Relaxed and Grounded

15 06 2011

No, it’s not what I had planned for today but I embraced it and moved on. A day to first of all exercise my body, then tend to my soul and then to enjoy myself in ways I hardly ever took time before. It feels good to pick and choose what I want to do and just do it. I get behind the wheel and travel towards the beach. I don’t know what it is about the water that pulls me in more ways than one but I feel tranquil just by being by it. The sight is superb and there are so many little islands around that I can go to a different one by just driving 20-30 minutes from home.

Then a little window shopping doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Well, I couldn’t resist getting two great deals but all in all it was time to walk around, see people, smell wonderful aromas from the great restaurants and take a few pictures.

It was a hot steamy day and it is not high season for tourism right now but I sure could see a few people from Europe walking around speaking in their native tongue.

After I did my walk around the whole plaza I headed out to town but not before I made a stop at the park and visit my best friend, the sea. The wind blew and the sun shined high above me and I thought it would be a good place to come with my dog, Troy, for a nice stroll. Maybe next time I will do just that.

Got to enjoy every moment, who knows when it will be my last. I just lost a dear friend, a guy who was like my brother and it’s hard to believe that I will never see him again. He was so happy to have become a dad for the first time and it hurts me that he never got to celebrate Father’s Day because this was going to be his first… So I dedicate this post to Manolo, I know you can see me from where you are, my heart is with you my brother. Happy Father’s Day now and always.

In Loving Memory of Manolo Mont
June 13, 2011



4 responses

16 06 2011

Wonderful blog Clary (As usual). Sounds inspiring. 🙂

26 06 2011

Thanks a lot Phil

18 06 2011
Louis White

You just described paradise!!! I transported myself there. I am sorry for your loss.and I am happy to see that you moved on with your life!!!

26 06 2011

Glad you got transported Louis, it was a beautiful day indeed.

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