Obama’s First Mistake

24 01 2009

There was so much hope for a new President, so many dreams of a better future and positive changes and here we are, Obama’s great first mistake.

He struck down the ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information. Too bad that it was one that will kill millions of Americans. People think that this nation’s state is due to bad financial decisions and the war but it is not, this is about life and the complete disrespect people have of it. There is a high price to pay for killing innocent infants before they are even born, so when you see things get worse instead of better as the time goes by take notice of how many Americans have died because we play god and don’t complain.

If you think bring our troops back home will solve our problems and that we will be saving lives that way, I am afraid you are mistaken. I respect the military and what they do in keeping our nation free and safe. Few people would sacrifice the way they do.

The worst war we have in our hands is the one against evil and abortion is just one of the many battles that will brings us down, that along the numbness many seem to be in by mistakenly think that they have a right over their body and don’t realize that the baby is not their body.

I will brace myself for whatever will befall this nation because I am sure that God can’t keep blessing a country who kills their own for this long.

Election 2008

30 10 2008

My brother has been calling me to listen to radio interviews, TV promotions and debates as well as sending me e-mails about his choice for this year. I have done some of the same. Last night it got a little heated but we always end up in good terms. I guess there is no easy way to let others understand what the most important issues are on this campaign. There is a lot going on in this country at the moment and I guess it is easy to get lost in the issues.

One thing I have always thought about is the undeniable connection our actions as a nation has to do with the state that it is in. I know a lot of people don’t want to think about God and politics, but he is involved in every aspect of our life. This great nation was founded “One nation under God” and that is why it has been so powerful but as we push God to the side we become weaker. Just look around you, we can deny it all we want and blame it in so many other things but at the end we will know for sure.

Here is an important message, Eleventh Hour Election Alert, I encourage to see it and to open your heart. Then go and vote, it is a privilege not everyone has in this world, don’t waste it.