all will be well. I am embracing all the goodness around me.  I need to regain my artistic touch again, my ability to express with words what lies within. Using my talents is one of my priorities this year because it has been too long and it is time to reclaim an integral part of who I am.   


2 07 2013

Sailboats to me represents stillness, ease of travel while breaking deep beneath the water that takes them to uncharted places under the blue sky. Over the water you see a very graceful vessel, simple, stretching up to heaven but what you can’t see is the massive keel which gives it the stability as they dance over the water guided by the wind. 



Life has taken me to rough waters, challenging journeys in which sometimes I can’t even find the chart map for. There is always an internal guide within that if I stay still and quiet enough I am able to connect with for a way to travel and the necessary knowledge to go further. It is hard at times to find time to connect as I fight to survive and stay focus in order to make the right moves and decisions. I know that ultimately my good intentions and desire for justice will prevail. All I want is the freedom to start anew and to have a better future. 

I learned that to live a good life I can’t depend on someone else, at the same time there are certain benefits earned in life that undeniably must be granted.  As a recreate my life I continue to grow and all the challenges add something to my knowledge and make me stronger. Life is not easy, it is a training field for your will and integrity. It is the place where your true colors are brought forth and the place where mistakes can be corrected if you desire to. Nobody is perfect, but I want to try even if I fell a few times. It is okay to fall as long as I get up quick.  I will lift the mainsail as the wind blows, I will follow the flow and see where this world wants to lead me and soon I will see the sunrise in my life like I have never seen it before and smile… All these times will be behind me, soon all will be the past and I will find my happiness again. 

Chossing Our Path

2 06 2008

olive pathe

My spiritual retreat weekend served me to nourish my mind and soul. Here is an excerpt of a reflection I wrote on my journal:

I’m walking the grounds and looking not only for a place to sit and rest my back but also a shade. it must be 96 degrees F and I can’t feel comfortable anywhere.

I go from place to place and try to reflect or write. It’s way too hot, and the insects are now biting me. I decide to go back in. As I look at the path before me the road splits in two, one is a short way to where I’m going but it provides no shade. So I choose the long path instead in order to get relieved from the sun on my skin.

I immediately thought of real life situations that might present themselves; there is always a short way and a long way. In our eagerness to get things over with, we sometimes choose the shortest way when in reality the long way would have given us more time reflect upon our decisions and also provide relief along the way. Like the shade from the trees that almost covered all the way on my long path to the monastery.
(end of journal entry)

Taking time to absorb what surrounds us, to listen to our inner voice, to open ourselves to the possibilities, and to open our mind to the unexpected are just some of the benefits of choosing a long path.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Journey Within

24 05 2008

Taking time to withdraw from daily responsabilities and pressures in order to go within is something that has helped me reflect upon my earthly journey.

There are lessons presented to us on a daily basis with what we encounter in our life; people, work, new projects, world matters, problems to be solved, new goals and dreams.

Journeys within encapsules not only who we are, but also reveals in time who we are meant to be.

Nature Crave

14 04 2008


It was one of those days when all I wanted was to get closer to nature, is one of the places where my mind and soul are fed in different ways. The clean air, the sounds, my heart beating as I hike in the woods and look around me for interesting plants and animals. Unfortunately I got started close to noon time and the heat was a little bit too hot but I pressed on anyway and walked about 2 miles. Mostly sandy trails made the hike challenging but never the less it was worth the time and effort.

When I hike picture taking is part of the adventure, I want to capture the encountered beauty of the surroundings. My mind usually goes blank while I walk and feel each step move my body forward. I absorbe the energy from the sun on my skin and my ears are delighted by the sounds. The breeze refreshes my overheated body and the occasional shade invites me to stop and glance for a little while along the side of the trail.


I sat on a bench facing a small lake and there I tried to absorb the movement of the water towards the edge, the breeze is blowing softly as the birds go in an out of a little island in the center of it. I grab my bottle of water and feel my heart beat faster, then I take my camera and capture a few more shots of my surroundings. The pictures will serve me when I can’t be there but want to be transported by the memories of this day. It’s nature crave, one I enjoy having to let all my senses bask in the delight it stirs in my body, mind and soul.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life