It Dawned on Me

30 05 2010

In just a few days my little girl will graduate from High School, time has fly by. Where did time go that in a blink of an eye she will be crossing the stage to pick up her diploma?

I thank God that I was able to be with her for so many years while I home schooled her even though at times it was not easy. He used every joy and challenge to help me be a better mom and teacher. Whatever virtue we did not have it was developed daily and in time we all grew together. It is a never ending process of falling and getting up again and now it is time for her to fly.

I pray that her dreams carry her far and that she never lose heart as a new beginning lies before her. Couldn’t sleep well last night knowing that I am running out of time, that this moment dawned on me at once, and that I am not ready for it.

Princess, life have changed in so many ways and distracted me from the fact, but know that I pray that this day is so very special for you and those who love you will be beside you with a happy tear in their eyes. I’m proud of who you are and expect that with your iron will, you will make all your dreams come true.

To you, to your dreams, to your future, may they be as bright as the stars in the heavens. Congratulations Princess Girl, YOU MADE IT!!



2 responses

30 05 2010

love u mom, u helped me the whole way. i appreciate it if u didn’t already know. :)m muah!

1 06 2010

Glad to do it Princess. You can always count on me! 😉

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