In my mind…

31 07 2011

I wish the trips I take in my mind in order to sort feelings and emotions, somehow take me to the shore, the shore of happiness and peace I long for. There is not a moment in my life I tend to remember only the good in order to overshadow the darkness that surrounds me. I know in time the sun will shine, laughter will be the norm and my dreams will come true. All I need is faith and time, like the flood that washes away the debris of all that doesn’t belong or is good in my life. It’s hard to swallow but I must, it’s just reality…

I am learning to articulate the words that will create my new life and prepare myself to see a miracle. It is something new and exciting that in time will provide me with a happiness beyond my wildest dreams. I see it, even though I still don’t see who will be beside me. All I know is what it will bring into my existence which I lack now.

What’s in your mind?



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1 08 2011

Dear Clary,

the irony of hearing of darkness from one whose name means “bright”!

Some things are easy to recover from; others take time and effort. And some of the toughest are the purification processes in our lives… the true chiselling of our inner selves that shape our hearts, our paths, our visions, our hopes.

It seems you and I are at a similar point in our journeys through life. My “epiphany” or new path came to my attention while climbing around on active volcanoes in Ecuador. It was a new sense of what freedom really means. Where it will take me, and who it will place with me is yet unknown. Maybe it is my destiny to walk alone? Either way it gives me courage to face the future. In the words of Brian Treanor:

“Courage is about taking the right risk, not just any risk.”

May the light shine in your heart and life and guide you in the path you need to go. Be of good courage!

2 08 2011
Louis White

I always look forward to your posts. Stay there in faith… And a miracle will como your way.Use this time to lay the ground for whay is coming, free yourself from hurt and guilt (it sometimes happens)so you are ready to embrace the changes and head on to a new world of possibilities. God bless you my friend!

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