No Bull

29 10 2010

I was watching the Jane Fonda interview with Oprah this week and could identify with her, I guess every woman can. Stages in life are inevitable, I’m on my Second Act, like she called it. The hardest one, but I want to get to where she is now at 72. I wonder if you can get to that mentality sooner than that though. It is the age when you don’t take no bull from anything or anyone anymore. You are strong on your two feet knowing who you are and what you need. You make excuses for nobody and move forward.

I need to get her book, I have the feeling it will light up my mind and help me through. Thank God I taped that show, that one is a keeper.



One response

31 10 2010

I could relate to what she is going through ,cause I live at the moment in a Senior Park,
some of my friends are exactly like her,
They’ve had a journey,that they know whats up with that,,and Yes they don’t Take Bull ,from NO -ONE At All.
I saw one of my friends ,wher she oh God ,beat the heck out of a Younger woman,who had this huge ego,,
an she thought ,she was going to make my friend look like a fool,
Huge Mistake,Cops showed up ,about 1/2 hour later ,,they took the younger one to jail,an hand shake my friend…
None of Us stop’d the fight,this young beautiful woman,was going to get a beating of a life time,
which she did,,,it was bloody,but its been waiting to get her ass kicked,by a woman,,
the young one had an attitude ,as if she owned the park,got ppl in trouble,won’t mess with me,
an 5 other lady’s in the park.Most of the men were already in trouble with there wifes,,,
now the park has bout 150 units,thats bout 325 ppl,,
So yeah lady’s that either had the world in thier hands at one time still do,cause They don’t take BULL,,,,
Thank You ,My Beautiful Clary,,hoping you had a great Halloween,,and Wishing that this Week ,has many Rainbows where ever You go,in your daily Life…

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