When you know it in your heart

26 07 2015


The time has come in my life where I feel I should stop and listen closely, it has been nagging at me for decades. It is a shame that all this time has gone by but the internal urging never fades away. Fear keeps me grounded where I am, and I am thankful to God that he has sustained me this far until I come to my senses. I really don’t know the purpose of this wait other than I need to grow some more, I need to put on some more tough coatings over my skin to face the unknown and build on my trust on the one who gives me everything.

God created me with gifts and talents yet to be fully developed, and there is such greatness in all his designs, that I doubt this is all I will be able to do so far. I need to reach deep within and towards him in order to fulfill my mission and at the same time I try to live “safe.” I am reaching the edge of great cliff in which a vast land lies before me, I see the eagles fly and I long to fly with them. They too were at the edge right before they let go and jump forward towards the big empty space, trusting their wings and God provided the wind beneath it to lift them up… What a magnificent view must they have from above, what a thrilling sensation to be carried by faith alone.

Changes bring so many uncertainties, in today’s journal entry for my Psychology class I encountered an entry from one of the students facing his discontent towards his present work situation which created great stress in his life. This is my comment to him:

“I can relate to your stress related to your work. Work is such an extension of who we are, it should be considered (in my opinion) as what we are supposed to do in order to use our gifts and talents. At times we choose careers that provide us with the financial means we need to survive in society. In time those choices weigh heavy on us and we feel unhappy and unsatisfied. I believe we have an internal intuition to know these things, and in time we are faced with the reality to make a change. It is not easy to let go of what we know and jump off into the unknown… I am on that path myself, at the threshold to listen to my intuition telling me that I can be more than I am right now, and that my talents are not utilized properly. There is a certain peace I know we must feel when we are on the right path, and it takes courage to trust and move on towards the unknown.

I wish you the best in all you do, and may you find that place in which you will feel that you can be your ALL for the world to see.” e

*Eagle picture retrieved from http://grannysuesnews.blogspot.com/2012/05/high-places.html

Fantastic Day

22 12 2014

What a way to start a week; full of energy, looking out for that next blessing with a smile on my face. Life is so full of wonderful things. There is never a dull moment when there is awe in our life. That sense of wonder and hope that makes me happy and makes me smile while driving to work. I am infinitely blessed and there are no limits to what I can do with God’s help. He has been an awesome partner; taking care of me, guiding me and protecting me every step of the way. I know he has great things in store for me because all he gives is good and just. I can only say, I can’t hardly wait to open my eyes and see my new future, full of shine… Thank you for following my blog, for leaving your thoughts and comments, for encouraging and for wishing me well. I sure wish many blessings to be bestowed upon you and may this Christmas be unforgettable and the New Year bring you health most of all and lots of joy and laughter.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

7 03 2008

Reading and listening to successful people is one of the best ways to learn with what perspective to look at our life. We encounter many situations and challenges in life and sometimes doubt we are doing the right thing. I’ve noticed one common theme along these kind of messages and testimonies;


At the time it might seem foolish but on the long run it pays off. We don’t know for sure if things are going to work out but in time when we look back we can see it clearly. It happens a lot when the unexpected happens to us just when we are feeling comfortable right where we are. It is an opportunity to learn and grow in ways we never thought of. The growth is usually painful because it means leaving what is familiar and comfortable to us. It takes courage to move on a different direction, but our instincts will guide us. Some of us are slow or afraid to take a new path (in life or business) even though we had a gut instinct that something needs to change, by the time we decide to do something it’s too late. We can see that in the trend changes of our economy today and how signs were displayed years ago. Those who noticed them and made changes are doing better today -at least they prepared- others are having a hard time.

So let’s learn to tune into ourselves and read within the lines of our emotions, listen to our instinct and act upon them.


“He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom.” James Huneker

Now Living

5 02 2008

Living is an art, finding the right balance and determining our intention is integral to the overall quality of our life. Many of us are guilty of not living our life, we are alive but not living. Spending our days dwelling either on the past or the future instead of today.

Time goes by so fast that if we are not paying attention we miss the point altogether. Touching, connecting and transforming is part of what life is and doing the best we can according to our gifts and talents. Learning, experiencing and teaching is another important piece in the equation.

Are you living or are you just alive?