By the sea…

14 07 2011

By the sea all melts away, in an instant the worries and sorrows drift away from me. The joy finds its way to me in the breeze that caress my skin and in the water that refreshes my body. It is in the sounds of the waves as the come to the shore that I once more find my place on this earth and I close my eyes to wish my heartfelt feelings travel to that place where I know has an undeniable space where is treasured and appreciated. It means so much to me even though the distance separates me from many whom I love dearly but the memories and the moments spent together will forever be with us. By giving the best of me I know it will never come back to me voided, it will come to fulfill a purpose even though I might be a world apart because for love there are no barriers and it goes and lingers where it should, for all eternity.



2 responses

15 07 2011

Terrific. Have a wonderful weekend Clary. 🙂

17 07 2011
Louis White

Beautiful blog my friend!

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