4 10 2009


Have you seen the tides in action? It looks like a gigantic washer that moves in all different directions at the same time. Dangerous, powerful, capable to change the landscape where it lands. It is the same that happens to us in life when we encounter unexpected situations after navigating in tranquil waters for a very long time. Weather is unpredictable and so is our life, that is why we should be prepared and not blindsided that all is rosy and perfect on this earth. I am always amazed to see how we manage situations that throw us out of balance; some of us manage to remain, others fall and get up, and others fall and never get up again.

In this fast changing world, especially after this horrible recession, that seems to cut deeper and deeper into people’s life and well being I can see a glim of hope. Anything is bearable with love because it helps us to see the good and it gives us hope when we have those we love around to support us. We can quickly see who is a true friend and who is just with us when we are on the top to have some fun.

How hard is it to recreate ourselves? As long as we continue to fight our instinct it will be almost impossible to recreate and to find the way out to many of our life ordeals. Today I heard about a friend who in desperation to generate income followed her instinct and in a few short weeks found herself in a very new terrain, full of excitement and support. The one who felt lost just a few weeks ago is now trying to catch up with all the massive action she should take in order to make her dream come true, because by taking action a lot of doors opened at once!

It is hard to stay focused when all the crashing, moving and changing is going around us but we must try our hardest to do so. Keep in mind the ideal and not the path because at this point the logical path will have nothing to do with the one you should take. I believe that at this point in time many new paths will present itself and we will have to make the decision to take one even if we have no idea what to expect. This is a big shifting time in history where new orders are establishing themselves and we can’t resist to it or we won’t survive. Open up your mind and senses and most of all utilize your talents to move forward. I will tell you right now that it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!!

Making the Best of Our Present Situation

24 03 2009


“Life’s circumstances are not always what you might wish them to be. The pattern of life does not necessarily go as you plan. Beyond any understanding, you may at times be led in different directions that you never imagined, dreamed, or designed.” — Vicky Silvers

Life is like that, it is training ground where we develop the skills and virtues that what we lack and strengthen the ones we have. Uncomfortable a times, yes, but worth it at the end, that’s for sure.

Changes, which we have no control over, throw us into unfamiliar ground. We get accustomed to certain routines, comforts and income as life kind of flow from all the efforts and educational preparation we have in order to live reasonably at ease. In these changing economic times when all we have known disappears, is taken away or becomes unknown to us it is hard to feel at ease and optimistic, but it is at those times that we find out what we are truly made of. We are forced to dig deep within in order to find the strength to go on and it is in our yielding to “what is” and the acceptance that we are not really in charge that ultimately give us the strength to let go and by doing so allowing freedom to emerge in our life. Faith is belief in something we can’t see or explain. Shifting realities pushes us to think like we never have before, we need to look for the unthinkable and try to find new ways to survive. There are great opportunities to be discovered and developed in time of hardships but only a small percentage of people will be able to grasp it. You can be one of them if you stop thinking about what you lost and start thinking of what you can gain instead. It is good to be cautious but not to the point to be immobilized, if we do so I can assure it will get worse before it gets better.

The last three years has been very hard financially for my family and for a long time I was using the wrong words to express the lack of money. I was saying; I can’t afford it, I don’t have the money, etc. but during the Christmas Season I decided to trust God -not that I didn’t before- but this time I was going to do it totally and try not to -at the same time- get my will in the middle of His. And you know what? He hasn’t disappointed me yet. I changed my language and I don’t use the phrases I used in the past, now I say; when I get the money, as soon as I can, in a week or so, etc. I am always expecting that God is going to provide us with the necessary means to go on and we have.

So don’t get discouraged, lose hope or faith, there is a silver lining in all of this but you have to open your eyes, ears and heart to it. This could be a time when you will finally find out what your true mission in life is; you will probably get to use your God-given talents for the very first time or on a full-time basis and in the long run you will be happier than you have before. Maybe you will have to give up many material possessions that only tied you down and you will learn to live simpler and that will be a good thing. Too many responsibilities and possessions sometimes enslave us beyond measure. Accept what you can not change and change what you can and see how little by little everything falls into place. It is a given that in order to get something better first we need to let go of what we have sometimes. In order to get our hands full we need to come forward with empty hands, but what we must have is a lot of faith and hope.

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Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

Good Recession Day

19 01 2009

912245_queen_of_shopping (Photography by ElvisFan76)

Unlike my regular Sundays in which I try to catch up with my reading and meditation, today I enjoyed going shopping. The recession has hit many and I have to watch where my money is going, but one good thing about a recession is the great sales you can find just about everywhere. It makes me sad to see a lot of business liquidating their inventory because they are going under but I know that in time they will emerge again. In the meantime today I had the opportunity to buy a few things I needed at a bargain price. I wish I had more money to be able to buy the things I can not afford and that today are at reasonable prices.

I usually don’t like to go shopping but today I had a good one; the day was sunny and clear and the temperature around 69 degrees F. It would have been perfect if I headed to the beach to see the sunset afterward but I guess I can’t be all over town in one day.

I thank God for this day and will welcome a few more like it, with good company, health, laughter and joy.