Feeling Satisfaction

23 11 2007

This morning I went about my daily routine of checking e-mails, blogs and websites. There was a book revision I finished late last night and it was time to get it out of the way. I’m pleasantly satisfied with the book and how it turned out. It’s the first one I publish for someone else. Then later on I checked my e-mail again and it was the author sending me some pictures with his book on hand, his radiant smile moved my heart. This is something that he couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams, but that I had to make it happen because of his talent and most of all for his family.

Opening your mind and letting the words from your soul spill unto the pages of your work has a tremendous value. To me is the ultimate journey in connecting to everyone around us. The writing could be anything you want; non-fiction, fiction, poetry, play, movie script, lyrics, etc. it all has its way to reach those intended to receive it. The main thing is not to take with you that which is longing to emerge. It is in that creative flow that we get to know ourselves as we write, it’s almost a magical experience when the words somehow move someone’s spirit deep within. I can’t explain it but if I don’t see the words appear on my notebook or the blank screen of my computer I feel like a volcano close to erupt.

I think I feel the same -if not more- satisfaction to read other people’s work and not to mention to be able to help someone else birth that long awaited book. A book that was part of someone’s soul for so long and that yearned to be born into this reality realm in order to touch and transform those who read it. To awake thoughts, ideas, emotions in its readers. To leave a legacy behind.

Right now I’m working in the last details of this book launch, so stay tuned for when the big reveal takes place.

Drawing Inspiration

23 10 2007

Lake Tahoe

Nature is number one on my list of places from where I draw my writing inspirations, my life, people and art is another. When you are a writer you learn to become aware of little inspiration triggers that will make it easier when you sit down in front of a blank screen.

Here is a picture I took at Lake Tahoe, the couple of days I spent there where filled with beautiful views and wonderful weather. It was starting to cool down already and it reached the 27 degrees at night. It was quite a drastic change from the heat in Arizona just hours before. Thank God I was prepared for anything and brought my winter jacket.

It was a shame I didn’t have much time to write while I traveled but I armed myself with my camera, took a ton of pictures and picked up a lot of area brochures which I’m looking at whenever I have quiet time to write. Between the two I’m sure some good articles and blog entries is going to flow (I hope).

What do you use to get inspired and write? Do you write on a daily basis?


I think, think and think and the day comes, when I explode through pen.So not a frequent writer.

Lovely post.

Tuesday October 10, 2006 – 01:00am (PKT)
Steve… Offline IM Yes, nature inspires me as well, but also little things like interactions between people, maybe a story of unselfishness or courage, beauty in nature of the spirit and soul of a person. Others writers also inspire me as well.

Monday October 9, 2006 – 03:07pm (CDT)
Inesta Offline Love, always love, I’ll check my blogs to see if I have one that is not driven by something about love…

Monday October 9, 2006 – 04:15pm (EDT)
Inesta Offline Yep, I went to check and all of my inspired-writings are driven somehow by love : )

Monday October 9, 2006 – 04:48pm (EDT)
Txcha… Offline IM Watching movies…documentaries, movies with narrators telling a story, other blogs of others experiencing real life, knowing that I’ve maybe experienced something similar and why not write my story. Sometimes just by daydreaming of past experiences or just thoughts of people and thier lives. I’ve only begun to write, but thus far…these are my inspirations. Sometimes ideas come in dreams or while I’m just laying in bed, but then after I attempt to write the thoughts I had…gone. So, I’ve decided to keep a small recorder with me.

Monday October 9, 2006 – 03:50pm (CDT)
Docto… Offline I don’t think there’s a sole source for inspiration, at least it shouldn’t be. Nature, animals, people, emotions and events can all inspire one should they “absorb” the experience. Writing is less about what “is” and more about what it is you see.

Very nice photos!

The Doctor

Monday October 9, 2006 – 08:22pm (EDT)
Miche… Offline Beautiful picture!

As for me, EVERYTHING inspires me to write. I can be driving down the street and ideas for stories just pop into my head – or an idea for a blog post – or just a few lines that I know might lead to something big… it’s one of those things, writing is just ingrained into who I am…

Monday October 9, 2006 – 08:12pm (CDT)
ƹllɇṙɏ Offline For me it could be anything and everywhere so thats why I carry with me a notebook. Sometimes when I’m driving in the highway and have a inspiration stroke I pull over grab a napking from my glove comparment and start writing everything down then when I get home finish it cuz sometimes when is gone is gone and never come back the same. I do write daily! I like ur blog I can relate with you! take care!

Tuesday October 10, 2006 – 05:38am (EDT)
vj360° Offline IM well…looking at those headless trees i think of myself. my shabby life and everything….ohh such a depressing scenary….i am running…thats better i think

Wednesday October 11, 2006 – 05:32am (IST)

Old World Flavor

8 09 2007

I’m attracted to old word architecture and its charm. One of my dreams is to one day travel to Europe. Among the countries I would love to see are: Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland.


In redesigning this blog I selected one of my pictures of Old San Juan. I grew up looking at beautiful Spanish architecture and my high school dance was in Casa de Espana. Its old world charm transported me to places designed in a much simpler but elegant times. It was a time in which beauty was desired and the buildings and houses were constructed with a lot more details than today. The bright colors of the buildings are a reminder of living in a tropical island and the pace is faster than in the United States.

Restaurants built with this old world flavor are an automatic attraction to me. As soon as you walk in you can smell the different spices used in their simple but tasty dishes and the service tend to be superb. They tend to be a little expensive but they are great for a special occasion.

What kind of places and architecture do you enjoy?

Finding My Voice

21 07 2007

I got serious about writing eight years ago, before that writing was just a way to stay alive. I wrote in journals for the most part in order to sort my emotions and ideas. There comes a time in every writer’s life when the need to share their work with world is scary. We worry if the readers will accept or not what we have to share with them. For the longest time I thought who cares about the struggles of young mom and wife as she raises her children. The reality was that many women were going through the same things I was. I met them at the store, at the gym, at church and at work. They all have the same goal in mind; to be a good mom and still do their job inside or outside the home.

Finding my voice has been a journey, I don’t quite know what it is I want to concentrate in. I have so many interests that to choose one is kind of confinding. As my life evolves I find myself with a great need to share the different facets of my personal journey. I’m not in one place for a very long time and I learn and grow with each challenge and trial, I guess this is why they call it growing pains. The categories my writing fall under the most are self-help, inspirational and memoir, but I really don’t feel either one of those describes my niche. If could create a whole new genre it would be Self Awareness, the art of being, I think that describes exactly what I try to do with my writing. It is the wonderings of our mind and as we explore our inner self that we become who we are and ultimately what we are meant to be. Nobody can do it or force it on us, this is a journey where we decide we are ready to begin.

So is this new genre something that can be feasible to me as a writer? I would like to think so because it encapsules everything that I’m going through and will carry me well into the future.

What Impacts a Writer

12 07 2007

Life has a way to impact the writer’s writing. For good or bad the many occurrences of our daily lives affect that which we create or not according to our circumstances. Today it was a very hard day for me, even though I tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel I found myself in darkness most of the time. I tried to communicate to the best of my ability but my words fell on deaf ears most of the time. I have my fleeting moments of joy that vanishes as quickly as they came.

Being a writer is a wonderful way to grasp whatever moments and translate them onto the pages of a notebook. It’s an excellent outlet to unload the feelings that rush within us sometimes without a notice. I’m thankful to be able to do this, to be able to read and write in two languages and to release some of the tension that lies inside me.

Transmitting Emotions

31 05 2007

As an inspirational writer I have a wealth of topics I can develop only if I’m able to transmit emotions effectively. There is a common thread of circumstances and situations that readers can relate to and at the same time there is a good way to unload emotions you yourselft experience or those who you see people around you handle on a daily basis.

I’m sensitive and observe events and situations develop like in a movie. I try to get in touch with my feelings on a daily basis and see what is trying to teach me. Sometimes it screams, others I can hardly hear it but I feel it deep within my heart and soul; Pleasant, painful, joyful, sad, worried, desperate, it’s all fair play if I can develop it into something someone else can relate to.

I also read good inspirational books in order to perfect my writing and communicate my messages more effectively.

One thing that is difficult to handle is the thought that if you write about certain emotions your readers automatically would think it is you the one going through them when in reality we draw them from so many sources. In that respect sometimes the words don’t come out as fluent and sincerely as we want them to be. I’ve read a few books by famous writers who speak about this and how we need to forget about it and let it flow.

What would you like to read more in the inspirational genre? What key ingredients should it contain?

Dreams, where do they lead us?

26 02 2007

Dreams are part of our life and some people claim that they have a purpose and meaning and we should act upon them. When I have a dream I immediately think about it and try to relate it to anything that has happened to me or try to understand if it’s trying to send me a a message.

In the Bible we read about how St. Joseph receives messages from God by an angel in a dream and he acts upon them. I believe that God still communicates with us through dreams.

I have been preparing to part from one of my loved ones for months now, the agony was unbearable at times and the closer the moment got the worst I was getting. I prayed daily for strength and acceptance, but it wasn’t until I had a vivid dream with my late grandmother Julia that I felt calm. The heaviness of my heart disappeared and I began to pray “Your strength Lord, not mine.” My grandmother went through a similar experience and I know that she provided me with her strength. The were no words exchanged in my dream, just her face before me as real as in life, that’s all I needed.

Perhaps you have other experiences with dreams that would like to share here with me.

For now I’m thankful for the gift of dreams in order to somehow connect with whoever or whatever the Lord wants to communicate to me.