Holding It In

9 09 2009

For the longest time we have been trained to hold things up. Living in a society demands that sometimes we don’t speak of certain topics or opinions. When it comes to relationships it is pretty much the same but one thing I know is that no communication=no relationship. Holding in opinions, emotions, hurt, ideas, disagreements, etc takes a toll on anyone. There is a fine line between being honest and rude, between expressing our frustration and insulting someone in the process. At times is best to just walk away. Words can’t never be taken back but not because of it we are to be so afraid to utter them, in some occasions they are essential to help resolve a situation.

Holding things in for too long only leads to an imminent explosion and out of control situation. There is only so much we all can take and for our own emotional and health we need to learn to release from time to time.

What is your experience with holding it in? Have you learned ways to release in order not to create too much pressure that will provoke an “explosion”?

Life Lessons on Letting Go

1 09 2009

It was a long time coming, the years go by and before you know it your kids are no kids anymore. At first one refuse to see it or accept and we try to hold on, one more year, one more month, one more day, one more hour but as the time goes by the tension grows greater as we try to hold on. The moment comes and the pressure is such that you just have to let go. It is painful, at first I felt lost and unneeded, sometimes even unwanted, but it has been almost couple of weeks and it is a relief not to have to be after anyone. Everyone is responsible for their own schedule and work. It is tempting not to try to help or ask too many questions but at the same time it is liberating.

This is the time to begin to recreate my life in so many ways; emotionally, physically and spirituality. It is a time to open doors and windows and see what is out there that I could not see, hear and experience for so long. My focus is slowly changing from raising and caring to the spontaneity of each and every day. It is not easy sometimes when you are used to structure and routine but at the same time is exciting. Time will pass until I am completely accustomed to this new way of living and new role in my life. I love to direct and guide and now all I will have to do (hope so) is assist. Watching how the decisions are made, right or wrong, while standing on the sidelines in not an easy task. I want to jump right in and make it alright. I guess every mom wants to do the same but it is time to let go.

As another day begins all I can say is that I am thankful for the years past no matter how hard they were, and that I look forward for the years to come which will come with new and unknown experiences. May they be as memorable and fulfilling as the time when we as a family laid a strong foundation.

Issues on Forgiveness

26 08 2009

Yesterday I listened on the radio about this man who got hurt by someone he loved, not physically but emotionally. In his effort to forgive he wondered what he should do to prevent it from happening again. The answer, even though very logical and true, made me think of my own actions in trying to control and protect myself from the same thing happening again. There are many things we can do to try to prevent a situation but we can’t stop anyone from doing what they want to do, it is their decision, and no matter how many barriers and obstacles we put on their way, if they want to do something they would find a way to do it anyway.

It is nerve racking to stay put and to wait for what could happen, it is difficult to stay and act like nothing happened, it is hard to think that you might have to go through it all over again. To forgive is not for the faint of heart, it is one of the most difficult things to do. I guess we try because we know that we are not perfect either and that in many occasions forgiveness has been given to us as well, especially from God. To forgive and forget is divine, no doubt, it is not in our nature. It is a fierce struggle to make it work and to break loose. It is a storm of emotions.

How do you feel about it? What is your experience with forgiveness?

Still Standing

6 06 2009

Sixteen long and hard days, that is all I can say. My mind and body grew weary and my heart is quench with pain. Thank God that I can always count on him. Lover of my soul who tend to my every need and whisper in my ear as I close my eyes and drift away in tears. It is because of him that I am here, still standing. I could see the forces coming at me from every angle and direction and yet, I am still standing. I follow his inspirations, I listen to his word. Got to learn to breathe deeply once again. I am stronger than I thought even though I was born a fighter. I never foresaw this battle and yet here it is, testing all that is in me. I close my eyes and drift away to what was calm, to what was peaceful. Now I am forced into a vigil. At the gate still standing, no enemy will pass the walls.

Book Launch Preparation

7 04 2009

As the time draws near to the moment I have worked so hard for, I can not help but to also feel anxious.

I pray that my next book, Moonlit Walks, offers my readers a reason for hope in these difficult times when it is hard to look for that positive glimpse in our daily circumstances. It is the only way to move on and let our life be transformed into what is meant to be.

I don’t offer solutions to individual situations but one thing I can do is to share with you my journey in order to inspire others to begin their very own journey. In the same way that I offered in Simplicity, Richness of Life, my experiences on raising a family and learning to live simpler in order to do what matters in my life, on Moonlit Walks I will explore many other topics that I deemed worthy to reflect upon and explore. It is the only way I know how to navigate my life and the turmoils it sometimes accompanies it, one that perhaps will help others to do the same in their own unique way until they too find themselves in come waters.

Life is not easy sometimes but it becomes bearable when we share it with those around us. I believe that is why many of us are having a hard time today, we have disconnected ourselves from each other in pursuit of our own dreams. We have lost the sense that family, friendship and community is what makes us prosper in the long run, not merely individuality. We treasure who we are, yes, but never forgetting that we are also called to share ourselves with others. It is a way to enrich life and to make it more meaningful. It is to give it reason for its existence.

Stay tuned for the announcement on the launch of Moonlit Walks, I will try to make it as memorable as the moments that inspired it.

Watching from the Sidelines

30 03 2009


This has to be the hardest stage I have to go through while raising my kids. Once they get to their teens they begin to make their own choices and with it comes their mistakes. It has taken me a lot of time to build a solid foundation under them and now it is time to see what they do with it.

When it comes to not making the right choices or not measuring the consequences it is very hard for me to made me understood. It is frustrating to try to guide and then be disregarded over and over again. As a parent I has always been ready to lead, protect, provide, motivate, encourage, and fight if I have to. There is only so much we can do to prevent certain devastating consequences at this stage and unfortunately some kids don’t learn their lessons until they hit the bottom. I am not sure if they are crying for something they are not getting from us or if they are just plain stupid sometimes. At this point I am trying to get some feedback from experienced parents and so far they come to the same conclusion: there is not much you can do but to watch from the sidelines and pray as hard as you can for a good outcome.

What are your experiences with these situations? What has worked and what hasn’t?

Let Me Hear From You

26 03 2009

Today I thought about you and what are you going through. Tell me about your day, your challenges, your worries. I share on this blog a lot of different topics and describe many situations for you to reflect upon, but today I want to hear it from you. Would you tell me?