President Obama @ Notre Dame

17 05 2009

I truly thought that President Obama would have the respect to stay away from an institution who stands for everything he doesn’t believe in, mainly the sanctity of life. Even though the President of Notre Dame invited him in his disillusion, ignorance or unfaithfullness to his own Catholic faith. Notre Dame is either on its way to not to be counted as a Catholic University or they need a real priest to be in charge of it. I am ashamed to see someone go against over 100 Bishops who opposed this appearance in Notre Dame, compromise the totality of our faith and on top of that honor an individual (whoever he might be) and call himself Catholic.

I read that the President will use the opportunity to reach out to Catholics but we need way more than words, we need actions. He presented himself deceitfully to Christians on his campaign when he spoke of abortion, marriage and many other moral issues in order to get people’s votes. Now we can see him for what he truly stands for. Actions speak louder than words. And don’t deceive yourself with those percentages shown on Catholics supporting him because those who do most likely don’t even know or practice their Catholic faith.

Warning: They Are Stealing From You

27 03 2009


Today I just had enough.

Money doesn’t come easy these days but it seems it is very easy to lose the little that we have.The companies we deal with are doing very little to help the consumer and if we are not watchful they plain steal from us.

I always try to teach my kids how to handle their finances and help them become independent but yesterday we had a big lesson taught to my daughter and me, DON’T TRUST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. I will not mention the bank I dealt with but I would say that we have been with this bank for over 20 years, in the past they have worked with me and did their best to keep me as a customer, not so this week.

I took my daughter to open her first checking/savings account with this bank couple of weeks ago and in the past it has always been a pleasant experience. They usually explain everything, work with the new client and even offered a bonus for referring the account to them. Okay, they were courteous and tried to explain everything but there are things you need to read for yourself. They said the account was free for students (false). There is a charge for a lot of things and her being new at this and not taking the time to read everything in detail missed some vital information. It has happened to all of my kids, they make mistakes, they get charged and then the officials credit them in good faith because they know how it is. It is not an habitual thing, once they knew what could happen they never done it again and we are always in that bank. All our accounts are there: checking, savings, business, credit card, investments, everything.

Anyway, my point is this. She could not get online for a few days for some reason. And she overdrew on her account 5 times and resulted in a whooping $135 in charges. They usually give you couple of days to cover the charges and don’t add the fee but in this case they did not. There was no way they will take out anything but $35, she lost $100, awesome! You know how long it took her to build that money? And her impression? Banks are thieves, my thoughts also.

Well, there are plenty of banks trying to get new customers and I will close all my accounts with this bank and go somewhere else. I need to be watchful of how they do things and how my money is handled. But let me tell you the same is going on with credit card companies as well. In these difficult times when people can hardly pay the minimum amount on their accounts they triple their interest rates, so how in the world are they going to get ahead if their accounts is next to impossible to pay off??? It is all about them and not the consumer. I am seriously considering going back to the times when nothing was bought on credit and people kept their money under the mattress, it will be safer that way. They only thing will be to give up the convenience to pay my accounts online and not having to get money orders to pay my bills. All I know is that I am losing more money than I can afford at this time and it is my responsibility to manage my money in the best manner possible.

On the same token I received a call from a collection agency trying to contact my son, the Marine. There is an account he needs to pay and I come to find out through him that it might be a cable company he asked to have disconnected before he was deployed. At the time his roommate wanted to keep the connection for another month so they asked to have the account transferred to his friend’s name. They said they would but then they said they needed to call him in order to confirm the change (0f course, to delay the process), hello!! He is on the phone line with you right now making the request why can’t you confirm it right that moment? By the time they called he was already gone (0f course, what they wanted), the transfer never made, the service continued, his friend is gone now also to Afghanistan, they are serving this country, for Heaven sake write off the freaking charges instead of having a collection damaging his credit. My son said he heard the same happening to other Marines. He has an excellent credit rating, so far he managed to build it up to nearly perfect and now this. It is ridiculous!!

Every company is out there trying to pull a month here, a charge there, interest rates, not processing cancellations, whatever they can to steal money from us!!! I am outraged! A well known internet provider used to do the same by offering a free month of connection and letting cancel the service at no charge but you would call to cancel and they would never process the request on time and you would always got charged for at least one month. That’s stealing!!!!! Now a see a free month ANYTHING and run as fast as I can from it.

What are you doing with your money? How are you protecting yourself?

When Faith, Politics and Opinions bring Divisions

28 01 2009

I hardly ever speak about politics or religion but there are times when we need to. Whenever I do I know why most people stay away from the topics and prefer to keep their opinions to themselves, it brings controversy and divisions. You can get good and bad comments and many times you receive many insults if they don’t understand or agree with your point of view.

I really don’t know where some people’s manners go when they try to express their point of view, even family members become aggressive. I am not by far a perfect person but I try my best not to hurt others people’s feelings or damage a relationship just because we happen to think differently. There is a civil way to talk and discuss different points of views without being hateful about it.

Blogging serves as an excellent platform to share and discuss with people around the world and I expect the people that come visit mine to be respectful, I try to do the same. For the most part, if I feel I can’t, I don’t leave my print behind for posterity.

What is your experience when you discuss these topics? Do you comfort or detour from them? How would you handle someone who might have a lot of education but very little tact or good manners?

Obama’s First Mistake

24 01 2009

There was so much hope for a new President, so many dreams of a better future and positive changes and here we are, Obama’s great first mistake.

He struck down the ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information. Too bad that it was one that will kill millions of Americans. People think that this nation’s state is due to bad financial decisions and the war but it is not, this is about life and the complete disrespect people have of it. There is a high price to pay for killing innocent infants before they are even born, so when you see things get worse instead of better as the time goes by take notice of how many Americans have died because we play god and don’t complain.

If you think bring our troops back home will solve our problems and that we will be saving lives that way, I am afraid you are mistaken. I respect the military and what they do in keeping our nation free and safe. Few people would sacrifice the way they do.

The worst war we have in our hands is the one against evil and abortion is just one of the many battles that will brings us down, that along the numbness many seem to be in by mistakenly think that they have a right over their body and don’t realize that the baby is not their body.

I will brace myself for whatever will befall this nation because I am sure that God can’t keep blessing a country who kills their own for this long.

At the dawn of change

6 11 2008

Election Day is over and with it the joy of many people who exercised the priveledge to choose a new President. I congratulate all of you who took part on this event.

The expectancy now is change, a new course, a new path. We can do all of that as well in all aspects of our life. We need to expect the best in order to attract it. Looking for the good in circumstances instead of focusing on the bad. Make your plans, begin to work and then expect for your needs to be met to make it a reality, to become aparent or real. It is not easy but we must do that or we will sink in hopelesness.

I am choosing to make some changes on my way of thinking and to hang on to hope, to expect something good always and to work not matter what happens around me.

I know that there are better times ahead of me and not because we have a new President but because today I choose to trust that I have the power to change my present circumstances and to create something great.

We are at a dawn of change. Think about it like it is up to you, that you have been blessed with many gifts and talents and just like our new President is going to use his, we are also called to use ours to move not only this nation but our life and ultimately the world to a better tomorrow.

Election 2008

30 10 2008

My brother has been calling me to listen to radio interviews, TV promotions and debates as well as sending me e-mails about his choice for this year. I have done some of the same. Last night it got a little heated but we always end up in good terms. I guess there is no easy way to let others understand what the most important issues are on this campaign. There is a lot going on in this country at the moment and I guess it is easy to get lost in the issues.

One thing I have always thought about is the undeniable connection our actions as a nation has to do with the state that it is in. I know a lot of people don’t want to think about God and politics, but he is involved in every aspect of our life. This great nation was founded “One nation under God” and that is why it has been so powerful but as we push God to the side we become weaker. Just look around you, we can deny it all we want and blame it in so many other things but at the end we will know for sure.

Here is an important message, Eleventh Hour Election Alert, I encourage to see it and to open your heart. Then go and vote, it is a privilege not everyone has in this world, don’t waste it.

Shifting Our Collective Consciousness

12 10 2008

Our present economic situation is the inevitable result of our actions. For decades we have learned to spend more than we earn and financial institutions were the enablers to this misfortune. The way all of the financial institutions deal with this economic crisis doesn’t make sense to me. Raising interest rates on credit card balances when we get behind in payments is not going to help us pay them back sooner. Damaging our credit records is not going to help us, if we can get loans at a decent interest rate from whatever source possible -like the equity in our homes- in order to get our finances in order the would be better off. What makes them think that if we can’t pay the minimum due on our accounts that we will be able to pay the full balance? It is not that we don’t want to pay our bills, it is that we can’t pay with money we don’t have. I believe that there should be a shift on our collective consciousness and instead at looking so much at the financial institutions that the government look at us with compassion as well and try to help us.

The situation is clear, even if the financial institutions are saved by the government’s bail out program or by becoming part owners they won’t in turn reach out to us in order to rescue us from our financial ordeals. I don’t believe that will help us in any way, shape or form. What I believe should happen is for all financial institutions to communicate in writing with their customers with new re-payment alternatives on their accounts. Everyone knows that interest rates, penalties, mortgage terms and writing off accounts don’t work. I challenge them to stop being so greedy and adjust each and every account to the point that they can at least break even, if they don’t I’m sure in time we will learn to do without them. Banks should do whatever it takes to keep everyone in their homes instead of going through another foreclosure. Shifting our collective consciousness to one based on what we earn and what we can afford will provide us with peace of mind and well-being.

I don’t know if we have a Domestic Economics course in school, one that teaches not about this country domestic economics but one that teaches about our own economics at home. If we do students should be required to mastered it by the time they graduate from high school. I would suggest this course begins in Junior High. Now days even teenagers have their own credit cards without having a job. As parents it is our job to teach our kids about handling money, even if it is from our own mistakes.

What is your opinion on this whole situation? What do you think needs to happen in order to turn it around?