2 07 2013

Sailboats to me represents stillness, ease of travel while breaking deep beneath the water that takes them to uncharted places under the blue sky. Over the water you see a very graceful vessel, simple, stretching up to heaven but what you can’t see is the massive keel which gives it the stability as they dance over the water guided by the wind. 



Life has taken me to rough waters, challenging journeys in which sometimes I can’t even find the chart map for. There is always an internal guide within that if I stay still and quiet enough I am able to connect with for a way to travel and the necessary knowledge to go further. It is hard at times to find time to connect as I fight to survive and stay focus in order to make the right moves and decisions. I know that ultimately my good intentions and desire for justice will prevail. All I want is the freedom to start anew and to have a better future. 

I learned that to live a good life I can’t depend on someone else, at the same time there are certain benefits earned in life that undeniably must be granted.  As a recreate my life I continue to grow and all the challenges add something to my knowledge and make me stronger. Life is not easy, it is a training field for your will and integrity. It is the place where your true colors are brought forth and the place where mistakes can be corrected if you desire to. Nobody is perfect, but I want to try even if I fell a few times. It is okay to fall as long as I get up quick.  I will lift the mainsail as the wind blows, I will follow the flow and see where this world wants to lead me and soon I will see the sunrise in my life like I have never seen it before and smile… All these times will be behind me, soon all will be the past and I will find my happiness again. 

A Sure Way to Grow

31 03 2008

“Our trials, our sorrows, and our grieves develop us.” –Orison Sweet Marden

I remember a time when I wanted to be older, I envisioned it to be my ticket to freedom in order to do what I wanted to do, finally! How ironic, as time went by I realized that freedom is not to be able to do what I want to do but what I ought to do. Sometimes we ignore what we need to do in order to fulfill our earthly mission but we are soon reminded in the most uncomfortable ways; trials, sorrows, grief, sickness, etc. Unless we are shaken we would never stop to look deep within in order to find answers to our challenges. Most of us like to enjoy life without having to deal with pain and sorrow but it is in that pain and sorrow that our true self is revealed maybe for the first time even to us. In most cases is not a pretty picture, it is our being torned by past experiences, wounded, weak, sensitive to the most minimal criticism from those around us. It is not who we want to be or who we are at the moment but somehow others can’t forget our past.

As we enter dark moments in our life we are forced to be guided by others things other than our regular vision. Our emotions, our instincts, our faith and our soul needs to come into play in order to find a way out of our immediate misery. Accustomed to live on the flesh disregarding the soul will make this experience difficult. Trying to get away from the dark quick will also produce painful sensations since our whole being is calling us to experience and change at a certain level before we step away from it transformed. Like I mentioned before changes are not easy to make specially when we are uncertained of the outcome, that’s where faith comes in. Trusting that our trial has a reason for being and a purpose for our life and well being.

Truth has a way to make itself known. Inner peace is only achieved through a balance within, it is the satisfaction to know that our intention and our purpose is fully aligned to our individual persona. We can’t live our life under someone’s goals, values and intentions. Personal growth is an individual process calling us to put everything and everyone aside in order to be true to our self and our destiny. Failing to become individuals we slowly extinguished the very light we are called to let shine for the world to see. If we cover it, nobody will know it existed. One of the most painful experiences is to know that we are unknown to those around us, they are quick to see our faults and not our virtues. Another painful experience is to have hidden our individuality so well from those around us -in order not to disturb their life- than when it finally emerges it is rejected and their love and support is withdrawn from us.

I wonder what life would be if we decide to stay forever in our dark night just to keep the peace of those around us while the war continues inside of us. I don’t believe is possible to deny what it clamors for; transformation. To negate to go beyond what we know for sure is only denying the great possibilities God has in store for us.