Learning a new Rhythm

17 11 2011

It has been many years in a foreign land, a land where I never decided to live in and even though I did my heart always was somewhere else. Now that somewhere else is here and in many ways I feel a little foreign in it. It’s ironic but at this time sentiments and habits created long ago are part of my being. As I embrace the land I always wanted to be in, I must also embrace what I become while on it. It is a slow process that I must learn to flow with in order to regain control of my life, a lot depends on it including my happiness.

To Quiet the heart does not come easy, even when the ideal circumstances are denied; it lingers, it waits, it dreams, it flies where it want to be and subliminally communicates with the other. Time will only tell if it will live or die.

I’m slowly learning to close my eyes, to look away, to keep my mind busy when it needs to in order to help let the time pass by. I realize that sometimes the torture is created within and mistakenly I expect the peace to come from external means, nothing is further from the truth, both are created within. I must decide which one to grow in order to move on, torture has lived way too long with me.

As I learn this new rhythm and even dance to it, I must also know that it will take time… It will be worthy at the end and my heart will be full of peace and joy, just like I dream, like I hope, like is meant to be against all the odds.



3 responses

23 11 2011
Louis White

It is always good and refreshing to read your blog! It looks like you have started to move on. I hope that wherever that land is it is as beautiful as the paradise you have shown us before. Best of luck!

2 01 2012
Sam Koren

Good luck learning the new rhythm of your life dear. Thank you for letting us into your thoughts. 🙂

9 11 2012

When Ayla acts as the medicine woman at the Clan Gathering and prepares the sacred herb for the Mog-urs’ ceremony, she ingests some of the juice from the root and is strongly affected by its psychotropic properties. Creb makes telepathic contact with her, and she follows him through his psychic exploration of the Clan “memories.” She then follows the path of the Others’ divergence from the Clan, and among other things sees a glimpse of the future: “Boxlike structures…long ribbons of stone…strange animals crawling at great speeds…huge birds that flew without flapping their wings.” Apparently Auel intended to describe Ayla seeing a glimpse of the modern era, and even beyond to the next stage of human evolution. Creb has seen all these things with her, and telepathically orders her out of the cave when she returns to her own mind, knowing in his heart that only the Others will continue to evolve and that the Clan will die out.

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