Nature Crave

14 04 2008


It was one of those days when all I wanted was to get closer to nature, is one of the places where my mind and soul are fed in different ways. The clean air, the sounds, my heart beating as I hike in the woods and look around me for interesting plants and animals. Unfortunately I got started close to noon time and the heat was a little bit too hot but I pressed on anyway and walked about 2 miles. Mostly sandy trails made the hike challenging but never the less it was worth the time and effort.

When I hike picture taking is part of the adventure, I want to capture the encountered beauty of the surroundings. My mind usually goes blank while I walk and feel each step move my body forward. I absorbe the energy from the sun on my skin and my ears are delighted by the sounds. The breeze refreshes my overheated body and the occasional shade invites me to stop and glance for a little while along the side of the trail.


I sat on a bench facing a small lake and there I tried to absorb the movement of the water towards the edge, the breeze is blowing softly as the birds go in an out of a little island in the center of it. I grab my bottle of water and feel my heart beat faster, then I take my camera and capture a few more shots of my surroundings. The pictures will serve me when I can’t be there but want to be transported by the memories of this day. It’s nature crave, one I enjoy having to let all my senses bask in the delight it stirs in my body, mind and soul.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life